Archives for June 2011

Crunchy Coconut Slice and…A ‘Nostalgia Issue’

My mother’s friend’s son’s wife (confused?) thinks there’s nothing better to do during the school holidays than pack up the people- mover, throw in four young children and drive from Melbourne to Cairns – and then a few days later, back again.  That’s about 7,000kms all up equating to around 70-100 hours on the road.  […]

One Hundred and Twenty Hours

Anyone with a teenager on L-Plates will know exactly what I’m talking about.  Barely had Archie made the transition from Ls to Ps when lining up behind him was Arabella, shiny new L-plates in hand.  As she walked in the door so proud that she had passed her test and could now learn to drive, […]

A Country Sojourn

I have a beautiful friend who always starts her emails to me with ‘Dearest Charlie’.  The email I received from her during the week let me know she’d enjoyed a wonderful weekend on a property in Cootamundra.  ‘I always feel quite soul restored after a sojourn in the country’, she wrote and I couldn’t agree […]

Pork and Fennel Sausage Pasta and…’So how’s your day been so far?’

There is a fabulous deli within walking distance of my house where I love to go and browse and buy things from the French girl behind the glass counter who wraps my packages so neatly and precisely in butcher’s paper. But also working there is a sales assistant who stands at the cash register near […]