A Trip to Hospital

Miss Arabella has always had a mouth full of drama.  In primary school she had an expander and then braces followed by an operation to remove a ‘super-numery’.  In high school she had braces but the result wasn’t good so she then had an extraction to create some necessary room and then braces for another 18-months.

Two elderly ladies with my daughter and I'm swimming away in the distance

Happier times

It’s been relatively plain sailing since then but just before Christmas she had a dental appointment and x-rays were taken.  Now the wisdom teeth were an issue.  And the dentist said that unlike Archie, Arabella’s were lying treacherously close to the nerves so needed to be removed by an oral surgeon.

A million dollar smile (almost)

A million dollar smile (almost)

We beetled into Macquarie Street (think dollar signs) for our appointment with the surgeon who confirmed there were three wisdom teeth that needed to come out before they caused all sorts of issues like rearranging the teeth that had been put into alignment by no less than three rounds of braces.

We've arrived at the hospital.  Arabella holding her life-line

We’ve arrived at the hospital. Arabella holding her life-line

So it was into hospital for the procedure.  Now as Archie had sailed through having his removed in the dental chair with IV sedation, Arabella wasn’t at all concerned and was certain by that evening she would be chewing into toffees.

Archie just after his wisdom teeth were removed.

Archie just after his wisdom teeth were removed.

But then at some shocking hour of the morning we arrived at the hospital and the surgeon was already running two hours behind.  It gave time for Arabella to become nervous.  And exaggerate the proceedings.  And complain about being ‘Nil by Mouth’.

A pre-surgery sleep

A pre-surgery sleep

Finally, stripped of her jewellery and dressed in a white gown with a shower cap covering her hair, she was wheeled off to theatre.

Off we go to theatre

Off we go to theatre

I was told she would be discharged at around 3pm so I went home to get on with my day.  It seemed it was only a few hours later when a nurse from the ward phoned and asked if I could come in straight away.  ‘Why?’ I asked.

‘She isn’t eating or drinking and until she does she can’t be discharged.  Could you come in and encourage her?’  She’s 20-years old.  I should have asked that nurse why she couldn’t have been that person of encouragement but instead, I dusted off my old nurse’s uniform and drove back to the hospital.

Saying 'goodbye' at the theatre

Saying ‘goodbye’ at the theatre

Arabella wasn’t looking too good at all.  There was a girl in the bed beside her who’d had the same procedure and she had already been discharged.  Had danced out of the ward completely fine.  But Arabella’s procedure had taken a lot longer than expected as her teeth were 15mms deeper down than usual and so the gums had to be cut open to assist in the removal of the teeth.



Arabella had a bowl of melted jelly and ice cream sitting beside her completely untouched that didn’t look very appetising at all.  I asked the nurse for a can of lemonade.  Arabella drank that so her IV could then be removed and she could be discharged.  Sorted.

Then Arabella told me what she did in Recovery.  When she arrived in Recovery she started sobbing and crying hysterically.  The nurse came over and asked, ‘What’s wrong?’  Arabella said, ‘I’m in so much pain’.

The nurse said, ‘Your whole mouth has been numbed with anaesthetic; you are not in pain’.

Arabella said, ‘Oh; so I’m not in pain then?’

‘You’re fine.  Do you feel like crying?’ asked the nurse.

‘Yes’, said Arabella.

‘Well go ahead and cry then’.  So that’s what Arabella did and she cried for about 15-minutes.  And I suppose that’s a better reaction to an anaesthetic than the one I have which is vomiting.

Covered in an ice pack

Covered in an ice pack

We came home from the hospital on Friday afternoon, passing by the supermarket for all things soft and mushy.  On the Saturday night Arabella was again in tears.  She said to me, ‘My face is so swollen I think it’s going to explode’.

‘If that happens you’ll make the headlines because you’ll be the first person to ever have a face explode from excessive swelling’, is what I said.  But her face did look terrible; not that I said that because I was already dealing with someone prone to hysterics.

Taking selfies while waiting to go to theatre

Taking selfies while waiting to go to theatre

On Sunday morning her face was huge; I’d never seen swelling like it.  And she went to work serving breakfast in a cafe.  Her father did offer to do the shift for her (I didn’t), but she insisted she was right for work. you believe, the dentist walked in with his wife.  What were the odds?  He looked at Arabella all alarmed and said she needed an emergency appointment in his rooms.  His wife phoned me and said, ‘Look, from one mother to another, she shouldn’t be at work and she should be lying down and resting.  If she doesn’t do that she’ll end up back in hospital on a drip of IV antibiotics’.  I didn’t dare tell her, from one mother to another, I had already gone out for the day and wouldn’t be back until nightfall.

Anyway, the dentist gave Arabella some new antibiotics and said she needed an emergency appointment with the oral surgeon.  A few days ago we saw the surgeon and he said, ‘What dreadful thing have I done to you?’  He calmed the situation by saying Arabella’s wisdom teeth were some of the most difficult to extract he’s seen and that the swelling is absolutely to be expected.  She did not have a queried infection and didn’t need to go into hospital on IV antibiotics.  Excellent. the situation is under control but Arabella still looks terrible.  But I’m not allowed to tell you that.  And she’s not the slightest bit upset about it because she’s lost so much weight from not eating that she’s fitting into that other 75% of her wardrobe she hasn’t been able to wear because everything was so tight.  There’s always an upside.

I’m thinking that’s it for Arabella’s teeth.  I can’t think of any procedures we haven’t touched on.  And that’s just as well because as for the little guy, he seems to be taking after his big sister. and on and on it goes.



  1. Yep, a good cry after such massive dental work is a good thing. Speedy recovery Miss xo

  2. Poor Arabella, I feel for her! Having my wisdom teeth out was a horrible experience. Worse than childbirth and I was in labor for 17 hours and pushed for three hours before they finally yanked him out with massive salad tongs. I was awake for the removal of my wisdom teeth… major mistake! I’m glad she didn’t end up with an infection. The weight loss is definitely a perk!

  3. Your poor baby girl! I still remember by terrible experience, but no one asked me if I needed to cry. I would have done so as well! lol

  4. Eek that sounds terrible. Poor arabella. I must have been lucky. My dentist just whipped mine out with a normal needle!

  5. I hope Arabella is feeling much better now and the swelling gone down, poor thing! I do think it was a bit mean of that nurse to say she wasn’t in pain when of course you can be even with a mouth full of anaesthetic. I had to have my wisdoms taken out in two sessions because the poor female dentist got exhausted from all the tugging!

  6. Oh I would definitely have had a good cry! Dental surgery is horrible. I hope she feels better soon and the swelling goes quickly. GG

  7. Poor thing… I had all four out, three in one sitting, but it went well… she really had it tough. But those pounds truly are a great bonus!

  8. Poor Arabella! I too had my wisdom teeth taken out under a general – mine were impacted and apparently sideways and generally not very cooperative. That procedure also followed many years of retainers, braces and extractions, so I sympathise with your financial contribution to the teeth too! Her swelling sounds far worse than anything I’ve seen though, and what an amazing coincidence that the dentist walked into her workplace. I hope she is on the mend!

  9. Oh, that is really ghastly – poor Arabella! I remember my face the size of an over-inflated football when I had mine out. Dario also just had all 4 out but it went pretty well with minimal swelling. But he doesn’t complain about pain unless there is blood involved. Teeth are such an expensive business!

  10. Oh dear, that is a lot of drama around her wisdom teeth. I had taken out and it was easy but I still have two and someone just told me the other day that they’re connected to your sense of taste so sometimes people lose that. I can’t imagine anything worse! Well of course I can there is much worse but it would be a dreadful inconvenience.

  11. Poor thing – I feel her pain. I was early 20’s when I had all 4 taken out and my face looked like I’d gone a few rounds in the boxing ring. I was so embarrassed by my multi-coloured face and swelling I took a week off sick!! I’m super impressed Miss A went to work.

  12. Oh dear – poor arabella – I had my wisdom teeth out in the hospital and it was very painful – even worse when I got home my dad decided to give me baby food and I thought I had lost my sense of taste but he tasted it and we realised it just was totally tasteless – that is hilarious about the dentist walking into the cafe where she works -hope she gets some rest and lets her body heal.

  13. I do hope Arabella is better now, what a shame that Alfie has similar oral issues. Although our childhood dentist had the bedside manner of a disgruntled Nazi, he did know his stuff and extracted four of my adult molars when I was around 12 which made room for my wisdom teeth. I still have them!

  14. Oh no, that is terrible… I’m sure everything will work out in the end. I am very fortunate that I got my mums teeth and my dads mouth, the best combination as it turns out and I still have all my wisdom teeth 🙂 I hope you don’t need to go down the same road with Alfie 🙁 Liz xx

  15. Oh no!! Poor Arabella. I got to keep my wisdom teeth, THANK GOODNESS, and i hope that never has to change!

  16. Oh, the poor darling. Thank God that dentist walked into the eatery. I did not have a good experience with surgical removal of wisdom teeth either as I developed dry socket (an infection).

    My 21-year-old is slated to have his wisdom teeth surgically extracted the next time he is home from Boston.

  17. Oh no! Poor Miss Arabella. My son had his out a while back and had to go back twice. Once to get an abscess that had formed in the socket drained. My wisdom teeth never developed so what does that say about me!! Hope she’s back up and running soon.

  18. Oh, goodness what a drama and poor Miss Arabella. I only had one wisdom tooth and had that out when I was at uni – the uni (Otago) I went to had a dental school and had it out for the ridiculous cost of $1 (it was a very long time ago and it did take all afternoon!)

  19. I’m putting off getting my wisdom teeth out, luckily for me I can egg them done in the chair. But this story doesn’t help! Hope she’s feeling better soon!

  20. Oh the poor darling! I had a shocking time with my wisdom teeth, but thankfully it’s been less dramatic for my boys. Fingers crossed Alfie has reasonably easy run with his teeth! 🙂 xxx

  21. Hopefully the tooth situation has been put to rest for a while. I can hardly wait for the next dramatic situation … never a dull moment with your threesome. 🙂

  22. Oh my, poor Arabella! I hope she feels better soon!

  23. Aah my wisdom teeth haven’t come out fully yet, but I am dreading the surgery if it comes to that!
    Poor Arabella hope she feels better soon and stops swelling!

    Choc Chip Uru

  24. My face hurts just thinking about it. My kids had the same problem. They got my size mouth and their father’s size teeth. Alan had 8 teeth removed before braces and Kathy had 6. Never let a child say, “Don’t do it in three goes, take them all out at once.”

    Talk about man flu!

    I hope your sweet girl is better by tomorrow.

  25. Oh, no, poor thing! What a fright. Glad your Arabella had her own personal nurse, but sorry that she had to go through such an ordeal.

  26. Oh my goodness gracious Charlie, what an ordeal. I do hope Arabella is on the mend. Just the thought of the dentist gives me the weebie jeebies. What a brave girl:) She’s a cutie too:) As is that boy of yours:) Things will be back to normal soon, good Lord willing and the creek don’t freeze:)

    Thanks for sharing, Charlie…

  27. Oh the poor thing, but with her track record it’s only to be expected 🙁 I hope g this is the end of the tooth terrors for her. What a traumatic event, I’m glad the dentist saw her and dealt with the aftermath so quickly. I find dental surgery to feel so invasive and un-nerving, I usually have nightmares afterwards! Xo

  28. Oh good, so I am not the only one who comes out of an anaesthetic crying. Poor Arabella – what an ordeal.
    Here’s to Alfie not having as bad a time with his teeth.
    Have a wonderful weekend Charlie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  29. Poor Arabella. I remember this operation myself when I was 18 and had mine out with my tonsils at the same time. Horrors. Very traumatic. Heartfelt sympathies go out to her and I hope the recovery has been swift.

  30. Charlie – my daughter had the same reaction after her wisdom teeth were removed – she bawled too and she had a lot of swelling – she ate ice cream, mashed sweet potatoes, and applesauce for almost a week – but, she didn’t go to work – she was so out of it – she sat on the couch for quite a few days! I hope Arabella is feeling better now.

  31. Poor Arabella! I hope she’s all de-swelled and better now. Luckily having my wisdom teeth out was no big deal. Actually it was much better than when i was about 10 (i think) and had to have 7 teeth pulled at once to make room for the new ones that had already started growing in.

  32. Looks like angels – including you Charlie – are smiling in Arabella’s life <3 Your daughter may still be in recovery at the moment but those photo of her in the water is especially beautiful. What a great work ethic you've installed in your daughter…And again, thank goodness for the angels who put us back on track <3

  33. How do the kids let you take photos of them in hospital robes?! Mine would absolutely kill me!
    Oh, and I’m having similar issues with my 20 yr old. Not looking forward to the wisdom teeth fiasco at my house.

  34. Scary though Charlie. Skater needs his out and I cant convince him. Must admit it sounds terrible. You have one round to go it seems.!

  35. I have been trying to get my older one in for dental work, and he is so skittish. We are also scared because his teeth ARE terribly crooked. Sooner than later I suppose. I hope Arabella feels well soon. I think she was pretty brave, much like her Mom.

  36. When I had all four wisdom teeth taken out under general, I felt absolutely horrid. It was an overnight say in hospital and I looked like Mr Gaspo. My face was so swollen. Now Josh is due to get his taken out in a months time. The bottom ones are horizontal so it will be a procedure in hospital. Gahh, not looking forward to it, and I’m not the patient!

    Glad to read the upside for Arabella, regaining that 75% of her wardrobe.

  37. Poor Arabella. Not to scare you, but just when you think it’s all over . . . Our son, almost 23, just learned that he has a sixth wisdom tooth! He had five removed by an oral surgeon a number of years ago. The dentist suggested we consult the oral surgeon again. Sigh.

  38. Oh my goodness, this sounds just horrible! I’m so sorry that Arabella had to go through such an ordeal, but as is true for so many of your stories, Charlie, my sympathies are possibly offered in the wrong direction! I think YOU were greatly inconvenienced as well! 🙂 I’ve been experiencing some protracted and expensive dental surgeries lately and it’s not fun, but aren’t we glad we live with excellent anesthesia. I did NOT lose weight, by the way. Ha!

  39. Oh my goodness! Hope she is feeling better now. Is your hip pocket sore!

  40. What an experience 🙁 Poor Arabella… Wisdom teeth are never fun to deal with. Speedy recovery!!

  41. It sure is a great way to lose weight. I did exactly the same when I have mine out. Mine were impacted too. Itis so painful and the swelling is awful. I hope she recovers soon.

  42. *ahem* she says nervously. We have our first orthodontic appointment for my son in a couple of weeks. Nervous? Oh yes I am, and that’s just of all the dollars I can see disappearing.

  43. Poor Arabella, I’ve had two of my wisdom teeth removed like that. I’m sure you are both relieved the ordeal is behind you.

  44. Poor Arabella! What shed must go through!

    I hope it all will be better soon! xxx

  45. Poor Arabella! What sh must go through!

    I hope it all will be better soon! xxx

  46. Poor Arabella! What sh must go through!

    I hope it all will be better soon! xxx

  47. Poor Arabella! What shed must go through!

    I hope it all will be better soon! xxx

  48. Poor Arabella! What sh must go through!

    I hope it all will be better soon! xxx

  49. Poor Arabella! What sh must go through!

    I hope it all will be better soon! xxx

  50. I also had two impacted wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon. Not fun. I hope that’s the end of her teeth issues.

  51. So – again we seem to have mirror image kids, Charlie. All of mine had to have their wisdom teeth out under a general by an oral surgeon. My eldest looked like a chipmunk for a week and refused to leave the house.
    The youngest has had multiple dental surgeries after having 2 separate face accidents before she was 6.
    And the cost!!!


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