In My Kitchen, March 2014

In my kitchen I have a box of goodies from uTaste which is part of the Good44 website.

A u-taste selection

A u-taste selection

uTaste is a site you can subscribe to and for $29.00/month you’re sent a selection of gourmet goodies from producers in Australia and New Zealand.  This can include wines, chocolates, fudge, crackers, condiments, ciders and much more besides.  Here is the selection of goodies uTaste sent me…

In my kitchen, to help me start my day, I have tea.  This tea is from Cairns Highlands Tea, a company in Australia’s Far North Queensland.  This flavour is Misty Mountains Tea and is an elegant and fine leafed tea grown on the hills in the hinterland of Cairns.  The tea is 100% Australian and has delicate aromas and is a lovely way to step into the day.

Cairns Highlands Tea

Cairns Highlands Tea

In my kitchen and after my cup of tea, I have muesli.  This muesli is from Farmer Jo which is a company of muesli and breakfast lovers.  This muesli, that’s packaged as an individual serving, is burnt fig and cinnamon almond toasted muesli.  As soon as I lifted the lid I fell in love with the aroma of maple syrup and cinnamon and started eating it with my fingers as a snack.  It’s full of chunky bits of goodness so there’s great texture and crunch – my kind of muesli.

Farmer Jo's Burnt Fig and Cinnamon Almond Toasted muesli

Farmer Jo’s Burnt Fig and Cinnamon Almond Toasted muesli

In my kitchen I have Spreyton Cider.  This cider is made from 100% Tasmanian apples and pears, with the majority grown on their own orchards in the stunningly beautiful Mersey Valley.  They make a range of ciders using traditional methods and this cider is called ‘Perry’.  Unlike soft drinks that I find to be sickly sweet, this cider is crisp and refreshing with distinct apple and pear flavours while not being overpowered by sweetness.

Pure Spreyton Cider

Pure Spreyton Cider

In my kitchen I have rosemary lavash by Baylies of Strathalbyn.  This company is from Adelaide in South Australia and they make gourmet goodies like cakes and biscuits and confectionary.  I loved the lavosh and served it with a cheese platter.  The rosemary flavour was there without being overpowering and the lavosh crunchy without being brittle.

Baylies Rosemary Lavosh

Baylies Rosemary Lavosh

In my kitchen I have tomato and red capsicum relish from Cunliffe & Waters.  This company makes some of the finest preserves in the country.  This relish has a great aroma and I loved it so much I ate it on its own and just spooned it straight from the jar.  It’s not too acidic and is slightly sweet and is wonderful on a cracker with cheese.

Cunliffe Waters Tomato & Red Capsicum Relish

Cunliffe Waters Tomato & Red Capsicum Relish

In my kitchen I have vegetable stock from The Stock Merchant.  This stock is made in Sydney and in the traditional way – there is no added salt, flavour enhancers, gluten, preservatives or additives.  This vegetable stock is made using market-fresh vegetables that are slowly simmered for at least eight hours.  If you love good quality stocks and don’t have time to make your own, this is the brand you should look out for.  I’m looking forward to using this to make a vegetarian risotto.

The Stock Merchant's Traditional Vegetable Stock

The Stock Merchant’s Traditional Vegetable Stock

For $29.00 per month you can subscribe to uTaste and every month they will send you a selection of all the best Australia and New Zealand is producing.

u-Taste Selection

u-Taste Selection

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  1. Bugger was hoping you could get it in New Zealand….. what a neat way to try different things, that you might not normally buy 🙂

  2. Bear and I started trying out all sorts of Aussie grown teas this year. 🙂 It’s been so fun discovering new ones that are so delicious and fragrant. 🙂

  3. What a good idea is this, some lovely products here.

  4. A very interesting assortment of goodies to play with especially that cider.

  5. I love how the uTaste kit comes with all local ingredients! Such a fun way to try new things from new vendors.

  6. It sure is a lovely way to sample things. I always have a cup of camomile tea first thing, I love its delicate flavours too. The lavash looks great too, and I really like the sound of that granola too. Such a lovely post Charlie! I must get around to participating in this great idea.

  7. Sounds like a fun monthly surprise. Reminds me of grab bags from my youth. A certain air of mystery…

  8. What a steal! Amazing products! I want to be in your kitchen. If things go according to plan, I might start doing my own ‘In My Kitchen’ soon. I have a few things in the works hopefully!! Stay tuned…. 😉 xo

  9. Hi Charlie 🙂 Sorry haven’t visited for a while have been spending so much time with family and friends that I haven’t really had time to be at home and check my emails and of course read the blogs I love! Aww this post kind of makes me want to resign up to Utaste because I signed up for it a while ago but then kind of found I wasn’t finishing all the food so wanted to stop for a while but seems like I’m totally missing out!

  10. Looks like you have a lot of delicious things in your kitchen! The tea sounds great!

  11. Now this sounds like an amazing deal for $29! Since I am not aware of any such fantastic offer for 29 bucks here in Georgia/USA (and I am sick of the cold) – Im hopping a plane and coming over! Save me some of those rosemary lavash! 🙂

  12. This looks like a great service – I’d love to have such tasty goodies delivered to my kitchen!

  13. —Charlie,
    thank you for allowing me to peek inside your kitchen.

    How Fun!!!! Xxx

  14. What a brilliant package they sent you. The muesli sounds scrumptious as does the cider.
    Have a happy day Charlie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  15. What a great idea! It would be a really good present for a foodie friend too. Love the selection!

  16. That stock looks good. Nothing better than a real stock in the pantry or freezer.

  17. How very interesting, Charlie… I know a few of those lines, but not all. Thank you for the introduction!

  18. What an interesting service! I think I’d like to choose the items I was getting though for that price 🙂

  19. I love this delicious muesli, it looks like an awesome care package 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  20. Wow. Sounds like a great idea and only $29 a month. So many interesting things to try. Mmmm might have to give this a go!

  21. That’s some package to receive every month, Charlie. I realize that the contents will vary but that’s a good thing. It’s a great way to learn about new, locally produced items and at $29.00, it’s a steal.

  22. Now that’s a happy package to receive once a month 🙂

  23. Man, I wish I was a fancy enough blogger to be sent free things like this. Burnt fig muesli yes!

  24. And just like that I suddenly have a huge craving for apple cider instead of ginger beer! Great goodie bag Charlie! Pretty good value too! I got the chicken stock in the same brand the other day from my local deli and from memory that alone was about $8, almost a third of the cost of the whole thing

  25. Australia never ceases to amaze me! I didn’t know you grew tea! Such a lovely box of local goodies to get and for quite a reasonable price. Everything looks wonderful

  26. G’day YUP Charlie, I have it sorted, true!
    I will just have to come live in your kitchen…maybe next month but enjoyed this month’s kitchen view!
    Cheers! Joanne

  27. uTaste sounds like a fantastic concept. I do think Queensland teas have a certain oomph to them too – just the thing with which to start the day.

  28. That’s like getting a surprise present every month. I think I’d like that.

  29. Lucky you charlie you have the whole day covered. Looks like a good value hamper

  30. What fun items! Thanks for sharing!

  31. What a great package to look forward to every month! Nice mix of goodies. That veggie stock sounds great!

  32. What a nice bundle of goodies! Especially like that stock – I’ve been given that brand before, and it’s superb!

  33. I love all the goodies you’ve shared with us! I start my day with tea, too, but have a feeling I won’t find your brand in my market! Hope you make your meringue-jam-coconut squares soon…they sound amazing 🙂

  34. How lovely to receive all those goodies every month.

  35. Love that you’re introducing us to all these new good treats! I’m hungry now… 🙂

  36. What a fun deal that is, a happy surprise of tastes to try. Rosemary crackers are a top favorite for me and it seems they go with just about anything, especially sharp cheeses and spiced meats. What a treat to get a peek into your kitchen!

  37. the uTaste kit sounds like a lot of fun! All the good stuff you get to sample. I want one of everything that’s in your kitchen this month! 😉 Fun post — thanks.

  38. Lots of yummies indeed Charlie! Id love to sign up if I knew it was food I could safely eat,I love this type of surprise 🙂 xox

  39. Glad I didn’t miss my favorite series. 🙂 uTaste sounds fun. I love surprises. I’m not sure what to do if I get some food I don’t want, but I assume they will pick general items that most people enjoy. I still like the surprise and the excitement of opening the package part. 🙂

  40. All of these products look wonderful. The tomato relish is especially interesting!

  41. You really do have access to just the most interesting ingredients. I love the sound of the Australian tea the most–very intriguing.

  42. Gosh, I learned a new thing… I had no idea that tea was grown and produced in Australia… I’d always assumed it was a China, Japan, India kind of thing… but Australia? Who’d have thought? Wonder what it’s like… do you drink it with milk or plain?

  43. I love those selection boxes. You get to find some great products you wouldn’t normally buy. You have made me want to start getting them again. Thanks.

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