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Boambee Bay Resort

I think it’s time I showed you around the resort where we are staying.

Boambee Bay Resort is a six-hour drive from Sydney and is in the small town of Sawtell.  It was built in the 1980’s as a time-share development however recently they have started allowing non-time-share guests to stay at the resort.  We aren’t time-share owners but we have friends who are and when they were unable to get away for their one-week stay, they offered the opportunity to us!  What a lovely gift.

So here we are having a free holiday – the very best kind!  Our friends told us, ‘It’s a step-up from camping’.   With our expectations very low, we’ve been pleasantly surprised.  While this is a 3-star resort, I actually think it’s a big leap up from camping.

The ho-hum entrance

The ho-hum entrance

The entrance is quite under-whelming leading you to believe you shouldn’t get excited.  The reception area is very motel-like and there’s a chap behind the counter wearing more jewellery than I have in my entire collection.  He showed us where the parking area is and this is again underwhelming as the spaces are so tight that once you squeeze your car into them it’s almost impossible to be able to open your car door to let yourself out, let alone your luggage.

The occupants of these vehicles would want to be thin.

The occupants of these vehicles would want to be thin.

I would definitely recommend bringing a Morris Minor and suggest leaving the 4-wheel drive with the protruding wheels and side mirrors at home.

A tight squeeze

My car jammed in beside a beast – A tight squeeze

The accommodation is low-rise with the apartments being either ground floor or first floor.  Ours is on the ground floor in a very peaceful setting with a sunny north-east aspect overlooking the river however the family in the apartment above are noisy proving the sound-proofing isn’t adequate and it’s thump, thump, thump 24/7 plus we can hear every time they flush a toilet or run a shower.

Our apartment is on the ground level.  To get to it's a bit like walking into a bunker but okay when you get there.

Our apartment is on the ground level. To get to it’s a bit like walking into a bunker but okay when you get there.

Our apartment has recently been refurbished with smart and functional furniture.  There’s a queen-sized bed in the main bedroom with a TV and an ensuite with a shower over the bath.  The second bedroom is on the small side with two single beds.  There’s a second bathroom and a fully equipped laundry and outside drying area – nothing worse than bringing home suitcases full of dirty laundry.

Children's playground

Children’s playground

The kitchen is functional but a little spartan on the equipment side of things – you’ll be doing no intricate or involved cooking here but who wants to do that on their holiday anyway.  We’ve been having bar-be-cues every night with steak (no fish – don’t mention FISHING) for me and Carl and sausages for Alfie who puts on a very sad face if presented with eye fillet steak – oh the hardship.  I’ve served the steak with a variety of different toppings including Paris butter, mushroom and red wine, French eschalot and beer.  The bar-be-cues are in a communal area with plenty of outdoor seating and this tends to be where families congregate with their friends every evening.  We’ve tried cooking the meat on the BBQ but they’re electric and the heat you need just isn’t there so it’s been a better result for us to cook on the cook-top in the apartment.  Despite our findings, the outdoor BBQ facilities are a hive of activity.

The games room where we lost Alfie every night of the week.

The games room where we lost Alfie every night of the week.

Speaking of activities, there’s plenty to see and do.  The resort provides mini putt-putt golf, canoeing, tennis, half-court tennis, squash, billiards, a games room, outdoor chess and bowls all free of charge.  If you’d rather be in the pool it’s in the centre of the resort, is solar heated with a spa that’s warmed and in working order and there’s a waterfall.

There’s an Indian restaurant on the complex that’s fully licensed but you can BYO wine for $5.00 corkage per bottle and there’s also a cafe where you can buy drinks and ice creams while you’re sitting by the pool but be warned, for some reason this is closed on Sunday’s.

Cafe - not open on Sundays

Cafe – not open on Sundays

I have found the complex to be a little like being on a cruise where there’s plenty of activities during the day for children to be involved in.  Alfie has had no spare time and has been involved in quite a few activities including trivia, throwing water bombs and a disco where he won a prize for the most crazy dance.


Internet connection is available but you have to pay for it (around $40 for the week).  I’ve been able to get connection through my phone (don’t ask me to explain it).

We have enjoyed at great week at Boambee Bay Resort.  It’s a fantastic destination for young families and those wanting to holiday with friends.  There’s so much to do within the resort yet the surrounding area has much to offer too.  We haven’t been bored for a minute and there’s just been too many things we would have liked to have done than the week allowed – we just have to come back!

Part of the resort pool.

Part of the resort pool.

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  1. Not as swish as your last place in Noosa but still it’s a lovely part of the country to holiday in. Too bad about those fish. or lack of.

  2. What a collection of activities! It sounds like a great low-key place for a family holiday, even if the entrance and sound proofing aren’t quite up to speed. For free, those things can easily be overlooked though I’m sure 🙂

  3. Ah, how very much I would like to be here.Sunshine. Warmth. NO snow.

  4. What generous friends you have and what a lovely place indeed Charlie; I would always rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. Looks like your weather was gorgeous too. I’m doing a hotel review in a few weeks that had excellent equipment in the kitchenette, but I didn’t do any cooking either. !

  5. Free holidays rock!

  6. Looks like a nice stay! I can’t wait for my vacation in less than 2 weeks!!

  7. Nothing like a free holiday! Especially if its better than you expected. This looks like a fab place.

  8. so, you wouldn’t go back?

  9. Sounds like a fun vacation! Though I don’t like this not soundproofing the room business…other people are NOISY.

  10. What generous friends! Looks like a definite step up from camping. And what a lovely pool area.

  11. What a great friend…and it seems that you all had a great time.

  12. For a free getaway, this is fabulous!! Just what the stress doctor ordered.

  13. Meh, it’s free, so why not?

  14. Wow, the pool looks swish? Did someone hand in Carl’s Letterman by any chance? Sounds like you’ve had a lovely break, Charlie! 🙂 xx

    • Ah no. That leatherman was lost on the beach – and it’s a vast beach so the odds of recovering it aren’t good. But Carl has a birthday coming up so I know what to get him!

  15. The pool looks just lovely – especially to me sitting in the grey, drizzly Adelaide Hills. Enjoy your sunshine while you can.

  16. Looks like a nice place for a last summer get away for the season. Great that you had such good weather too!

  17. I hate hearing other people, so the top floor would have been better for me, but I am impressed there are 2 bathrooms in your unit. It looks like a nice place for busy families and I’m glad you had a good time. I much prefer Glamping over camping any day sweetie! 🙂 x

  18. What a marvellous gift to have a holiday in a place like that – with plenty for Alfie to do!

  19. Sounds like you’re having a fun time! And the place has a nice homey feel to it. It’s been ages since we’ve been camping, and this is better. Love your descriptions – you’re the best!

  20. That was such a sweet gesture without a doubt of your friends – seems like a relaxed and lovely environment and definitely more than a step up from camping 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  21. What an amazing opportunity!! I would love a vacation about now 🙂 It looks so relaxing, enjoy your time there!

  22. You should try Vacation Village a bit further north at Port Macquarie. Bigger parking spaces and more for kids, full putt putt course, squash, 2 tennis courts, cricket net, kids room, teen room, adults room, snooker, sauna, spa, pool, kids playground, bikes, all the mod cons

  23. How nice that your friends offered your their share and you were able to take advantage of the opportunity. The weather looked great, too. I’d say the vacation gods were in your corner. 🙂

  24. A break is a break and it sounds like you have plenty to keep to occupied

  25. My Pete doesn’t enjoy the “team” thing at hotels and resorts – he wants to be left alone to do his own thing.
    Sounds like a lovely family resort.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  26. I love your practical and detailed review, feel as if I’d really know what to expect. We dont know this part of the world at all. Shame!

  27. I thought the entrance was quite lovely…but I’m not from around your area, so… The parking area reminds me of the parking garage at the mall we frequent a few times a year. People are crazy too, they park right on or even just over the line! Your vacation spot is just lovely! You have some very generous friends!! xo

  28. sounds like a very kid friendly place that Alfie must be loving!

  29. What a lovely place to relax and recharge! Isn’t it a fabulous place to have so much for children to enjoy. Smart! Everyone can have a better time when children get tired out from too much fun. 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed yourselves, Charlie. 🙂

  30. Definitely looks like a lot more than “a step up” from camping. 🙂 Looks like a pretty nice place. Keep having fun!

  31. What an awesome family holiday, I am jealous 🙂

  32. Hi Charlie, thanks for the tour, very beautiful and comfortable resort. Excellent click!
    Great to know that you’re having a fun with your family. 🙂
    Be seeing you.

  33. Great review! This looks like a really fun place and I’m officially jealous 🙂 I will be in warmer weather next week though so I can’t wait!

  34. How great to get a free holiday and there certainly seems like there’s loads to do. GG

  35. I could really go on a resort right about now 🙂 Definitely a great place for families with the pool, playground and game room to keep both adults and little people happy ~ Will tell my sister next time she comes she might want to visit hehe hope you’ve recovered from canoeing hehe xox

  36. What lovely friends you must have. I looks like a great place to be with children.

  37. Pool and playground structure are definitely plus (but I will wonder why we have to go to playground on vacation when we can do it in our neighborhood – but that’s for kids I guess. haha.). Sounds like a very kids friendly place!

  38. Doesn’t look like a bad place to vaca at!

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