How to Make Gluten-Free Gnocchi

A few weeks ago I attended a course by Gabriele Taddeucci on how to make gluten-free gnocchi.  He kindly and generously allowed me to share his recipes with you. A close-up view! I do have to let you know that I’m no expert in making beautiful, light-as-a-pillow gnocchi.  I have horror memories of once ambitiously […]

Gluten-Free Pasta and Gnocchi

I’m absolutely not stalking Gabriele Taddeucci but I’m sure you’re all suspecting that I am.  It’s just that when I was at his restaurant, Balla, he let me know that he was running a hands-on course in how to make GF pasta and GF gnocchi. As I have previously mentioned, about 10 years ago Gabriele […]

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan Flan

I promised I would share with you the dessert we enjoyed at Balla last week.  Coming from the Umbria region of Italy is this gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan flan that uses simple ingredients, is easy to make and can be served with fresh fruit, custard, cream or ice cream (depending on what you are giving up […]

Pasta with Sausage, Fennel and Beans and…A Crushed Toe

I’ve been away on the farm again.  We just decided to go for the last few days of the school holidays.  We again just took our ‘only child’ leaving the uni students to fend for themselves (much to their delight). While at the farm, internet connection is only available through my mobile using Hot Spot.  […]

Chicken Cacciatore and…A Little Bit of Help

Life has so many ups and downs and at some stage most of us will walk head-on into a situation that is unavoidable, unpleasant and pretty much unmanageable.  However, there’s definitely a scale and at the moment all of my head-ons are paling into insignificance when I think about the situation my friends are facing. […]