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The Jogging Group

I survived. To replace my stolen Lulu Lemon pants I bought a replacement pair for the outrageous price of $118.00.  Am I missing something or should these cost no more than about $35.00?  They asked me if I would like the matching top for an additional $75.00 but I told them I’ve been mismatched all […]

Rum and Raisin Fudge and…Jogging

Do you remember me telling you about little Alfie running in his first marathon?  Well, it wasn’t actually ‘a marathon’ because it was just 5kms (3.1 miles) but when you’re running on seven-year old legs, I’d say it’s a marathon. The event he ran in is held every 12 months so in just a few […]


When I was collecting Alfie from school last week he asked if he could have some time to run around with friends so I let him take off while I hung around in a rapidly disappearing patch of sunshine hoping we could soon leave. There was a group of other mothers standing near me whose […]

Quick and Easy Herby Roast Chicken

Prior to leaving for our overnight stay in the Blue Mountains, I took a leg of lamb out of the freezer and left it on the bench to thaw out for a Sunday night roast on our return.  I do try to be organised! On our way home and after we had visited The Sweetest […]

The Oriental Hotel, Springwood

By the time Carl returned from his excursion with the in-laws, we had well and truly over-stayed our welcome at Lilianfels, plus it was time to return to Sydney in time to become organised for the working week.  We started heading back down the mountains (because I’m of Kiwi extraction I’m going to have to […]

Lilians, Lilianfels, Blue Mountains

Whenever I’m staying in a hotel or resort I always like to experience the buffet breakfast.  For a five-star resort, I think the buffet breakfast at Lilians Restaurant at Lilianfels in the Blue Mountains is very good value.  At $25.00/person if you book at the time or checking-in or $35.00/person if you turn up without […]

Lilianfels, Blue Mountains

Recently Carl and I left Sydney for a weekend in the Blue Mountains, a 90-minute drive from Sydney.  Carl had been asked to speak at a function being held at the sensational Lilianfels Resort.  In usual style we began packing two hours after we were already supposed to have arrived so we threw a few […]

Boat House, Balmoral Beach

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve had to see the osteopath due to a seized-up back.  He has diagnosed me with lap-top syndrome where I have been spending too much time lying down on my couch glued to my lap top gazing into the blogosphere.  The cure is to shut my lap top, […]

Dairy-Free Creamy Pasta and…Leftovers

The day after the launch of Lorraine’s book was Carl’s birthday.  To celebrate, I organised a family dinner at a restaurant we have been to quite a few times and I have previously let you all know about.  We like it because it’s casual, great for children, is BYO and inexpensive.  Later that day, Arabella […]

Not Quite Nigella, the Book

When I started my blog two years ago, no one was reading it.  Carl’s job every night was to click in and out of my blog to cause something to show up on my blog stats.  But quickly Carl’s fingers wore out.  As did his keyboard.  So as I didn’t know of any blogs besides […]