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This post is sponsored by ASKO.

In my life’s journey I have had more than a few dishwashers.  My favourite was an ASKO that departed from me when we sold our home and the beloved appliance was considered a ‘fixture’.

ASKO Dishwasher

ASKO Dishwasher

When we moved into our current home there was a brand new European dishwasher that was of a brand most people love.  But I didn’t like it.  It didn’t have the tray at the top where you’re supposed to line up all your cutlery (who has the time), and instead had the cutlery basket on the bottom shelf.  But the cutlery basket was so big it took up 25% of the space and so running out of room, I often found the dishwasher would be on for two cycles most days.

Champagne Cake

Champagne Cake

It was with great joy that I discovered it had broken down for the third time because my policy with kitchen appliances is, ‘three strikes and you’re out’.  The dishwasher was marched off the premises and I went to the nearest kitchen appliance retailer and purchased a stainless steel ASKO dishwasher.

Iced VoVo Biscuits

Iced VoVo Biscuits

Yes, this is a sponsored post but I took it on because I knew I could speak positively about the kitchen appliance.  Not only is it modern and stylish, the trays are well organised allowing you to fit in as many dirty kitchen items as possible.  I no longer need to put my dishwasher on more than once in a 24-hour period unless I’m catering or entertaining; for our family’s regular needs, one cycle per day is enough.

Keep in the fridge until ready to serve

Tropical Cake

As a blogger who’s always cooking, and as a mother cooking for a family of five, and as a home-cook who is often making cakes for various events, I need some reliable help in my kitchen.  After making an enormous mess it’s always a joy to pull down the door of the dishwasher and start filling it with all the messy kitchenware that’s now cluttering the bench tops.  I’m sure you’d agree that the one kitchen appliance you couldn’t do without is your dishwasher.

All aboard the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert but

All aboard the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert but

A few years ago we were in between homes and were renting an old house for 12 weeks.  There wasn’t a dishwasher but there was space for one.  I had an ASKO dishwasher in storage and asked the landlord if I could install it.  Can you believe the landlord told me we weren’t allowed to install a dishwasher which bewildered me seeing at the end of our lease the house was being bulldozed.  Never mind!

Lots of colour and flavour

Lots of colour and flavour

And during that tenancy I was baking for another website and constantly in the kitchen making a mess.  Sometimes I did the dishes more than 10 times in one day – I know where that expression, ‘chained to the kitchen sink’ comes from, it comes from people who don’t have dishwashers.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

And we’re now coming into that time of year where we’re on the countdown until Christmas.  It’s now just eight weeks away and so it’s time for me to start making my Christmas cakes.  I have two bowls of dried and glace fruits and nuts soaking in orange juice and brandy ready for my first two cakes.  These will be baked this weekend so they have a number of weeks to mature until Christmas Day.

Soaking in brandy and orange juice

Soaking in brandy and orange juice

And now that in my kitchen I have fruits and nuts soaking in brandy, I know we’re definitely heading into the party season where a lot of people find themselves doing a lot more entertaining than usual.  I’m glad that during this festive season, I’ll have my reliable ASKO dishwasher making all the kitchen clean-up so much easier.

ASKO Dishwasher

ASKO Dishwasher

Is a dishwasher a kitchen appliance you can’t do without?


  1. That is really great to know Charlie!!!! I may need to buy an oven soon…. Do you have any recommendations??? Liz xx

  2. You may think I am crazy Charlie but I actually like washing up by hand That’s not to say I want to do it every day but I do like doing it now and then But yes it is a wonderful invention and when the last one broke down it was very hard to live without.

  3. You may think I am crazy Charlie but I actually like washing up by hand That’s not to say I want to do it every day but I do like doing it now and then But yes it is a wonderful invention and when the last one broke down it was very hard to live without.

  4. I couldn’t manage without my dishwasher, it gives me freedom in the kitchen to make as much mess as I need to. I like the three strikes policy, I might instigate that. GG

  5. My Mom always insisted she didn’t need a dishwasher but as soon as my Dad bought her one, it became the appliance she couldn’t live without. It was the wedding gift from my Mom. I must say its a steadfast fixture in our kitchen too, although I usually only put it dishes into it and not mixing bowls or pots and pans. My SIL puts everything into her DW and she usually runs it 2 times per day. Being just the two of us, we run our DW once every 2-3 days! ASKO is not a brand we have on Canada but I like the sleek front. Our ‘new’ kitchen is approaching 8 years old so I imagine we’ll be needing to upgrade sometime soon, three times and you’re out sounds like a great rule.

  6. I love my dishwasher and I never buy anything that can’t be put in it. I like the 3 strikes and your out principal – it should be applied more often!

  7. I am sure a dishwasher would be useful but the only (brief) time I lived with one it was with someone who made such a mess and left it to the cleaner to pack the dishwasher. I had hoped to see a pic of the inside of your dishwasher – never heard of one with a top cutlery drawer

  8. I love the cutlery tray much better than the baskets. The cutlery tray is more important than how it looks. 🙂 Good for you!

  9. I have an ASKO dishwasher and I love it to bits!! Unlike the other brand, which I nursed for quite a few years by fixing it up myself, (I’m a compulsive fixer like my dear ole dad), my ASKO has never let me down. I find I can’t live without a reliable dishwasher.
    I’ve been ‘fixing’ my washing machine this year – the top of the range that was meant to see me out – but it’s getting beyond me. One more strike – and out she goes! Clunk!

  10. I’ve never owned a dishwasher. Surprise!

  11. Hi Charlie, absolutely not, I need a dishwasher, that would be like not having a washer and dryer. Like the look and straight lines of the ASKO.

  12. Thank you for this solid recommendation, Charlie. I will bear it in mind when our current dishwasher ends its life. ASKO, sounds fab! xxx

  13. I know nothing about the Asko brand (I’ve never even heard of it)! We have a Dishlex dishwasher and we like it well enough but the handle broke and the cost of replacing the handle (a really common issue according to productreview) will cost about a quarter of the cost of the dishwasher lol!

  14. I have never heard of ASKO. I have just completed a major kitchen renovation and the only thing that stay was the dishwasher… not because I like my current dishwasher but because I have only had bad experiences choosing dishwashers. I had no idea what to buy. My philosophy was “better the devil you know.”

    I will have to take a look at the ASKO range. A good dishwasher is SO important.

  15. Definitely can’t live without a dishwasher in this household! I haven’t had an ASKO dishwasher before but many years ago, I did have an ASKO washing machine and I loved it!

  16. I think I’ve had a dishwasher once in my life, and while it was great, I’ve not missed it. I’m one of those odd people who likes washing dishes. 🙂

  17. I could write a memoir: White Goods I Have Loved And Lost. dishwashers. washing machines. tumble dryers. It seems the more reputable the name the more inclined they are to breakdown. In the last month I saw the dishwasher repair man so many times I swear neighbours thought I was having an affair. Not familiar with Asko but will remember it for next time we need a new big appliance #ProbablySoon

  18. Well just watched the demo of the dishwasher, that is one impressive looking dishwasher, love all the things you can do with it, and can fully see why you would want that one. Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  19. The dishwasher is the one appliance in our temporary kitchen that I don’t complain about! They’re always a huge time saver–especially with holiday cooking.

  20. pssst…just quietly. I don’t have a dishwasher, and yep, you know I cook, bake, make general bloody big messes in the kitchen. Thing is I’ve never had a good experience with them, I’ve always had to pretty much clean them first for the machine to actually get them clean in the dishwasher. Would drive me crazy!

  21. I had an ASKO dishwasher—it was terrific, but then when it was time to replace, they didn’t have one to coordinate with my kitchen. #1stworldproblems. I can’t imagine being a food blogger/cook/baker without a dishwasher! I’m pleased that you now have this beauty in your kitchen again 🙂 xo

  22. I CANNOT live without a dishwasher. Well I lie because in-between dishwasher purchases we were without one for a week – most unpleasant it was. I grew up in an age when my sisters and I used to fight over who was washing and who was drying, then when I was about 8yrs Mum installed a dishwasher. I have used ASKO in a holiday rental once, and it was great. xx

  23. I completely understand – one of the big things I love in our new kitchen is the dishwasher that came with the house! It’s a small one and there is a cutlery basket (I also prefer drawers for cutlery at the top) but perfectly adequate for our 2 person needs. If we ever need a new one, though, I will remember your praise for ASKO – I confess I hadn’t heard of them before!

  24. Wish I could sing the praise for ASKO dishwasher. Installed one on June 23, 2014, and it stopped working last month after only 16 months. Fortunately it comes with a 2 years warranty. Waiting for repairman to fix it.

  25. I was without a dishwasher for the 3 years we were in Mauritius – it was un-fun! Never again. The first thing I kissed when we got home was our dishwasher.
    Have a happy day Charlie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  26. Oooooh, thank you for this post.
    When our house is finished and we can move home, I need to buy a new dishwasher. I have never had much luck. I have had 3 in the last 4 years.
    The first was a well known brand and it just didn’t dry well. And like you say it had a basket for the cutlery, which not only took up all the space, it had those divider slots that meant nothing fit into it!!! All my fork and knife handles were too bit to fit in the holes!! ARGH!
    Then it broke down and I replaced it with the one I had shipped from the UK. That was a little better, but still not perfect. That one went in the fire.
    Our rental didn’t have one, but it had a space, so I bought an unknown brand from an online retailer, it is truly the worst kitchen appliance I have ever bought!!!!

    I have said, when we move home I am buying something amazing that does the job well. Will look into ASKO. Thanks for the tip

  27. I must admit I have been looking at the Asko range recently, I have my eye on one of their cook tops for my new kitchen. Glad their dishwasher is doing its job.

  28. This sounds like a very special dishwasher. I would definitely trust that you know what you’re talking about. I can only imagine how dishes would pile up around you without an efficient dishwasher. I don’t recognize the name, but some of the European/international models are also sold in the United States. I’ll pay more attention!

  29. Good dishwashers are worth their weight in gold!

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