Glazed Over

For me, reading through Cooking Magazines and deciding that the family Christmas Feast must have an eye-catching, conversation stopping and mouth-watering standout dish that typifies Christmas and is something unique to the season and perhaps something you don’t indulge in at other times of the year, is essential.

To me that dish is a decorated and glazed leg of ham, hot from the bar-be-que or oven, set on a stand in the centre of the table, ready to be carved.  As soon as your ham takes pride of place at your Christmas Feast, all your guests will be drawn to the table.

In this month’s Super Food Ideas magazine there is a feature article titled ‘Glazed Over’ that shows you how to cook a leg of ham and provides four different and delicious glazes including Spiced Plum and Ginger, Redcurrant and Balsamic, Apple Cider and Burnt Honey and Orange.  I will be using the Redcurrant and Balsamic Glaze recipe for my Christmas ham.

A glazed leg of ham brought to the table certainly looks impressive but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult.  The cooking instructions provided in the magazine are very straightforward.  Also, Kim Coverdale, the Editor of Super Food Ideas magazine includes a list of tips to help you achieve a great result.  There is some terrific advice here on how to score the ham, how many people an 8kg leg of ham will serve, how to glaze the ham while it’s cooking and how to store any leftover ham.

If you haven’t before served a hot glazed ham on Christmas Day, give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.  Pre-order your ham (free-range and nitrate free if possible) from your butcher, then pick up a copy from your Super Food Ideas Subscription and make a decision as to which glaze you will use.  Your guests will be delighted and your Christmas lunch most festive.

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So tell me Wonderful Reader, do you subscribe to cooking magazines and if so, which ones?


  1. Currently I don’t get any, I would love to get paula deens magazine. This Super Food Ideas sounds like an interesting magazin as well!

  2. A nicely glazed ham is a show-stopper when brought out of the kitchen. I’m going to look for that issue of the magazine. Thanks for the heads-up. I really don’t subscribe to any food or gourmet magazines anymore. If a particular issue catches my eye, I’ll download it and read it without having a magazine lying about the house.

  3. I’m doing a ham this year too. Last year I did a goose and that was delicious but I do love a good ham! 🙂

  4. I never read cooking magazines or cook books or anything. John thinks I am appalling. I am growing pigs next year so I shall be doing ham, hanging them in the basement actually! oh dear! c

  5. I subscribe to Martha Stewart…with mixed emotions! She irritates me often. I also am terrible about buying food mags in the grocery store line. I LOVE reading through them…then I put them away and hardly ever make any of the recipes. Waste of money? Probably. But it’s fun!

  6. YA! My email subscription to your blog finally kicked in *dance of joy*

  7. My family always serves ham on Easter, not Christmas, but maybe I’ll start dropping some hints.

  8. I’ve never gotten around to actually glazing the ham, but one of these days …

  9. I always have a glazed ham on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday.

  10. Nothing better than a glazed ham! I would like a subscription for Unique Cars Mag for Christmas.. it was on the web site that you were talking about. Thanks Santa. X

  11. We always have cold ham, but this year I’m doing a glazed Lamb Ham as well. My extended family doesn’t eat pork, so I asked my favourite butcher to cure and smoke a leg of lamb foe me as an experiment, and it was fabulous!
    I subscribe to waaay too many magazines- Donna Hay, Good Food, Feast, Delicious, Master Chef, and (embarrassed) a couple more now and then!
    Luckily for me they are all tax deductable as Trade Journals, so of course they’re fully justifiable 🙂

  12. I just skim through them sometimes. I prefer cookbooks over magazines. It feels more safe and comforting. I loved reading you post 😀

    Do drop by and tell me what you think about my red bean hummus 😀

  13. I’m a magazine addict! All magazines! As for as the food mags, right now I’m loving Cook’s Country and Cooking Light.

  14. i want to get some cooking magazines!

  15. I have never tasted a Chritstmas ham nor ate one before in my life.
    It isn’t a tradition in Belgium at all. I don’t even know if we can get it over here. I prefer game like wild boar or a pheasant!

    • hotlyspiced says:

      I had no idea you couldn’t buy ham in Belgium. I thought ham was available everywhere. On Christmas Day we’re having ham and turkey. Wild boar or pheasant would be very difficult to source here in Australia. I’d be very interested in your recipes for wild boar and pheasant. Have a Merry Christmas Sophie. xx

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