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Stir-Fried Pork Fillets and…I Will Survive

I had it all in the bag.  It looked like it was all about to happen – an enormous stroke of luck that would see Archie out of my hair for a good few months. Archie had an audition.  A few weeks ago he phoned me from Uni to let me know he wouldn’t be […]

Stir-Fried Chicken and…My Sanctuary

I have a sanctuary. That’s what I call my shower recess.  It’s that one little place where you are perfectly entitled to be on your own and also, be undisturbed. But my children were born with a huge amount of ignorance towards understanding that their mother was not just having a shower to shampoo her […]

It’s the Drugs and Ralph and Mark and her Father

The dogs have fleas and Alfie has nits but that’s the least of my worries. It’s Arabella again and it must be the drugs. I know I got off lightly.  I was expecting to have to trawl through shop after shop after shop for The Dress but that didn’t happen.  She found The Dress in […]

Village Voices

I need to tell you all about some exciting news. A few weeks ago an exciting new blogging website launched, Village Voices.  It’s a website owned by Kidspot which is a site that currently enjoys over a million views a month.  The new site features some fantastic bloggers who write on all the topics we […]

Bubble Bars and…The Help

Over the years we’ve had many babysitters for our children and some have been excellent; the kind where you walk out the door and feel no anxiety.  Others have just been appalling. When selecting a babysitter the problem is that you’re limited by choice because usually you end up with whoever will say, ‘yes’.  Other […]

Three-Bean Casserole and…Day Two

I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg was a difficult child.  That’s how I console myself when my children are having their difficult moments. Yesterday my day was mentally so well planned.  Then it all turned south when Arabella woke in the night with vomiting and then in the morning was beside herself from the pain in her […]

Sante Cookies and…Red Flags

Archie started pre-school two days a week just before his third birthday.  As I was working part-time I needed another day of care for him so decided to try Occasional Care.  I found a centre in my neighbourhood and went there for a look-see.  As I walked in it was as if I was invisible […]

Peanut Butter Cookies and…Glange and TLC

Arabella’s health has taken a turn for the worse.  Yesterday she came home from school saying, ‘I feel sick’.  But I was busy in the kitchen and as Arabella often says, ‘I feel sick’ when in actual fact there’s nothing wrong with her, I ignored her. ‘Mum, are you listening to me?  I said I […]

Chicken and Quinoa Salad and…Near-Death Holidays

Some holidays are not relaxing and you arrive home just grateful to have survived. When I was a teenager some friends of my parents thought it would be a fabulous idea for us to go away with them and another family for a week on three boats we would hire from a company in Akuna […]

Poached Eggs on Polenta and…The Opportunist

I have a sister with three primary school aged children living in a quiet suburban street in the Eastern Suburbs.  It’s a great street because it’s full of houses with families of children of similar ages and so the children have all become great friends and spend a lot of time playing outside on the […]