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Rocky Road Slice and…’Severe Learning Difficulties’

If you believed everything I’ve been told, you would have great concerns for Archie’s level of intelligence.  This is because someone who had never met me or Archie but who was the Registrar at one of Sydney’s elite private schools, said to me over the phone in a very matter-of-fact tone, ‘Your son has severe […]

Gluten-Free Nutella Slice and…The Naenae Pool

‘Naenae’ is pronouced ‘Nigh-Nigh’ as in ‘The end is Nigh’ – I hope that helps! When I was at swim squads this morning, pounding my way up and down the black line, (I do like to talk myself up), I was thinking about the swimming lessons I had when I was growing up.  You may […]

Maple Syrup Lamb and…Band Practise

Yes, this post has Archie written all over it. I had a really busy day scheduled today so wanted to organise dinner ahead of time.  I didn’t want to break the tradition of a Sunday night family dinner (and I always schedule an early dinner so the family night of significance is over in time […]

The Birthday

After an excruciating wait for a little boy and many, many repeated questions of ‘How many sleeps?’ Alfie finally woke this morning to the day he had been waiting on for so many nights. Yes, it was finally his birthday and being one of the youngest in his Year, he was excited to now be […]

The Trio Becomes a Quartet

Archie’s high on life. Has been for a while.  Probably a long while. He’s back at uni and loving it and enthusiastically gets out of bed in the morning and irons a shirt and packs his low-carb lunch and off he goes.  Because not only is uni grand, Archie’s band (although widely unknown) is keeping […]

The Swimming Carnival

It’s that time of year, that time of year where children are required to put on their speed suits, cap and goggles and participate in the school’s swimming carnival.  This was Alfie’s first year of competing because you can’t go to the carnival unless you’re in Year 3. There wasn’t much time to prepare.  School’s […]

Idiot Politicians and…Fig Tart

I know we all have our horror politician stories but I think I’ve got one that will top the list of idiotic policy making.  It was way back in time when I was living in New Zealand and ever since I was old enough to have a measure of understanding I learned that the world […]

Chifley Hotel, Penrith

Well, after giving you all the news of the weekend away except for the accommodation, I thought I would set the scene for you. After a two-hour drive crossing from Sydney’s coast heading west to the foothills of the Blue Mountains we arrived at the Chifley Hotel that seemed to be an oasis in amongst […]

Penrith Panthers

There was a reason Carl took me away for the weekend.  And it wasn’t for a romantic getaway.  You see, Carl is into Australian history and in a few months there happens to be the bicentenary of the crossing of the Blue Mountains.  And Carl wanted to be at the event that was raising funds […]

Zucchini Flowers in Beer Batter

Carl and I went away for the weekend.  The teenagers were left to fend for themselves and that wasn’t so bad, they’ve been on at me for years about how I need to let go and let them have their space.  So they had plenty of space because I walked out shutting the door behind […]