Tarragon Honey Mustard

One of my favourite indulgences is a long hot shower.  I usually lean against the wall and let the water pelt onto my back while I clear my head and enjoy a few moments of solitude. Yesterday I was home-alone with just the little guy and I thought before hopping into the shower I would […]

Vegan Crackers and…Mr Easy-On-The-Eye

That Alfie is involved in so many pursuits I’m being kept on my toes.  I need to stay fit, strong and energised.  Yesterday I dusted off my gym gear and paid a visit to my ‘charity’.  Having dropped Alfie off to early morning band practise (just another thing), I arrived at the time where the […]

Three Vegan Dips

Last month we celebrated Arabella’s 19th birthday and as you know she had a small party to celebrate.  I’m a big believer in serving food at teenage parties and although Arabella kept insisting I wasn’t to make anything because, ‘no one will eat it’, I ignored my wise old sage and stepped into the kitchen. […]

Beetroot Hummus and…a Walk to School

It’s now winter in Sydney and the last two days have been noticeably cooler.  This morning when I was asking Alfie to get dressed for school he said, ‘Do I have to wear a singlet?’ ‘Yes, put it on; it’s only going to be 19’, (66F). When we were leaving the house he asked, ‘Do […]