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Pork and Glass Noodle Spring Rolls and…Another Phone Call

There’s been another phone call.  It would be so wonderful to be one of those families that don’t get phone calls of this nature but we’re not of that ilk.  I was just about to sit down to a lunch of spicy Thai noodles when the phone rang.  It was the principal of the local […]

Poached Chicken Sandwiches and…”Mum – I’m Putting the Band Together”

Last night I was lying on the couch in a drug-induced state courtesy of some prescribed medication following a medical procedure that is too stomach churning to talk about so I’m not going to mention it.  The drugs were working quite nicely but then Archie came into the room holding a ‘gut-string’ guitar. ‘I just […]

The ‘F’ Word

My friend Lisa has just been on the phone to me distraught to the max because she’d just finished a telephone conversation with her doctor’s receptionist and that receptionist ‘used the ‘f’ word’.  All she’d wanted was a quick phone call making a simple appointment with her obstetrician (lovely man, aren’t they all?  What a […]