Balmoral Carols by Candlelight, 2014

It’s become a lovely tradition that every year on the last Saturday before Christmas, our bestest friends come together to join us at the Balmoral Carols by Candlelight.  It’s an event enjoyed by families of all ages (we had all three of our children at the Carols), and also an event that’s a fantastic community […]

A Musical Soiree

I had a weekend of music with an 80’s concert of Australian rock bands on Saturday night and then a piano recital the following night.  The only thing they had in common was that there was someone on the keyboards at both. I’m going to sound like a Philistine, but this was the first piano […]

ArtsNorth Primary Choral Concert

My little guy loves to sing.  Last year he auditioned for the school’s choir but during that process he was shown the door for making a silly noise and never had the chance to audition, let alone be in the choir.  He had to wait an entire year to audition again and this time he […]

Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano

There are two items I always have in my fridge and they are prosciutto and parmesan cheese.  These classic Italian items are so versatile they can be used to bring a meal together in minutes or lift an ordinary dish into another dimension.  And while I merrily use both prosciutto and parmesan in salads, pastas, […]

1st Clifton Gardens Sea Scouts 70th Birthday

After many, many days of heavy downpours and what seemed like non-stop rain, we woke on Sunday morning to clear blue skies.  It was such a pleasant surprise. And the blue skies were so welcome because Alfie’s sea scout group was celebrating its 70th birthday. The first meeting of the Group was in a private […]

Mini-Mos 2014

Yesterday was the day where I ran in my first running race since 1983 (apart from the Mother’s Race at Alfie’s Athletics Carnival a few years ago). As most of you are aware, I tried to prepare for the race by buying new shoes, purchasing orthotics and joining a jogging group.  From the outset things […]

Balmoral Burn, 2014

The thing about Alfie, is that he likes to involve himself in so many things.  Our community hosts lots of events and in the weeks leading up to each event, signs appear in the streets letting everyone know it’s time to sign up.  Alfie reads those signs. For weeks he’s been on the countdown for […]

Vivid Sydney, 2014

Some of you may remember my 2013 Vivid Sydney experience.  As I wandered home last year I vowed and declared that never again would I put myself through this festival that last year attracted over 800,000 visitors. Fast forward 12 months and here I am again.  Again, the reason for attending Vivid was because it […]

Balmoral Beach Club Centenary

In 1914 a group of young Mosman men who called themselves ‘The Smugglers’, met at the site of the old Euroka Camp to swim in the harbour.  They decided to form a social and swimming club and held a meeting in the Mosman Town Hall and on the 12th of February 1914, the Balmoral Beach […]

Twilight at Taronga

I love the Twilight at Taronga events and try to attend at least one concert every season. Now in its 18th year, Twilight at Taronga is a series of open-air concerts held in front of the concert lawn inside the grounds of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.  In the line-up over the past few years there has […]