Custard Squares

Alfie is under-weight.  I think you might already know that.  I certainly know it.  And last week the little guy was at swim squads and his coach said he wanted to have a word with me.  I know from experience that when someone wants to have ‘a word’, I have every right to become anxious. […]

Rosie Campbells, Surry Hills

Located on the busy restaurant strip of Crown Street in Surry Hills is Rosie Campbell’s, a Jamaican rum bar that opened just a couple of months ago. Situated on the corner of Campbell and Crown Streets, the rum bar appears from the outside to be a Jamaican corner store; especially as the signage says, ‘Campbell’s […]

Riccadonna Italian Sparkling Wines

I am fond of a glass of bubbles so I was only too happy to accept an invitation to attend a lunch celebrating Riccadonna sparkling wines that are made in Italy and are bottled in Piedmont, the region of Italy boarding France and Switzerland. The lunch was held at Salt Meats Cheese in Alexandria and hosted […]

Triple Layer Pavlova

What to do when you have a freezer full of little zip-lock bags containing egg whites.  I don’t know why it is I have so many egg whites but I do. A few days ago we were invited to a friend’s house for some American hamburgers, (he’s from New York and he cooks a great […]

Garlic and Coriander (Cilantro) Paste

In my latest In My Kitchen post, I showed an image of a garlic and coriander paste I made to marinate some pork skewers.  A lot of you showed interest in that paste and asked if I would share the recipe. The recipe comes from a favourite restaurant of mine, Spirit House.  As the restaurant […]

Malabar, Darlinghurst

When it comes to excellent and authentic Indian restaurants, the area of Sydney where I live is a bit of a desert.  Such a shame because I do love Indian cuisine.  However, an opportunity recently presented itself where I was invited to dine at an award-winning Indian restaurant.  I leapt at the chance. Malabar at […]

In My Kitchen, October 2015

When the calendar clocked over to October I realised with alarm that it is now that time of year when I start my Christmas baking.  I’ll just have a few days out on the boat relaxing before I begin soaking dried fruits and nuts for Christmas fare. In my kitchen I have a million lollies. […]

Tropical Cake with Coconut Cream Frosting

As most of you are aware, Miss Arabella has had a birthday.  And while we did have a ‘Queen of the Desert’ party and while I did make a stiletto riding on top of a bus, birthday cake, there was still that issue of a more intimate family celebration. The weather for Miss Arabella’s party […]

Sarong, Seminyak, Bali

Before we left for Bali a couple of friends gave me a list of restaurants we should really try to get to while staying in Seminyak. On our first day in Seminyak we went for a walk along the narrow, treacherous and busy street with virtually no footpath that led from our accommodation.  After about […]

Better Homes & Gardens Live Event

One of Australia’s most successful and endearingly loved magazines is Better Homes and Gardens.  With a circulation of over 300,000/month, it has an extremely loyal following.  While the magazine is successful enough to stand on its own merits, it is certainly benefiting and remaining in the spotlight from the outstanding success of the Better Homes […]