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Corn Fritters and…G’Day USA

One of the most vital things to do while being a ‘Gappie’ (see ‘Mess, Mates, Music and Money’ posted April 8, 2011) is to go overseas.  In between working at least three jobs to pay for this necessary overseas experience, most Gappies spend their remaining hours plotting and planning their trip doing things like lying […]

Mongrel Murray Comes for Dinner

After last week’s school reunion [see ‘High School Reunion’ Post dated May 11, 2011] I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d hear from Mongrel Murray.  Over the years he’s really taken a liking to Carl, slapping him on the back when he sees him and throwing out lines like, ‘love you like a brother’. […]

Beef Sroganoff and…The High School Reunion

It had been 10 years since the previous school reunion.  I set off with mixed emotions of fear and dread, hoping that despite the wear and tear, I would still be somewhat recognisable.  About 70 turned up from all over the country and different parts of the world. The night started with a minute’s silence […]

Second-Tier Citizen

I’ve known Beatrice (she likes it pronounced ‘Bear-trice’, not ‘Bee-trice’) since we met at Brownies.  I was very envious of Beatrice because her mother was a very willing and enthusiastic ‘Brown Owl’.  I wanted my mother to be a Brown Owl but she didn’t have time.  ‘I don’t have time’, she’d say, ‘I’ve got Jazzercise’.  […]