Here Comes the Jogging Career – Again

Do you remember last year when I thought I’d take up jogging so I could run with my little guy in a 10km race?  Well…if you do remember you’ll know how well that worked out.

We ran around Balmoral swimming pool

We ran around Balmoral swimming pool

Balmoral Esplanade

Along Balmoral Esplanade

It’s hard to believe but it’s just four weeks until that race is on again and again, my little guy wants to run.  Even though he couldn’t care less if I ran the race with him (we wouldn’t run together anyway as he’d be way out in front of me), I, for some reason, feel like this is something I’d like to do.

We ran around the jetty

We ran around the jetty

Balmoral Esplanade

All along Balmoral Esplanade

The event organisers have advised that you can get ready for the race by joining one of two jogging groups.  There’s one that meets weekdays at 6am and another with varied training times, none of which have you rising before dawn.  I’ve joined the latter group.

Such a beautiful day

Such a beautiful day

Although the group has been going for some time, my first training session was Friday at the civilised time of 9.30am.  I was first to arrive and all decked out in the Lulu Lemon gear I bought last year but this time, more importantly, I have new joggers and orthotics.  When I turned up to see the physio about the orthotics I was wearing my jogging gear and my new shoes.  He said, ‘You look like a licorice allsort’.  Well I would have liked some shoes that are less bright but I had to buy the narrowest pair they had and it comes in just one colour.

My 'licorice allsort' ensemble

My ‘licorice allsort’ ensemble

Anyway, the trainer turned up as well as a few others and before we took off I gave the trainer my full history that included how I haven’t done any running since the 1980’s and I didn’t spare any details of my former injuries either.  Fifteen minutes later we were off.

Like going on a bush walk

Like going on a bush walk

The trainer was very kind and let us run at a ‘comfortable’ pace which was a polite word for ‘slow’.  He also let us walk up and down the staircases and when we got to a street that was 800mtrs long and a complete vertical climb, we were allowed to walk that as well.  Even so, I was puce in the face and struggling to keep up.  Mind you, we’re having some unbelievably good weather here in Sydney and it was 25C and I was in winter gear and feeling the heat.

A courtesy chair!  No, we weren't allowed to sit on it.

A courtesy chair!  No, we weren’t allowed to sit on it.

As much as I hated every step, I do have to say we were jogging in a very beautiful part of the world and if you are going to run around you may as well do it somewhere scenic.  It does help to take your mind off the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing.   The physio had told me to spend some time getting used to my orthotics which I course I didn’t do, and so as I ran the skin was being rubbed away from under the arch of my feet.  I’m now covered in blisters and bandaids.  Never mind.

Stairs leading to the oval

Stairs leading to the oval

We must have run about 5-6kms at a very slow pace and when we were on the home straight the trainer asked, ‘So how are you finding the session?’  I said, ‘Jogging is like childbirth; the closer you get to the finish line the worse it gets’.  And he said, ‘Well then, as you cross the finish line get ready for the joy and elation that will follow’.

Still waiting.

It's like being in a rain forest

It’s like being in a rain forest

As I walked home I had a really bad sinking feeling about how much work I have to do in the next four weeks.  I couldn’t even run 5kms without stopping and walking and I’m thinking of entering a 10km race?  That just doesn’t seem logical.

So many stairs

So many stairs

Today I’m all stiff and sore.  My next session is 8am tomorrow morning but I have a dinner party tonight and if that goes really, really, really well, I may not be able to drag my aching body out of bed.  Please Lord, let the dinner party go really, really, really well.

Once around the oval

Once around the oval

Just 200 stairs to go!

Just 200 stairs to go!

Is there anyone out there who really enjoys jogging?





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  1. That last photo is how I’d look for a month after that. I walked 20 kilometres last week and I thought I was going to die.

  2. Danielle says:

    Your new jogging shoes are very trendy! Like you I have not jogged since the 80s apart from one 5km charity run (I had to ‘hide’ for half an hour until my red face subsided) and much prefer swimming. But the 9:30 starts do sound much more reasonable than last year and what gorgeous scenery…hoping the dinner party goes really really well!

  3. I hate the first couple of kms, like the middle bit and then want the last kms out of the way as quickly as possible. Does that help?!! I like your runners – no chance of getting run over with those on your feet….

  4. I wish I can join you two in this.. who does not enjoy jogging, running, walking and any kind of exercise. It is hard but worth it and at the end you feel you are really a good girl- but do not give yourself a treat :). Do not give up and go for the 10 . Lovely post

  5. Okay,
    I must say, the last photo is a classic! I LOVE! xx

  6. Good luck … I would under NO circumstances take on that race even if I could walk the full 10 km.

  7. Keep going! Remember when I ran my first 5K a few months back? Now I’m training for a 10K. But it’s going to take me a few months!

  8. Goodness…beautiful scenery! I am not one for jogging, though…it’s so hard on the joints!

  9. I’ve never been one for jogging, but recently I’ve felt I might like to get into it. Hope your dinner party went really well.

  10. I love the shattered photo! You should see my new shoes I think they’re even brighter! Go Charlie. Have to admire your determination and yes at least the scenery is nice.
    I like jogging then I get tired and don’t like it so much.

  11. My Recovering photo would have a large glass of wine featured in it Charlie- though perhaps that’s why I don’t jog in the first place? 🙂
    You are one brave woman indeed sweetie, I hope your shins and feet hold up, and that Alfie is there waiting to catch you at the finish line! Xox

  12. Claudia Sanchez says:

    I know exactly how you feel, silly me said to my daughter that since she is doing the 5km (she is Not a runner) I would also do it. Sounds like you are doing really good training for it! We are just running around the oval! Might want to join you!!!

    • Hi Claudia, yes – join me! Have a look on the website for the training times. I didn’t make it this morning! Next training is 6.30pm Tuesday night.

  13. I’d be looking at another way to bond with the boy if I were you. Does he play Scrabble? That’s a nice sitting down hobby. Mind you – you do look fabulous in that gear!

  14. Go you – hope the blisters have calmed down a little, and you will be easily seen, with those nice bright shoes, have a happy Sunday 🙂

  15. LOL… sorry, Maureen’s comment made me laugh… and this post is a cracker… I did a ‘gentle’ (NOT) 3.6 km walk recently in Orange for Forage… over hill and dale we went, not jogging, walking. At one stage I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Don’t envy you Charlie… but at least you are slim and fit!

  16. G’day! While totally not a fan of jogging, I admire people who do!
    I will look forward to your achieving your goal and being able to jog this year with Alfie!
    Cheers! Joanne

  17. Ha! Ha! Ha! Brilliant photos – but how much ‘acted’? Of course you CAN!! Keep on and then run with Alfie!! Beautiful jogging path – but if you so want, hope you had a super night with your guests 😀 !!

  18. Oh Charlie, I am sorry but your running stories always make me laugh 🙂 I do relate as before I ‘discovered’ running, the notion of running 5km straight was completely alien to me and seemed impossible. I do recommend going slowly and taking walk breaks as it’s surprisingly how quickly you can improve, and if you let yourself go slow / rest, it’s not quiet as aversive as pushing on! These days I adore it, so there’s hope for everyone.

    Your running route looks fantastic and I’m glad you could at least enjoy the scenery!

  19. LOL the last two pics say it all Charlie! I’d say I’d be with you but I’d be lying then 😛

  20. Go, Charlie! Great attire! The jogging path is good because you get to run with a variety of flat and up-and-down surfaces which makes it a great cardio routine. Nice scenery too! Keep it up!

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  21. It will get easier I’m sure, but that was a tough beginning. When I trained (many years ago) for our big Round the Bays run, we had to run for 5 minutes, then walk for 5, and so on, all on the flat. You were certainly thrown in at the deep end – but a lovely route, with shade and that must have been a comfort.

  22. You are crazy and heroic at the same time. And you do look like a liquorice all sort. I admire your tenacity.

  23. Too Funny!, I think you are amazing I wouldn’t even try the run, Id just walk it, so well done you! PS I like the outfit too… Very cute (in the true sense of the word) 🙂

  24. Hahaha.. sorry, but I love the grim look on your face in the last two photos! That’s about how I feel when I run. But I will say, I have such bad knees now I am no longer able to run.. so guess what I wish I could do?? Yes, I wish I could run, so get out there and run for me:D You’ll be awesome!! xx

  25. LOL Love this pics at the end! But you look so cute in your Lulu gear 🙂 You go girl!

  26. Good for you Charlie! It’s only hard when you start. I bet after 2 weeks, you will be in good shape (I mean you already have good “shape” to begin with!). I’ve been exercising for more than 6 months now, yet I still struggle to go to the gym… I’m not a true exercise person I think. I know one day your post will be all about the achievement. Knowing you, you will do just fine! You’re supermom. 🙂 xoxo

  27. See, this is why I jog on my own! The thought of having to keep up with others and pushing myself way out of my comfort zone, well that’s just not going to happen. I do this for fun, not for punishment. Then again, that might also explain why I only jog 5km!
    Have a lovely day Charlie and hope you aren’t too sore today.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  28. I agree with Maureen I’d look like that last photo a month after. Good on you Charlie , it’s a few days since you wrote this so I hope you are still alive

  29. Good luck Charlie! I can’t imagine joining a running group. There’s no way I could keep up. I prefer to go on my own; although I’ve found making Mr. N come along rather helpful. He rides his bike which forces me to try and keep up with him. Interesting question – does anyone really enjoy jogging. I suppose sometimes I do, other times, it’s just a means to an end. (Funny how that end remains elusive though.)

  30. Charlie, you really make me laugh! You are so “all in” with whatever you do–baking a Titanic of a cake, or taking on a jogging challenge with a very short preparation period! Your poor feet. I think that jogging is probably a little more satisfying when you can take your time to build up your stamina, and break in your shoes! 🙂 You’ve found that out the hard way, no doubt. I hope your trainer isn’t too hard on you. A great mother-son activity, but don’t hurt yourself. 🙂 And I do remember the group you trained with last year. I think that explains the personal trainer!

  31. No matter what, you’re styling!! Those stair! Oh my goodness. Are they trying to kill you. High five to you, Charlie! Your survived 🙂

  32. I love to walk and in my head I always think that one day I will jog, but the minute I start doing so, everything hurts. It makes me wonder if that really is good for you. You certainly got a lot further on your first day out than I would! 🙂

  33. Haha… Did you give the physio a sneaky slap for the liquorice allsorts comment? You look fab, absolutely adore the runners. Something about wearing the ‘outfit’ that inspires one to run I say. Gosh you have a beaut place to train, slightly jealous. I love to run, even more when the surrounds are beautiful. High fives Charlie, you are a legend.

  34. Well Done Charlie! I’m so proud you 🙂 It’s going to be tough but if anyone can do it, it’ll definitely be you! Hang in there! The more you jog and run the easier it will get!

  35. Charlie, I saw this post come up on my reader and I was almost too scared to click on it. I can still remember last year! Please take care, but I’m glad to hear you have new orthotics, that should make a big difference! xxx

  36. No to jogging. It should be banned. Love your child birth analogy. I reckon you should walk the 10km, or maybe just do another dinner party the night before.

  37. You cracked me up at the “still waiting” part. Hehe! I don’t so much enjoy running as the feeling I have the rest of the day.

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