In My Kitchen, July 2015

In my kitchen I have a lot of goodies brought back from Bali but first, I have a few things that haven’t done as many miles.

Rock pool, Ayana

Beautiful Bali

In my kitchen I have a beautiful purple ‘purse’ that was given to me by my friend, Lindy.  Yes, the box has been a little chewed by Rosie but was rescued before she got to the contents.  Inside the box are two sets of dark chocolate shoes.  I thought the packaging of these chocolate treats was gorgeous.

'Handbag' containing 'shoes'

‘Handbag’ containing ‘shoes’

In my kitchen I have a box of rainbow tagliatelle given to me by Arabella, just because.  It almost looks too good to eat but I’ll make a ragu and serve it with this pretty pasta.  The tagliatelle comes from Salt Meats Cheese and their new store opened within walking distance of our house yesterday.

Rainbow tagliatelle

Rainbow tagliatelle

As well as selling a lot of gourmet produce and having a wine bar, they also do cooking classes.

Pretty pasta

Pretty pasta

In my kitchen I have new place mats.  I bought a dozen of these at the markets in Ubud, Bali.  All my other sets require washing and ironing; these will only require a quick wipe.

New placemats

New placemats

In my kitchen I have tea light candle holders I bought in the same markets at Ubud.  They are covered in shell and have good neutral tones.

Tea light candle holders

Tea light candle holders

In my kitchen I have a small curved platter and two little bowls with serving spoons.  I bought these at the Ubud Markets and they are made from coconut wood.  They were very inexpensive and I thought they’d be useful in the Hotly Spiced kitchen.

Serving plate and little bowls made from coconut wood

Serving plate and little bowls made from coconut wood

In my kitchen I have six red tea light candle holders.  I bought these in a homewares store in Seminyak, Bali.  I thought the colour would be perfect for Christmas entertaining.

Red tea light candle holders

Red tea light candle holders

In my kitchen I have wooden candlesticks I bought from the same homewares store in Seminyak.  I think they go well with our wooden outdoor table and new placemats.  They’re are a good height so when you’re sitting at the table the candle is above your eye-line.



In my kitchen I have Arabella who has had three surgeries this year and has been on crutches since February 22.  The straight-leg brace was removed this week and she is now in this new adjustable contraption which over time, will give her more and more movement in her knee.  She is now having physiotherapy and hydrotherapy twice a week and so far has only cried once.

Arabella's latest contraption

Arabella’s latest contraption

In my kitchen I have Barnaby.  He’s our new lodger and he’s visiting for three weeks while his family tours Europe.  He’s settled in well and has taken a shine to Rosie although at best, she’s regarding him with contempt.  All over, Barnaby is as black as the ace of spades so he’s very challenging to photograph but I did manage to snap this one of him sitting up in my car where you can actually make out his eyes.



Barnaby’s very talented and has springs in his legs that he uses to elevate himself into the best positions in the house.  His favourite is rocketing himself onto my bed then building a nest with my pillows!  His family told us he sleeps in his own bed but I think they were tricking!  Every morning we wake up to find our bed is a little more crowded.  He is a lovely fellow who is keeping us very entertained and it’s so nice to once again have two dogs in the house.  He reminds me a lot of Maureen’s dog, Charlie although they are different colours.

By all means, make yourself at home.

By all means, make yourself at home.

That’s what’s happening in my kitchen this month.  If you’d like to do an IMK post, please link up with Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

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  1. Oh I ADORE the coconut wood serving plate and bowl. Gorgeous.
    And those candlesticks, wow, so pretty. On the hunt for some for a friend, might have to take a long weekend and visit Seminyak.
    Barnaby is adorable, I am absolutely puppy crazy at the moment. Give him a cuddle for me. 🙂
    Looks like you have some rather amazing things in your kitchen.
    Hope you are well and surviving the cold. Happy hellos from Canberra. xo

  2. Poor Arabella. Being in crutches all this time is not pleasant. I hope that when they finally come off she’ll be careful and not injure herself again.

    There are so many beautiful (red tea candle holders and wooden candlesticks) and tasty items (coloured tagliatelle and of course the chocolate shoes) in your kitchen this month. Your visitor is really making himself at home. I can understand why Rosie may not be happy … I bet there’s more than a bit of jealousy behind that contempt for this invader in her home.

  3. Danielle says:

    Barnaby is adorable! Feeling for Arabella, she has really been through the wars this year, I hope she is on the home stretch of healing. Love your Bali haul, especially the candlesticks.

  4. Oh, Barnaby is verrrrrrrrrry cute – no wonder Rosie’s nose is out of joint – mind she is also verrrrrrrrrry cute too but this a boy. Our Zac wouldn’t stand for it:-)

  5. What beautiful things you bought in Bali. I love the mats, & the candle holders & little coconut bowls. Your household is never dull.

  6. Lovely haul from Bali! Excited about SMC being on this side of the bridge, can’t wait to check it out!

  7. The rainbow tagliatelle is so pretty! I’ve never seen pasta like it. 🙂

  8. Poor Miss A – that is a really long time to be on crutches and out of action. Mind you I bet you’re hearing all about it 🙂 Love your Bali haul – will you be having a Christmas in July? The red candle holders may get used before December…..

  9. I love alr treasures from Bali. I bought some placemats as a gift for a friend but didn’t buy much else when we were there, unfortunately. I could have spent a fortune. I love your candlesticks, they’re perfect. I hope you enjoy your lovely guest, he looks fluffy and fun. GG

  10. What wonderful additions to your kitchen. I especially like those wooden candlesticks. Poor Arabella. She’s had quite the year. And, my is Barnaby adorable. You won’t want to send him home.

  11. Such treasures from Bali! And that Barnaby is a hoot! Yes, it’s hard to photograph a black pup. And I’m glad to see Arabella’s recovery is advancing. Poor girl. As a bonus, she DOES have good taste in pasta 🙂

  12. I can’t believe Arabella’s knee issues go back to February. It hardly seems that long ago. I can’t imagine being laid up that long. I’m impressed that she’s only cried once with therapy. That stuff can be rough! I also love that she bought you pasta just because. Great stuff in your kitchen this month. I particularly like the shell tea light candle holders. Gorgeous!! And it’s got to be fun to have little reminders of Bali around. I like to buy things after trips that I can have in the house as reminders. 🙂

  13. Those candlesticks are beautiful and the packaging of those chocolates is great. How sweet of Arabella to buy you the rainbow pasta too – it is almost too beautiful to eat. I really feel for her with so many months of crutches / bandages / surgery and she is clearly being a trooper with her recovery now.

    Barnaby sounds like just the thing to round out your chaotic but fun-filled house!

  14. Those chocolate shoes in that little purple purse, are just gorgeous! And so are all the knick knacks you picked up on your travels! Hoping Arabella is doing better soon and fully crutch-less sooner than later! The poor gal, she has had a tough year so far!

  15. Fun and useful items from Bali! What a cute doggie Barnaby is…too bad he hasn’t been well received by Rosie.

  16. How exciting to have goodies from your Bali trip. Just one thing – did you declare the placemats? Mum bought some exactly the same when we went to Bali years ago and when we went through customs they tapped them and all these little lice things fell out. She only declared a couple thinking they’d be fine so when we got home she threw them all in a garbage bag and fumigated them then washed them. Still no ironing involved though.
    Poor Arabella. She really has had a rough time with that knee!

  17. I love visiting your kitchen, Charlie. Always fun–especially your delightful haul from Bali. Poor Arabella–this has been a very long time. Am glad she is getting better and better. As for Barnaby…maybe Rosie will grow to love him as your readers already do! (P.S. I tried to comment a week or so ago on your Bali trip but was rejected–not sure why, but wanted you to know. I promise I didn’t say anything remotely inappropriate!!!)

  18. Looks like you did well in Bali! I had some of those dear little coconut bowls with the spoons, but lost the spoons. Perhaps I should go back for more?

  19. Love your Bali ‘haul’, especially those very simple but elegant placemats and the beautiful tall candlesticks: have a pair very similar from one of the African republics methinks. . . . . the pasta is so pretty, Arabella’s ‘contraption’ obviously uncomfortable . . .

  20. Iknow you have some beautiful things there in your kitchen Charlie but my favourite is Barnaby and if I am very honest that little chewed handbag because I am imagining it being wrestled from Rosie LOL. My God Arabella’s leg!!!

  21. It is always fun to get new props! I can’t wait to see the dish that you decide to make to go in those beautiful coconut plates… don’t forget the sauces and the dips… maybe a satay… Poor Arabelle and poor mom. I know it is a pain being on crutches for that long and it is pain for mom’s to hear about all of their discomfort they are having during the process. Take care

  22. I love everything you bought in Bali – bet it was tempting to buy loads of inexpensive lovely things.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  23. Your pasta looks like it belongs on the golden table of a fairy princess. So pretty. And Barnaby is as cute a s a button.

  24. Loving your Bali haul and those chocolate shoes are right up my alley. Barnaby is very sweet. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen and I hope A heals soon.

  25. Oh dear Arabella has not been having a good run of it has she? Lovely Bali purchases and I always love the Charbonnel & Walker packaging. Their truffle boxes look like old fashioned powder puff canisters.

  26. You made some very nice purchase, Charlie. I bought some little coconut wood pieces in Kauai this year and I haven’t yet used them, but I just loved the look of them, and you’re correct–surprisingly inexpensive. Barnaby is adorable and I’m glad that Rosie has a little visitor, even if at this point she isn’t sure she wants this particular company! 🙂

    Thank you for a little update on Arabella’s progress. I’ve wondered and been concerned–this is such a long recovery period for one so young and active. If she has only recently cried just once, she’s being very brave. I hope she continues steady improvement. ox

  27. Oh Charlie, that is a very dangerous spot to have opened up just down the road…if it was me I would have to limit my budget otherwise I would be there every day! I love all you Bali goodies particularly the candelabras, they are beautiful! It’s so nice of you to dog sit for your friends… They are very fortunate to have someone so loving looking after their precious one. Thanks for sharing! Liz xxx

  28. Rainbow pasta! how interesting! I wonder how they make that? Lovely that the store is within walking distance for you! Cheers Charlie, and happy IMK’ing. Kirsty

  29. I.
    especially the pretty pasta.
    OMGOSH, I’ve never witnessed anything like that before.
    And your Barnaby is a super star. xxx

  30. LOVE the haul from Bali, the pasta and the dog! I hope your daughter gets used to her new contraption soon too! Karen

  31. What wonderful treasures Charlie!! Especially love those little bowls with the spoons, super cute and I can see salt and chilli in them if I had them….bless Arabella – I hope they didn’t burn the house down!!! Jan x

  32. Lovely goodies i your kitchen, those coconut wood dishes look very tactile. Enjoy your little temporary addition, what a cutie!

  33. Love your placemats and your candlesticks Charlie!
    That pasta always makes me smile as it is a fun additional to any recipe!
    Thanks for this month’s kitchen view also!

  34. Bali is such a wonderful place and love all your beautiful purchases which of course are memories too. Hope Arabella recovers soon and I am sure it has not being easy for her. 🙂

  35. Oh no! I hope Arabella continues to get better!

    Love your Bali goodies- especially the placemats and wooden bowls – I am a sucker from homeware! xx

  36. Looks like you had a fantastic time in Bali! I just love your Mother of Pearl tealight candle holders – I’m sure they reflect the light beautifully. My favourites are you gorgeous coconut wood platter, bowls & serving spoons – did you have to declare them through customs? I’m always worried about bringing ‘wood’ items back from Thailand! And that rainbow tagliatelle looks amazing – must get me some next visit to Sydney 😉 Always love your goodies in your kitchen Charlie #IMK x


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