In My Kitchen, August 2014

In My Kitchen I have nothing from New York.  After shopping for clothes and shoes I had a baggage crisis and couldn’t fit in anything for my kitchen.  So many must-haves had to be returned to the shelves.  But I’m planning another trip so I can bring back all the homewares I fell in love with at Anthropology.

It's not what you think - it's a truffle

It’s not what you think – it’s a truffle

In My Kitchen I have a black truffle that was given to my husband by his brother when he visited him in Canberra while I was overseas.  I’m sure you’re all aware that truffles cost about the same as diamonds and this fairly small truffle cost around $50.00.  I have grated it into softened butter to make a truffle butter which will become the main flavour in a sauce I’m making for Pasta with Truffle Butter Sauce.

Truffle butter

Truffle butter

In My Kitchen I have Gary Mehigan‘s new cookbook, Favourites.  I attended the Sydney launch of the cookbook that was held at Bathers Pavilion.

Gary Mehigan, Favourites

Gary Mehigan, Favourites

Gary signed the book for me.  I was going to share a photo of me with my arm around Gary but I look too dreadful.  In my defence I had only landed in Sydney two hours before the event started.  It just goes to show that flying economy makes you ugly.

I’ve flipped through the book and came to a standstill when I saw the recipe for Sticky Braised Pork Ribs with Lime.  That’s definitely the first recipe I’ll be cooking.

'Cook, eat and live well'

‘Cook, eat and live well’

In My Kitchen I have curry packs sent to me by The Spice Tailor by Anjum Anand.  Each pack contains three separate packets; one containing the spices, another the base sauce and the third, the sauce.  All you need to make authentic Indian curries at home is provided except for your choice of meat or vegetable.  I’m looking forward to making the mellow keralan coconut curry, the zingy mangalore herb curry and the rustic rogan josh.  For more inspiration there are additional recipes on their website and you can order their products on-line as well.

Curry mixes from The Spice Tailor by Anjum Anand

Curry mixes from The Spice Tailor by Anjum Anand

In My Kitchen I have a book, Bake, Eat, Love by Anneka Manning that I won on Lizzy’s blog.  Anneka has signed the book for me and told me this is my invitation to bake!  I’ve had a look through the book and while I thought it was to contain recipes and photographs, it’s actually a book rather than a cookbook.

Anneka Manning's, Bake, Eat, Love

Anneka Manning’s, Bake, Eat, Love

Anneka runs a Bake Club out of the Flash of the Pan Studios in Rosebery where you can attend her small-group baking classes.

'This is your invitation to bake'

‘This is your invitation to bake’

In My Kitchen I have food colour gels sent to me by the Queen company that are new on the market.  I will be sharing a recipe on how I’ve used them early next week.

Queen's new range of food colour gels

Queen’s new range of food colour gels

On My Couch I have Ruby and Rosie.  They’re not dead, they just look like it.  Now in the winter of their lives, they spend a lot of time sleeping.  They suffered from anxiety while I was overseas (Carl says that’s nonsense), but they did.  Their tummies have settled down now and there have been no incidents since I arrived home.

Not dead, just asleep

Not dead, just asleep

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  1. Hi Charlie, You hardly need an invitation to bake- I have witnessed many of your bakes and cooking over the last year. Now let’s get down to basics- i want that truffle. How delightful that you have featured such a wonderful thing up fron and first.

  2. G’day! What a very special trip to New York for you and your daughter Charlie!
    Got to love cookbooks, especially Gary’s!
    Love your truffle recipe!
    Thanks for this month’s kitchen view too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  3. “flying economy makes you ugly” is a golden line, i need to use it when i ask for an upgrade next time!

  4. Love Truffles 🙂 I can’t wait for that recipe… And thanks for reminding me about In My Kitchen This month… I can’t believe it has come around again so quickly! I have Gary’s first book (signed) “Comfort Food”, so many great recipes that I make all the time! Liz x

  5. what! no new york purchases! I was all excited to see what you had bought. I only buy clothes on holidays to wrap chinawear in to minimise breakages 🙂

    That truffle butter sounds lovely – did you feel compelled to use a really good butter to match the truffles preciousness? And the gels and curry packs sound interesting. Enjoy cooking from your new books (if there are recipes in the second!)

  6. Maybe the image of your darling dogs should have been positioned below or above the truffle photo. Then we all would have been wondering…

  7. If there is one plus to not fitting kitchen items in your suitcase on this trip, it is having an excuse to return to America! Your new cookbooks look great, and extra special for having them both signed. I am impressed you were at a cookbook signing 2 hours off a plane, never mind looking your best (or otherwise). I suspect I would have been at home looking like your girls instead!

  8. Love, love, love the photo of your pups… always pups, isn’t that right?

    I also have a dog who is 15.5 years old, and he sleeps a lot, poor thing… but he is still happy and so are we that we still have him around

  9. ooops, forgot to mention, my heart missed a beat with that truffle… WOW! I’ve never been near a real fresh truffle, only from a safe distance (afraid they would charge me 😉

    and I am a huge Anthropologie fan…. lots of stuff available on ebay, actually

  10. I knew it was a truffle as soon as I saw the black object on that lovely plate (wants plate). 🙂

    Rogan josh … looking forward to it as it’s a lamb dish I’ve always wanted to try.

    I swear your girls are channeling models cause they always take the cutest poses for you.

  11. What a lovely post, so nice to see what’s in your kitchen. Perhaps I’ll do one next week when I have shopping for five days of photoshoots in my kitchen! I’m glad you had a good time in NYC that you want to come back. When you do, please let us know well in advance so we can try to meet up there!

  12. What a shame that there was no room for kitchen goods in your bag. I’m excited to see how you used the colour gels. I’ve never eaten truffle!

  13. I love the plate the truffle and truffle butter is on. Oh and that truffle! My suitcase is groaning with Marmite and English mustard and I’m wondering how I’ll find the room for the Malteasers and wine gums – maybe in the hand luggage?!

  14. Hahaha! You are so funny Charlie…I would love to have truffle in my kitchen…truffle butter…yum!
    The picture of the of the dos are so cute…
    Have a wonderful weekend 😀

  15. Charlie, what a start to your post – truffles! The butter looks delish, as I’m sure your pasta will taste! I’ve heard really good things about those Anjum Anand spice mixes – look forward to hearing what you think of them. And I’m sure your girls were traumatised by your absence – without you and Arabella at home, they were probably missing the cuddles and attention! 🙂

  16. I sure wish I could get a diamond that size for fifty dollars Charlie! Mind you, I’d probably be more excited by the truffle though 🙂 I bet the girls haven’t let you out of their sight since you got back, they certainly look very content indeed. Lots of other yumminess and cool stuff going on in your kitchen, looking forward to see what comes of it all xox

  17. May I have Ruby and Rosie first and that gorgeous truffle second 🙂 ? OK – Gary second, truffle third – really have to ‘do’ something about his book 😀 !!!!

  18. Loving that truffle! It’s one of the things that I look forward to most in Winter. There isn’t much else apart from rich food, boots and coats that I like about winter 😛

  19. Your kitchen is certainly full of life!

  20. I love Anjum Anand’s recipes so I’m sure the spices will be a hit. So much to buy, so little room in suitcases.

  21. Ruby and Rosie are beautiful. I am sure they missed their mom on this trip. Truffle Butter!?! Wow, I will be right over for dinner.

  22. Love the look of the new cookbooks but I can’t believe nothing came back for the kitchen from your trip … next time you’ll have to take an empty suitcase!

  23. like you need an invitation to bake!!

  24. I love seeing what is in your kitchen. Sorry though, that you didn’t have time to purchase a few goodies from Citarella’s or Zabar’s in NYC–you would have loved them. Mind you, shoes and clothes are nice. I bought my favorite pair of boots ever from Anthropologie recently–the best!

  25. I’ll certainly be using the economy makes you ugly line – a lot!! How fabulous to have a beautiful truffle. I’ve seen lots of tweets about Gary Mehigan’s book but it isn’t available here so I wasn’t sure what it was about. Looks like you’re going to be busy in your kitchen. GG

  26. Looks like you have enough in your kitchen without bringing anything home. The spice tailor curries are very delicious. Poor little girls they panicked without you hope Alfie faired better!

  27. Not sure if I ever want to try truffle as I have a definite idea in my head of how its going to taste. Would be very disappointed if it didn’t fit the bill. Stunning plate its presented on!

  28. Charlie, wow, what an IMK post – a truffle! I have never tasted a truffle – sad I know!
    Even though you didn’t bring anything back for your kitchen this trip, you have wonderful treasures.
    Have a beautiful week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  29. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen, Charlie. A truffle sure makes a nice gift. How fortunate to have one and what a great idea to make truffle butter with some of it. How you found the energy to go to a book signing after that flight home is beyond me. When I arrived home, I had my dinner delivered and went straight to bed afterward. Unless the author made house calls, there would be no book signings for me. 🙂

  30. Oh my that truffle and the truffle butter looks divine!!!

  31. mmm truffle butter- intriguing. i have tried truffle oil and truffle salt and never really understood the fuss. Perhaps totally different when fresh?

  32. Lucky you to have had that beautiful truffle in your kitchen.

  33. Ruby and Rosie are just beautiful. Give them a stroke from me. Truffle butter sounds amazing, I have never tried it. Those food colour gels look like fun too. Hope you enjoy my IMK too. Emma.

  34. You have loads of goodies in your kitchen Charlie. Your truffle butter sounds (and I bet smelled) amazing.

  35. We had truffle butter on simple roasted potatoes last night. It was amazing. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours. I love the look of those curry packs.

  36. Charlie, as usual, your post left me in stitches! (The good kind.) I’m suffering from severe truffle envy at this moment, so please forgive me from coherently commenting on the rest.

    P.S. Your pooches photo made me smile… they love you so! I’m certain Carl does, too. 😉

  37. I’m so jealous of your truffle… I’m looking forward to making a truffle butter in the Thermomix, but I need some fresh truffle…. I hunting I will go 🙂 Liz xx

  38. I know exactly what you mean Charllie I wanted to buy so much more from NYC last time i went last time Sur La Table OMG OMG OMG I can live there hehe 🙂
    Hmmm truffle butter sounds so good to me!! Too expensive to buy otherwise I would definitely get some 🙂

    Oh oh oh I’ll need to keep an eye out for the Food Gel !!

  39. I wondered how the girls would fare while you were away. I’m glad things are back to normal. That truffle butter looks really swish!

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