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Spelt Hot Cross Buns and…The Emergency Meeting

Thank you all so very much for welcoming me back so warmly.  Your words have been very kind.  By popular demand, here is the final chapter in, ‘The Early Days of Boarding School’ quadrilogy. Term II started and Archie threw himself into all the school had to offer.  He enrolled in Speech and Drama classes […]

Leggo’s Vine Ripe Pasta Sauce

I’m back!  Back from a two-week Telstra imposed exile.  In exile, there’s no internet and it’s a bit how I imagine hell, really.  Anyway, just before I was cast into exile, I was invited to a dinner hosted specifically for 30 food enthusiasts to celebrate the launch of Leggo’s Vine Ripe Pasta Sauce. When I […]

Vegetable Noodle Omelette and…A Recee of Schools

The saga continues… Archie made it to the end of Term I.  He came home for the holidays and we went away to Far North Queensland for a holiday.  Archie seemed fine but it was apparent he was a touch subdued but he said little about his life at boarding school.  We returned home and […]

Penang Chicken Curry and …Moving on in Boarding School

Right…so….after the one and only letter and the end of the compulsory three-week stint in boarding school, Archie was allowed to come home on weekends.  With my new baby, I would drive out on a Friday afternoon and meet him at ‘Hogwarts’ with enough time to help him pack then cut my way back through […]

Massaman Thai Curry and…Boarding School Beginnings

A few posts ago I was telling you how Archie wasn’t accepted into the school we had chosen for him because they said he had severe learning difficulties and so we found another school for that would take him, but only as a boarder. Archie was quite keen to board and we thought it would […]

Wooden Spoon, Cremorne

In the weeks leading up to the Oscar’s, Carl and I made an effort to see as many of the nominated films as possible.  As Tuesday is known as ‘Cheap Tuesday’ because movie tickets are discounted (not by much), that is the night we would meet at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace to see great […]

Charlie’s Meet

I have a very competitive friend.  Naturally, he doesn’t like to lose so when his all-important swim club was hosting a joint carnival with other swim clubs, there was not only honour at stake – there were trophies.  And all of the four trophies had eluded this swim club for years and my competitive friend […]

In My Kitchen, March 2013

I haven’t done an ‘In My Kitchen’ post for a while because I have had nothing of interest to show you unless you’re interested in weevils flying around in the pantry and a stack of dishes in the sink and all over the benches because the dishwasher repairman is on his way – one day. […]