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Pacific Dawn

I’ve never been on a cruise but that doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to. On the weekend I had the unexpected opportunity to fly to Brisbane and tour the Pacific Dawn. The Pacific Dawn is part of the P&O fleet and is a three and a half-star to four star cruise ship that travels from […]

Dealing with PR Companies

Being a blogger involves so many things I never thought about before that first post went to air and one of the things is dealing with PR companies. As my blog is only around 18 months old I do not have a wealth of experience when it comes to PR companies but I can say […]

A Night at the Australian Ballet

A few nights ago Arabella and I went to the ballet together.  This is not something we normally do,  it’s just my parents subscribe and when they’re unable to attend a performance they offer the tickets to me. The Australian Ballet performs at the Sydney Opera House.  We could have easily driven to the venue […]

The Vascular Surgeon and…Christmas Coconut Swirls

I was chatting with a friend over the phone a few days ago and she was purging this story of a horrendous surgeon she had ’employed’ to remove her gall bladder.  After the operation she was in a lot of pain and wanted some adequate pain relief but the doctor had only written-up panadeine forte.  […]

Chicken Laksa and…Telstra

I am exhausted.  And it’s not because of I’ve run a marathon or because of work or the kids or the accountant who’s constantly reminding me of my overdue tax returns, it’s because I’m trying to have a phone connected in an apartment for a new a new tenant who has just moved in. I’d […]

Santa at the QVB

‘Come and sit on Santa’s knee’.  And that wasn’t Santa talking to me, that was Santa talking to my mother. When I was growing up in New Zealand there was a department store that we called ‘Kirks’ because it was short for Kirkcaldie’s.   Every December my mother would squeeze us into her tiny Escort and […]

Mum’s Christmas Whiskey Logs

When I was 12 we moved to Australia.  We moved into a quiet suburban street where most of the neighbours kept to themselves.  They were civil if you bumped into them but nothing more friendly than that followed.  But my mother changed all of that. She is a ‘people person’ and within days of moving […]

A Huge Favour and…A Daisy Cake

This is a post about a daisy cake.  It’s not about a hibiscus cake. One day I was in the shower.  Having a few moments to myself.  Actually, probably not that many moments because it wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door. ‘I’m in the shower’, I yelled in an annoyed tone […]

Going Blind

The bad news is I’m going blind. In the last few months I’ve noticed that it’s getting harder to focus on the words on my computer and the instructions on a medicine bottle are almost illegible and seeing the hole for the buckle of my shoe is near impossible. The good news is, I have […]

Caramel Popcorn and…The Wrong Side of the Law

I have to tell you about my friend. She tries really hard to fly under the radar but somehow, despite her best efforts, she is surrounded by drama. A few weeks ago she had to take her daughter for an ultrasound of a wobbly ankle so drove to the clinic in her massive 4-wheel drive.  […]