Bloom – The Healthy Food Co, Mosman

Miss Arabella didn’t go to work today because she’s studying for her exams.  I told her that as a treat and as a break from her books, I would take her out to lunch. Now as you have heard me going on and on about, Miss Arabella is on a health kick and so regards things like me serving jasmine rice with a Thai curry absolute poison.

A shame about the council pole but apart from that eye-sore, the entrance is very lovely.

A shame about the council pole but apart from that eye-sore, the entrance is very lovely.

It is therefore most fortunate that Bloom, the healthy food company has opened in Mosman.  Bloom specialises in all the things that meet with Arabella’s approval like gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, vegetarian, vegan, organic and the bottomless dispenser of complimentary chlorophyll.  ‘You should get one, mum’.

Help yourself to as much chlorophyll as you'd like

Help yourself to as much chlorophyll as you’d like

I think all boxes were ticked for this break-from-the-studies lunch.

I love the olde world charm entrance to Bloom

I love the olde world charm entrance to Bloom

So, off we went to Bloom which is in a delightful old building with pressed-metal ceilings and polished wooden floorboards.  The interior is very light and airy with a shared wooden table, bar stools so you can sit up at the window, lots of banquettes and outside there’s shaded seating.

Outside Bloom is an edible garden in a wheelbarrow

Outside Bloom is an edible garden in a wheelbarrow

We arrived right on noon and Bloom was already very busy with many ordering from the extensive all-day breakfast menu.  We found a table for two then ordered at the counter.  Now sometimes I think I would rather stab myself in the heart than listen to Arabella ordering her food.  She asked for the salmon pasta but could she have it with chicken instead of salmon.  That wasn’t possible.  So she asked if she could have the chicken burger without the yoghurt dressing and instead have chilli sauce and could it be on a gluten-free bun.  It’s like a scene out of ‘When Harry Met Sally’.  I said, ‘Arabella, there’s a queue developing behind you’, and much to everyone’s relief, within the next few minutes, our order was completed.

That's Miss Arabella after she's finally ordered

That’s Miss Arabella after she’s finally ordered

Arabella helped herself to a glass of chlorophyll.  Good luck to her.  Old glass milk bottles sitting beside the filtered water dispenser brought back warm nostalgic feelings.  Arabella filled one of these and brought it back to our table.  I think it’s wonderful and generous that both the water and the chlorophyll are complimentary – you don’t see too many giveaways in Sydney!

The counter where you can help yourself to filtered water filled in retro milk bottles

The counter where you can help yourself to filtered water filled in retro milk bottles

We were given a table number that’s written on a wooden spoon – handy if the people beside you bring their kids!  Speaking of kids, there’s an extensive children’s menu with lots of fabulous options that are bound to suit even the fussiest of eaters.

Wooden Spoon table numbers

Wooden Spoon table numbers

Our drinks arrived fairly promptly.  I ordered a Strawberry Spider that was vanilla gelato and strawberry syrup topped with mineral water.  It was surprisingly refreshing and pleasantly not too sweet.

A strawberry spider and a mean green smoothie

A strawberry spider and a mean green smoothie

Miss Arabella ordered the Mean Green Smoothie.  It was broccoli, avocado, banana, mint, soy milk and ice.  I didn’t find the colour of it terribly attractive and Arabella wasn’t sure how much she would like it but we both tasted it and found it to be wonderful.  It was smooth and surprisingly sweet which we didn’t expect given the broccoli.  Everything in balance I guess.

Green apples for $1.00.

Green apples for a dollar

The menu is extensive and when you consider the breakfast menu is also available and that there are specials on a blackboard, it’s not easy to decide.  I had the spicy bean and corn nachos that is vegetarian and dairy-free and served with organic linseed chips.   It is served in a little frying pan with a tea-towel over the handle so you don’t burn yourself and there’s an interesting diversity of beans cooked with corn and tomatoes with a hint of chilli then topped with guacamole and yoghurt.

Nachos $16.50

Spicy Bean and Corn Nachos $16.50

This was certainly a very generous serve and I was unable to finish it.  I found it under-seasoned but perhaps I’m used to too over-dosing on salt!  I poured a little tabasco sauce over it (brought to the table by the waitress for Arabella), and that gave it the kick it needed.  Mind you, I do have a heavy cold at the moment so my taste buds are on struggle-street. Arabella ordered the cajun chicken burger that was a chicken breast cooled with lemon yoghurt and tomato with greens, guacamole and salsa verde.  She asked to have it with gluten-free bread, no yoghurt and instead, chilli sauce.  Well it actually arrived with the yoghurt but looked so lovely she didn’t mind and admitted the yoghurt was what made the burger so wonderful.  The chicken was beautifully flavoured and extremely tender and moist.  Again, it was a generous serving and Arabella was unable to finish it.

Cajun Chicken Burger on gluten-free bread

Cajun Chicken Burger on gluten-free bread

We were quite full but I know Daisy would be so disappointed if we didn’t order dessert so we asked for a raw protein ball and the gluten-free brownie.  Well somehow we managed to polish off both of these delicious treats.  Neither had that sitting-behind-the-counter-for-far-too-long taste.  The protein ball was full of little seeds with a smooth chocolatey flavour and the brownie was very dense and rich with a smooth firm and non-crumbly texture.

Our two desserts - a raw protein ball and a gluten-free brownie.

Our two desserts – a raw protein ball and a gluten-free brownie.

Miss Arabella and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch in this relaxed and casual setting where the service is caring and attentive.  It’s lovely to be able to walk to a cafe where you know the business cares enough to use quality ingredients that are certainly good for you. Verdict:  There should be more lunch spots just like this.

Bloom is next door to this lovely park and yes, just another beautiful Spring day in Sydney.

Bloom is next door to this lovely park and yes, it was just another beautiful Spring day in Sydney

Bloom – The Healthy Food Company:  118 Prince Albert Street, Mosman, NSW Ph:  61 2 9960 1761 If you liked this post, you’re welcome to share it!


  1. What a creative approach to food and the serving of it. This is my my kind of place; wish it was closer.

  2. It sounds like you enjoyed your mother-daughter health food outing and even the cholorphyll dispensing machine wasn’t able to put you off your feed.

  3. Chlorophyll? Really? Why? Does it turn you green? That’s possibly the strangest offering I’ve ever seen in a cafe!! At least it’s free :p Your lunch, despite the chlorophyll part, sounds lovely!

  4. Food looks great! Good choice 🙂

  5. I’m curious what’s with the free chlorophyll? At least you finally got to eat out and get a decent feed! It’s nice there’s a healthy local option for you.

  6. That’s fabulous that you had a good lunch. There have been a few clangers lately (the tea room etc) so I am relieved for you. The smoothie is intriguing!

  7. Everything looks delicious. And what I wouldn’t give for a lovely spring day.

  8. I should be there… 🙂 Thank you, love, nia (Good Luck for her exams)

  9. A bottomless offering of chlorophyl? Astounding. And generous. I would absolutely love this place (looks so California to me), but the guys in my family would flip. Looks great.

  10. Definitely sounds like a spot I’d love! Everything in balance is so true – I like to eat healthy, but I also don’t deprive myself of anything!! I love spending an afternoon with my daughter – these are moments to be treasured!

  11. I love the sweetness of (truly fresh) raw broccoli, and often have put it in smoothies myself. Huzzah! ‘Course, smoothies as we move into winter here is the last thing I want. Just coffee and hot chocolate, thanks.

  12. Looks great! I’m always about ordering straight off the menu, and do sometimes wish that others were like that too. But the food looked delicious! The green juice sounds interesting but not something I need to try right away.

  13. I’m so glad you finally had a good experience eating out! The food you ordered, although we’d consider them expensive for lunch seemed to be very generous portions and looked quite delicious. In North America we call the metal ceilings, tin ceilings which were very popular during the Victorian era here.
    I wish Arabella good luck on her exams.

  14. Sounds like a lovely way to reconnect with your daughter when life can be so hectic, certainly food for the soul moment in lovely surrounds. Will have to go when I’m ever in Sydney again!

  15. What a nice way to spend an afternoon, especially when I’m sure your daughter could use a study break! I would go back to again snd again to taste all the smoothies! I’m hooked on them! Chlorophyll? I would try it 😉

  16. Aren’t smoothie flavours surprising. The strangest of mixes make delicious results. This sounds like a really innovative approach to food. GG

  17. I’m glad you didn’t stab yourself in the heart Charlie, I’d miss you! Maybe next time you can mind the table while Arabella orders, then go up when she gets back 🙂 THe cafe looks gorgeous and seems to have a great atmosphere. The food sounds and looks great too, if I ever get up that way I’m definitely checking it out xox

  18. G’day Sounds lovely Charlie, true!
    Sounds like they could cut back on portion sizes and people would still be happy to eat there and I always find it difficult when ordering food out if I need to (based on my food lifestyle) make a minor change only to have those rolling eyes of this is what we have, this is what you order look! 🙂
    Cheers! Joanne

  19. Where was my invite?

  20. HAHAHA You make me laugh Charlie 🙂 And very proud that you ordered dessert because of me!!! Bloom looks like a great place for brunch and have something healthy where you don’t need to feel guilty about!

    I’d definitely want to try one of those brownies love fudgey ones that aren’t too dry or crumbly! 🙂 Have an awesome weekend xox

  21. This looks like my kind of cafe! Unluckily I live at the other end of Sydney. I will be making the trip though. Looks like heaven!

  22. I’d skip the chlorophyl, but otherwise, this sounds like just my sort of place 😀

  23. Sounds like the perfect lunch spot. I wish we had more places like this in Brisbane!

  24. Another winner? I’m thrilled for you! What a lovely mother-daughter lunch. Just what a studying student needed. I think I could live without the chlorophyll. I learned how to make it at a Thermomix class but I’ve never done it. 🙂

  25. These look incredible , i want that cajun chicken burger.

  26. Oh my they are monster servings!! Huge! Complimentary chlorophyll is certainly intriguing, I don’t think I’ve ever tried it before. Might stick to the complimentary water though! 😉

  27. What a lovely lunch enjoyed with your Arabella.
    Have a super weekend.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  28. Sounds like a winner.#1 Son has moved back in temporarily,(we thought it would be even MORE temporary than it has been so far!), and although i cook pretty healthily, he is driving me nuts.

  29. Wow you’ve got my attention because I love the way you are completely honest in your appraisals.

  30. What a nice day with your daughter. She might not have been feeling well but I’m sure the time with mom was a boost! The food looks delicious, too! I wish I had the recipe for the Green Meanie! What would have been the secret ingredient making it sweet, I wonder!

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