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It’s Halloween and a Beef Dhansak Curry

It’s Halloween and this celebration is not something I grew up with.  It was something we heard that they did in the US and from what we gleaned from the Chinese Whispers, children dressed up as witches or vampires and were rewarded for this by being given lollies from every house in the neighbourhood.  We […]

Spooky Spooks and Red Velvet Cupcakes

A few things have been going on with the offspring. Archie had planned a weekend at home.  A weekend where he would be unusually attentive and focused and clean my car (fulfilling the promise he made back in MARCH) and having fulfilled this promise he would study in preparation for his final semester at uni. […]

The Pedestrian and Slow Roasted Beef

Back in the days when I used to work with Carl in a studio, I could walk to work but that would take me nearly an hour and most of the walk was up a fairly steep hill so I almost always drove to work.  I had to drive along a main road that was […]

Chocolate Meringue Stacks and…On the Buses

A few days ago Arabella received a text message from a school friend of hers and this is what the message said: “Dad was catching a bus and he told me of a young man who was on his bus and wearing Ray Bans just like the ones he has.  He said he looked a […]

Rudolph’s Christmas

I know there’s still 58 days until Christmas but a few weeks ago I was sitting in a restaurant with Carl and Alfie and I noticed that across the road, the shop that’s been vacant for two years had a ‘Leased’ sign in the window.  As well as the sign there were Christmas trees and […]

A Private Birth and Passionfruit Sponge Cake

When I was pregnant with my third child I thought I would go to the luxury end of town for the birth.  A new private hospital had opened offering spacious delivery suites with every mod-con including spa baths and heat packs and bean bags and drugs; lots of drugs, but what sealed the deal was […]

Flour and Stone

A few weeks ago, Daisy from Never Too Sweet contacted me and let me know she was coming up to Sydney from Melbourne  for a few days and would I like to meet up with her for lunch.  Of course I would! Daisy hasn’t yet been blogging a year and although we’ve never met I […]

The Tenant and Creamy, Dairy-Free Pasta

A few years ago Carl and I had a business where we worked out of a studio above a one bedroom apartment on a large block of land that had distant water views.  When Carl would disappear on appointments leaving me ‘home alone’ I used to take a few breaks from my desk and wander […]

The 80th Birthday Party

Over the weekend we had Carl’s father’s 80th birthday celebration.  My father-in-law and his wife live interstate but came to Sydney for the event that we hosted in a hired club room that overlooks one of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches. In order to keep the costs down and within our budget we self-catered the event […]

Little Darling Diner and…My Daughter is Wonderful

To all those who have contacted me concerned for my cyber-whereabouts, thank you!  Rest assured, everything is just peachy here at Hotly Spiced Headquarters, it’s just I’ve had a few unexpected events thrown at me that have consumed me and these have arrived on top of an already jam-packed schedule.  So I’m doing a bit […]