It’s Party-Time

RMS Titanic

I’m off to a Titanic-sized party and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Ace Props and Events, Petersham

Archie trying out an original WWI gas mask

The problem with the venue we’ve chosen for Archie’s 21st is that it’s an enormous space.  And I don’t want the party to be held in a room that echoes and feels like everyone’s in a chasm.  In order to try and fill the space, I’ve been out and about trying to source props. That’s […]

Twilight at Taronga

The entrance to Taronga Zoo

I love the Twilight at Taronga events and try to attend at least one concert every season. Now in its 18th year, Twilight at Taronga is a series of open-air concerts held in front of the concert lawn inside the grounds of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.  In the line-up over the past few years there has […]

MS Oosterdam, Karaoke

I thought I’d give you all some respite from the blue skies, turquoise waters and lush green tropical island vegetation that is so typical of the South Pacific and talk about the serious subject of karaoke. We couldn’t have been more fortunate to discover there was a karaoke competition on board the Oosterdam.  Lucky for […]

The Oriental Hotel, Springwood

The Oriental Hotel, Springwood

By the time Carl returned from his excursion with the in-laws, we had well and truly over-stayed our welcome at Lilianfels, plus it was time to return to Sydney in time to become organised for the working week.  We started heading back down the mountains (because I’m of Kiwi extraction I’m going to have to […]

The Big Banana

And there it is!

On the last day of our holiday and before we spent the evening at the Indian Restaurant, we drove to the Big Banana.  The reason we went on the last day is because Carl had been hoping that by some rare, very rare miracle, Alfie would forget we’d promised to take him. But when Carl […]

The Garden

Tiny plants but they WILL grow!

We’re not proud of this: But that’s a glimpse into our backyard. Tragic. And ugly. The only thing living (or nearly living) is what’s in that sad little pot and that’s some almost dead aloe vera. I’m so tired of paying ridiculous amounts for basic items like parsley and oregano.  A few weeks ago I […]

Paralysing Inertia

Bec and Bridge

I’m lying on the couch in a state of paralysing inertia.  I’m trying to work out how I will survive the week ahead and I have that feeling of dread that I may not be able to pull it all off. Tomorrow Alfie has his final drama lesson of the term.  Parents are invited to […]

Neapolitan Cake and Grand Designs


Arabella has just a handful of school days left before she graduates, has two weeks of holidays, then heads back to sit her exams.  It seems we’ve entered a time of finishing, finals and farewells and on Tuesday she will have her last drama class.  Last week the class decided that on their last lesson […]

Ohhh, I’m ‘Borrowing’ a Recipe

Balinese Duck

One of the great things about reading other blogs, (apart from getting to know the blogger) is the recipes they share.  Just after Christmas The Intolerant Chef shared a recipe called Betutu Bebek or Balinese Spiced Duck. I love The Intolerant Chef’s blog and am a total fan.  She is (as the name suggests) a […]