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Indian at Boambay

During our holiday at Boambee Bay Resort, Carl found out about a swim club that meets at 9am at Sawtell Beach every day of the year except Christmas Day and they do an ocean swim then head back to the club-house for coffees.  Carl joined them and was warmly welcomed into the fold and quickly […]

Learn to Surf

We are now back from our holiday that was so relaxing.  The part of New South Wales where we were staying (the mid-north coast), receives the highest rainfall in the State and I have mentioned before in several posts how up until this holiday I had never seen the sun shine in this region.  I […]

Boambee Bay Resort

I think it’s time I showed you around the resort where we are staying. Boambee Bay Resort is a six-hour drive from Sydney and is in the small town of Sawtell.  It was built in the 1980’s as a time-share development however recently they have started allowing non-time-share guests to stay at the resort.  We […]

Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach.  Such a treat for so late in Autumn to have clear blue skies and temperatures in the high 20’s (83F).  While at the beach we did the safety thing and swam between the flags.  When on the sand we were reclining close to the surf life savers […]

The Bush Walk

Today’s family activity was an early morning bush walk from the Boambee Bay Resort where we are staying to the surf club at Sawtell Beach.  This should have been a half-hour walk but with Alfie finding all manner of things to interest him along the way, we weren’t back until nearly lunch time.  Wanting to […]

Family Retreat to Coffs Harbour

School holidays are now on in Sydney and a few weeks ago we booked a family holiday to Coffs Harbour, a six-hour drive north of Sydney.  The uni students were unable to join us on this family vacation as they have no holidays and Archie is in the middle of exams and Arabella has three […]

Buena Vista Hotel, Mosman

Miss Arabella has a job.  It’s at the Buena Vista Hotel in Mosman.  She was quite fortunate to get the job because there are rumours the manager isn’t keen on hiring girls who attended Arabella’s School for Princesses.  Anyway, overcoming that obstacle, she talked her way into the position and has proven herself reliable and […]

Incaberries and…The Morning Ritual

I think I’ve mentioned, (probably numerous times) that Arabella is onto a new eating regime where basically everything I buy deserves a roll of the eyes.  It’s because the boyfriend with no tattoos from the neck up, is health conscious.  And in between he and Arabella’s five break-ups and six getting-back-togethers, this new eating regime […]

Cooking with Sunbeam

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend a cooking demonstration by Jill Cooney, Senior Home Economist with Sunbeam.  Sunbeam is an Australian company that started in 1880 when two enterprising young men began making equipment to shear sheep.  In order to maintain revenue during the off-season they developed and marketed small electrical appliances.  […]

Sea Scouts

Here in Sydney we have had the wettest start to April in many, many years.  Umbrellas are out in full force and I’ve been going on-line trying to find myself a pair of colourful gumboots. Yesterday started out sunny which was nice for a Sunday.  Carl had a meeting at Sea Scouts that was to […]