A Wee Bit of Drama

Today was the day of my ‘procedure’.  I had to be at the clinic before 8am so I planned on leaving the house no later than 7.3oam.

After I’d done a day’s work in an hour by making beds, putting the dogs outside, washing the kitchen floor, emptying the dishwasher, putting on a load of washing, tidying the kitchen, searching for uniforms, packing swimming gear, making lunch boxes, preparing breakfast and spending no more than 15-minutes washing my hair, getting dressed and applying make-up, I was ready to begin my day.



I walked out the front gate feeling relieved to be running on time, unlocked my car that was parked on the nature strip and started the engine.  I turned around to fasten my seatbelt and noticed I was missing a window.  And it came as a bit of a shock.  I sat there staring at the broken glass as if paralysed.

What to do.

Might ask the young adults who borrow my car to PARK IT IN THE GARAGE

Might ask the young adults who borrow my car to PARK IT IN THE GARAGE

Then a young chap wielding a whipper-sniper came up to me saying, ‘Is that your car?’

‘Yes, it is’.

‘I think I broke your window.  I was just doing the edges of the nature-strip and something like a rock flew up and broke your window’.

‘Right; I see’.

‘I’ve got insurance if you want to swap details’.  Yes, I very much wanted to swap details but I was now running late for my appointment and now I had no transport.

What to do.

Dear oh dear

Dear oh dear

I phoned Drew who came out of his coma and hurried outside.  He said he would walk to work and I could have his car so off I went to my appointment and I was only 10-minutes late.  Not bad.

And now my car is sitting there waiting to be repaired and I do hope his insurance company is into being speedy – I do need my car, especially in December.  I do have to say I was very relieved the young chap was of good character and honest enough to confess to being responsible for the damage.  Not everyone is of his ilk.

The glass is everywhere

Might need a vacuum

And as for that ‘procedure’, the specialist says I have some ‘venous incompetence’.  Just a wee bit of a genetic flaw.  So today I’ve had ‘sclerotherapy and ligation’ on my left leg and next week the right leg will get the same treatment.  For 14 days post-procedure you have to wear thick beige support stockings 24/7 – you can’t even take them off for a shower!

The shoe-covers hide really lovely sandals

And I’ve chosen to have this done in summer.  So in a few minutes I’m heading out to the shops (and I’ll be on-foot because I can’t drive my car), to buy some maxi-dresses to cover the stockings and help keep me cool.

Beige doesn't suit me

Beige doesn’t suit me

Modern inconveniences.


  1. Lordy!

  2. that’s just a bit too much to have in one day, really Charlie. Hope your legs heal very quickly – although I bet you fell ultra-glam in those stockings.

  3. G’day! Life has a way of throwing obstacles in our way at the most inconvenient times, eh Charlie?
    Hope the treatment helps and you are back on the road to recovery soon!
    Cheers! Joanne

  4. I hope you recover soon. Thank goodness for honesty and the fact Drew was home. But I have to say- just before Christmas?!! Try not to overdo it.GG xx

  5. Great set of pins you’ve got yourself there Charlie 🙂 I hope you plan on really making a big deal of this and getting everyone to run around helping out around the house xx

  6. Oh gosh – not helpful in summer at all. I hope the procedure itself does what you want it to at least, and of course that your car is fixed soon. What an inconvenience indeed!

  7. Oh my gosh. What a gong show of a day! So glad the guy was honest. You don’t see that often. Love your maxi dress idea and really hope you’re feeling in ship shape soon. 🙂

  8. What a bugger Charlie! I’m so glad there’s still some honesty left in the world, it makes it easier to bear. I’ve had my car broken into 4 times and had to shell out a fortune for new windows and increased insurance premiums. I hope your leg heals quickly, and that the Uni students pull their weight around the house and help you out while you recover sweetie xox

  9. Well at least your car has good air conditioning if you must wear thick stockings in summer 🙂 sorry for that bad joke but I couldn’t resist! All sounds very stressful but hopefully the stockings are a minor inconvenience and your health is fine (I don’t know what venous incompetence is). I am hoping you can get the stockings wet or it will be a very uncomfortable 2 weeks – good luck with the stockings and the car

  10. Oh boy just what you needed….not!!!!! At least he admitted guilt. How refreshing in these uncertain times.
    Here’s to getting your car back in a hurry. December is the craziest month of the year.

  11. Boo to the missing window, but that really was nice of the boy to stick around and confess! If that was NYC, he would have been gone in a heartbeat!

  12. Oh My, well at least her was honest, thats a good thing… And why are you getting your legs done now???? Oh Charlie… how are you going to go swimming? I hope everything gets fixed ASAP! Liz xx

  13. Hi Charlie, sounds like everything worked out in the end, but that’s a lot of drama in one day for sure. Great idea about picking up and wearing a maxi dress!

  14. I’d like to think that with your legs laid up like that, you can use your position and have everyone scurry around for you. But, if your kids are like mine…..well, you’ll be doing it yourself with or without those fashionable stockings 🙂
    Hope you get better soon, my dear. xx

  15. Oh, those lovely stockings. I had to wear them also, in the summer, after my hip replacement. Dastardly, but necessary.

    How rotten to get your car window broken. But, as you say, at least the culprit fessed up.

  16. Still giggle when I read “Drew.” Love that he was incognito for so long. I hope your recovery goes quickly and you stay cool. Good luck with the car too. Very lucky he was an honest man. I have rarely experienced that with car dents.

  17. Oh dear Charlie. What a ghastly day for you. Yes very lucky the fellow was honest. Very rare I would say. Tho once in England a very proper English gent waited till we came back from a walk to tell us he had dinged our car in the car park.
    Hope you feel much better soon.
    Sherry x

  18. Thinking of you having to wear those support stockings in the current Sydney heat! As you say at the young bloke was of good character. Hope things improve Charlie and lots of love.

  19. Those days Charlie. hope your veinous incompetance is healing nicely.

  20. Speedy recovery wishes headed your way! Glad that young man was an honest soul…and that it didn’t inconvenience you too much.

  21. Tonette Joyce says:

    Bless your heart,Charlie! I hope you feel great very soon.Hugs and prayers!
    I was afraid you were going to say some hoodlum broke into your car….see, it could have been worse.
    I hope all goes well with your legs.

  22. That’s a pretty traumatic way to start an already stressful day. How fortunate that the young man owned up to the accident. It sounds like things went well with your ‘procedure’ though two weeks of wearing stockings in the summer heat is not something I’d be looking forward to. Hope your recovery is uneventful otherwise.

  23. Bugger about the car. I’d love to have my legs done but I heard it’s really painful to have varicose veins done. I’m not one for pain. The stocking is cute.

  24. Wow, a very complete day! 😉 take care!

  25. It was indeed very nice of that gentleman to admit his wrong doing, it is very unusual these days. Sorry to hear about your procedure, I hope you have a very speedy recovery. That shade of beige is indeed questionable, wouldn’t be my colour either.

  26. Just a wee bit of drama! 😉 Wishing you a speedy recovery of leg and car.

  27. Oh Charlie what an awful time to have that done not that any time is a good time. I hope the car gets fixed asap!

  28. Aww…what a way to a start your day. But you’re lucky to get an honest chap to get the window replaced. You’re right, they don’t come in volume nowadays. Hoping for your legs’ speedy recovery 🙂

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  29. Um, well, at least it wasn’t raining. 😀 Charlie what a bother on both accounts.
    Have a lovely day and enjoy a glass of wine while keeping your feet up.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  30. Oh dear. Isn’t always the way – just when you are running on time. Hope the leg is not too painful. I have always put mine off till the winter and then I am always too busy at work to have time off. Oh well one day I’ll have lovely legs!

  31. Good grief! Hope you’re ok Charlie, that’s a lot on the one day! Take care, love x

  32. How do you stay so strong in the face of difficulties like this? Kudos to you, but like Mandy said – at least is was not raining (or storming like last night!) 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  33. Thank goodness he was honest. We had some idiot scrape our car in the carpark and of course there was no note! Hope you recover well Charlie!

  34. What a morning! Hope all goes well with your right leg and that your car is repaired quickly. The support stocking looks great–you wear it well!

  35. Lucky you, the damage was done by such an honest chap. I hope you heal quickly!

  36. I’m with Kristy–when I first read “Drew” I had to stop and remind myself…and then I laughed. Your story about Carl, ahem! Drew still makes me laugh. But other than that, everything you’ve shared combines to be no laughing matter. I hope by now all is working well. Believe it or not I’m familiar with the procedure you’ve had. Someone close to me has had the same little anomaly and the treatment did the trick! Winter might have been a little easier! 🙂

  37. What a lovely pair of legs, even inside the stocking! I can imagine that will be most uncomfortable in the heat. Maxi dresses are a great solution.

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