Canon EOS 600D

We went back down to the farm but not before we bought a new camera.  It’s a Canon EOS 600D and so light compared with our Canon EOS 1D MKII.  It’s a lot less obtrusive so much better for taking into restaurants and venues and there’s a fantastic light balance feature that helps you shoot in very low light without the use of a flash.  That feature is being well used with our current short days.

Heading back into the country gave us the perfect opportunity to try out the new camera.  Carl has always thought of himself as a bit of a farm boy and he thought of his time there as going back to his roots.

He was very enthusiastic about taking images of the farm and I think here he has captured something of what it is to be an Aussie on the land – it’s definitely a great lifestyle but not for the faint-hearted.  All images have been shot using Carl’s favourite lens called a Lensbaby and it blurs the edges around the image.

The farmhouse

The farmhouse

The entrance from the unsealed road

The entrance from the unsealed road

A welcome sign

A welcome sign

A wood stack outside a shed

A wood stack outside a shed

Corrugated iron - so many farms were built using this material

Corrugated iron – so many farms were built using this material

An old shed

The old shearing shed


Old cabinet in the work shed

A sign from when this property was a sheep station

A sign from when this property was a sheep station



A welcoming door knob

A welcoming door knob

Another shed

A garage that has a wombat burrowing under it

A property in winter

The property in winter

A vine covered walkway surrounding the house

A vine covered walkway surrounding the house – it must be so pretty in Spring

So we’re now shooting with our new Canon camera and enjoying how advanced and light it is compared with our former heavy-weight dinosaur model.

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  1. Some nice shots there, Charlie. I bought a new camera last year – the Canon 60D – and I love it to bits!

  2. good camera!

  3. Except for the skeletons and perhaps the wombat, I’d be a happy happy girl here, right at home.

  4. You have captured the essence of the Australian homestead. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. I love the picture of the welcoming door knob. Very cool!

  6. You must have some very sophisticated settings on this new camera, the photos are quite lovely. I have to admit, I am not much of a country girl; not sure if I ever mentioned this lovely quote I read years ago in Readers Digest, but it sums it up for me: Roughing it for me is slow room service. There I said it.

  7. It’s wonderful to play with a new toy isn’t it? It must have a feature that blurs the edges of the image to give it that old time’y look, I think, or is it done afterwards in a photo-shop type application? I especially like the antique door knob.

  8. It all seems very romantic…from so far away in geography and time! I can only imagine how hard the work must have been, how unending it must have been and how isolated you could be, with such long hours!

  9. Great pictures! Sounds like a fun time. Cameras are amazing today – they can do so much! Have fun with your new toy!

  10. Beautiful photos!!!

  11. My old heavy Nikon still works but I’d love a new camera with all the trimmings. 🙂 Lovely photos!

    • We were Nikon on the way until the world went digital. We bought the Nikon’s first ever digital and it was a complete lemon. Had no end of trouble with it. Can’t remember what we paid but think it was around $20,000. Couldn’t give it away. A friend told us to strap it to a boat and use it as the anchor. Did I mention it was also heavy! We switched to Canon after that.

  12. Nice photos of a lovely place, Charlie. I just bought a new camera as well, but barely know how to use it yet (it somehow magically connects to the internet, which I though a nice feature for when I am on trips). Will probably stick mostly to my Canon SX30IS, which I like, except for the size.

  13. Oh, nice photos! Thanks for sharing the countryside of Australia!!

  14. Nice shots Charlie…I sure can see that you are having a lot of fun with your new toy…
    Have a great week my dear 😀

  15. Great photos, Charlie! Is the tilt-shift effect built into the camera operating software? If so, that’s very cool!

    • Hi Celia, no! That’s the lens. All images were shot with a Lensbaby and I’ve updated the post with a link to the Lensbaby site if you’re interested in finding out about them – definitely Carl’s most favourite lens and it’s not expensive either.

  16. Fabulous pictures, I love the vintage signs and old doors. I’ve just bought myself a new Canon too and like you I’m enjoying how much easier and lighter it is to use. GG

  17. What beautiful photographs! I wish I could have journeyed with you…such lovely and haunting images! Thank you for sharing…and thank you for your kind words on my blog! I’m glad to be back to visit my favorites 🙂

  18. I’ve always been a metropolitan girl so haven’t really explored anything beyond the city. I really should.

  19. Lovely photos with a vintage feel. A new camera is great fun isn’t it. The colours of the old cabinet and the cracked paint really caught my eye.

  20. I love my Canon and cant even begin to imagine life without it.Yes I love it THAT much. What a gorgeous place to visit and shoot 🙂 xx

  21. Congrats Charlie 🙂 I upgraded my camera too this year and i’m loving it never thought I’d be a big black SLR girl! Love the shots especially of the door knob!

  22. Beautiful photos Charlie! I really need to learn more about my camera!

  23. I want a new camera too but I only got mine last year and my hubby isn’t jumping on my request. I love my Canon too and they are so cool these days and have amazing lenses. Enjoy your new toy! Great pics of the farm.


  24. Joanne T Ferguson says:

    Love the shed photos Charlie, true!
    ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Canon EOS 600D, twin lenses; almost up to upgrading to the closer zoom too!
    I’ve named my camera Christina after Stephen King’s movie,
    As swear she IS possessed, as ALL she wants me to do is “point and shoot” and she takes care of the rest …what a great photographing recipe!
    Cheers! Joanne

  25. Your photos made me feel right at home too Charlie, even though our farm is a lot more tropical it has many of the same elements. Swap the wombat out for wallabies and feral deer, and the wisteria vines for bougainvillea and I could be right there! x

  26. Photography at the moment is not a primary issue in my life, but SO love the side of your life of which I was unaware. Beautiful and oh so Australian montages . . . thank you for aharing . . .

  27. A nice look at a bit of old Australia. The blurry edges create quite a nostalgic feeling.

  28. New cameras are inspiring things – I hope you continue to have fun with your latest model. The low light feature sounds excellent!

  29. I have the 650D and LOVE it.
    Great shots.
    Happy shooting.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  30. Congratulations on your new Camera baby!

  31. Great shots, they get you into the mood of farm life immediately!
    I can see from this post how much you are enjoying your new camera.
    Thank you for sharing these pictures!

  32. Lucky you with the new camera! Gorgeous images from the farm, too!

  33. The camera story in my house borders hysteria….some other day. But I love my Canon 50D now… has served me so well, and I was not very nice to it when it first came. Love the pics!

  34. What a nice new camera. Your photos are really nice, so I’m sure you’re going to enjoy photo taking with some new enthusiasm. I love the way you found such nice architectural detail to photograph. Lovely!

  35. Looks like a stunning property. Are you thinking about a move to the country?

  36. Nice photos Charlie (or should I say Carl!) – I’ve always found the x00Ds a bit small for me. I had a 400D and changed to a 60D after that. With a battery grip underneath I finally feel like I have something solid and robust in my hands, but I can understand the desire of some for something a bit smaller! 🙂

  37. We were certainly wishing we owned a lightweight camera when we traveled through Italy this year.. there’s nothing like a Canon, I have a Canon (albeit much larger) and love it. I just had to purchase a new lens for it after a tourist smashed into the front of my lens (I was wearing it across my body in front of me).. she jammed it and broke the focus. So… a lightweight camera is the ticket I think!! xx

  38. Lovely photos, very wintery… ah, I know nothing about lenses that go on cameras except my old polarising one… my friend Steve the cameraman used to have a huge box of filters that he took everywhere and was thrilled to use a lot when we did a kids comedy sketch show… back in the day…

  39. i think anything will look smaller than a 1D.


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