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Onion Marmalade and ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’

There comes a time in everyone’s life when your neighbour will ask you to look after their most prized and precious asset.  ‘It’s just for one night’, they’ll cry, ‘and she won’t be any trouble, she’s been to puppy school’.  Some people should be entitled to a refund. Primrose was very well behaved for the […]

Chocolate Caramel Slice and…Fat, Female, Fertile and Forty

Recently, two of my girlfriends and I were swapping horror stories. Sue was bursting to tell her story first.  Sue is my friend from my Thursday night/Saturday morning Chemist days when we both started working at the same pharmacy on the same day when we were about 14.  Sue didn’t get married until she was […]

Archie’s Middle Finger Salute

Yesterday Archie had a job interview.  I felt it necessary for me to clear my entire schedule because he is going through a feral stage.  He went to one of those schools that requires a neat and tidy appearance so as soon as the boys leave school they’re on a mission to shake their constrained […]

Mess, Mates, Music and MONEY

Archie finished school at the end of last year.  He didn’t get into the course he applied for so he’s having a forced ‘Gap Year’ before applying again.  This can mean several things.  Some ‘Gappies’ go overseas and work in boarding schools assisting house masters or coaching sport, some go to developing nations and assist […]

My New Handbag

Even though I have made a decision to only put up a new post once a week, I just had to share with you, My New Handbag.  It’s Chanel inspired. I don’t just like a cake to look good, it has to taste good too so the cakes were made from a recipe I found […]