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The Silent Sufferer

My poor Bozzie-boo.  Her name is Rosie but we call her Bozzie Boo and she is our very special 11 year old dachshund.  The runt of Ruby’s litter of six, she was too beautiful and too precious to sell so against Carl’s pleas to be sensible, I kept her. A few days ago I knew […]

Slow-Cooked Shoulder of Lamb and…The Pictures

When I was growing up we didn’t go to the movies very often.  Going to ‘the pictures’ was a real treat.  You dressed up for this very special occasion and arrived at the theatre in plenty of time to purchase your tickets that were for allocated seating only.  A very polite usher in a smart […]

Rhubarb and Orange Cheesecake and Alfie’s Bargain

It’s been a trying week.  I’ve had Alfie home with acute asthma.  On the plus side, we didn’t end up in hospital like we have on so many previous occasions.  But I did have to give him steroids and he did need many doses of ventolin and ventolin is good for the lungs but bad for […]

The Inch

Today was a fabulous day.  It was warm (for July) and sunny and I took the day off.  I had a hair appointment in the morning and then met the lovely Sonia from Life, Love and Hiccups for lunch. Sonia has been a blogging friend for about six months but until today we had never […]


Arabella has had her night on stage.  Carl received a text from her a couple of hours before the performance advising he was not to sit up the front and he was not to make eye contact and could we both try not to look at her. Desperate not to upset her and in great […]

Christmas in July

For those in the Northern Hemisphere this may seem like a very strange event but here in the south we like the idea very much.  The day is not about presents, it’s all about the food.  It allows us to experience and enjoy all the Christmas fare that is best cooked and enjoyed when the […]

The Roxbury

Saturday night we were out supporting Archie at his gig.  He was performing at the Roxbury Hotel in Glebe and he did a 45-minute set with his mandolin player and a double bass player singing some covers and some of his own original songs. Through the week we hadn’t seen much of Archie.  If he […]

A Domestic Disturbance

One of the subjects Arabella is sitting for her HSC is Drama.  As part of her drama exam she must participate in not only an Individual Performance but also a Group Performance.  In her group there are three others and they have to write, direct, costume and perform a seven-minute production. Rehearsals are underway as […]

Lolly-Pops and Signals

The primary school I went to in New Zealand had a very prestigious offering for those in their final year at the school (which was the equivalent of Grade 5). When I was in my final year, I was all of the tender age of 10 and somehow deemed responsible enough for this prestigious offer.  […]

Fabulous Friday Finds – Beef Bourguignon

It’s been one of those days. We’re still admiring Arabella’s flowers sent by the rock-star (the one I’m not allowed to mention), but there’s another chap hovering and he’s less desirable not only because he’s 23 and has tattoos everywhere except his eyeballs, but because he’s local and likes to invite Arabella out for coffee.  […]