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4Fourteen and…Lunching Bloggers

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial organised a lunch with a few Sydney bloggers; bloggers I have been virtually communicating with for around six months but never met.  Those who joined me yesterday at 4fourteen in Surry Hills were Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella, Brydie from City […]

Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding and…Chilled to the Bone

When I think back to my childhood in New Zealand my most powerful memory is that I was cold.  Permanently.  As in, all the time.  And having just googled the average temperature in Wellington (that doesn’t take into account the wind chill factor) I’m actually not surprised.  Because the average temperature is 12.5C (55F).  I […]

You Are Awesome!

The other morning I didn’t want Alfie to be late for school (again) so I was rushing him and standing at the front door yelling, ‘Come on, you don’t want to be late, get your bag on your back, let’s go’.  But he was stuffing around in the kitchen doing who knows what yelling back […]

Social Etiquette

A few nights ago I attended an event in the city.  An Australian food company was launching a new product range and had chosen an international celebrity to be the face of the new range so that celebrity was going to be the star attraction of the event.  I was invited because I am blogging […]

Date and Chocolate Torte and…Tragedy + Time

I have a wonderful friend who has teenagers just like me and we have so many similar stories you’d think we were living parallel lives. I was on the phone to her this morning and she asked, ‘Have you ever had to support your child in Court, Charlie?’  And before I could answer she said, […]

Penang Curry and…Heightened Anxiety

Archie’s given me an anxiety disorder. On Thursday night Carl and I went out and when we came home Archie was out.  Arabella told us that he was staying the night at Webb’s.  Webb lives five minutes away from Archie’s uni so Archie likes to stay there occasionally and enjoy a bit of a sleep-in […]

The Other Formal

Last night I was out with family and trying to relax and enjoy myself but a text came in from Arabella, ‘I’ve had a few issues mum but don’t worry, the kitchen is clean’.  And she sent the message with this image: You would worry though, wouldn’t you, if that came through in a text. […]

Gluten-Free Raspberry, Coconut and Almond Cake

Oh, that Arabella has me worked up!  And the fact that I received an email from the Vice Principal of her school (who is also her tutor – no coincidence there), saying she has made a great return to school and appears motivated is hardly enough to soften the blow. Arabella has it in her […]

‘Stop Hunger, Start Cooking’ Cookbook

Oxfam is a wonderful charity organisation dedicated to seeing a future free from poverty and hunger. For the second consecutive year, Oxfam has created a cookbook that can be downloaded without charge from their website. The cookbook, titled ‘Stop Hunger, Start Cooking’ includes recipes from top Australian chefs and foodies including Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong […]

What do you do all day anyway?

I’m trying to work towards handing in my tax returns ahead of the ATO’s deadline of June 30 (looming ever nearer) but progress is eluding me.  I’m not sure I’m to blame. This morning Arabella had an appointment with the doctor but at the eleventh hour she asked me to cancel because she really wanted […]