Jogging isn’t Safe and it’s Expensive

What I gained from my second excursion with the jogging group was the flu and laryngitis.  That shut me up for a good five days and during that time it occurred to me that I didn’t have enough warm clothes for all this jogging caper.  Back I went to the burglars up at Lulu Lemon (I know I should find a cheaper place to shop but they’ve put that store a 50mtr level walk from where I live).  I found a long-sleeved top in lilac that is such a pretty colour for winter and then I found a lime-coloured sweatshirt with fleecy lining and a hood to keep my head warm and it was so snuggly I put that on Carl’s credit card too.  I was now fully decked out except for a new pair of jogging shoes.

In my boots you wouldn't suspect there was any issue with my ankles/legs.  (And Alfie took this photo of me!)

In my boots you wouldn’t suspect there was any issue with my ankles/legs. (And Alfie took this photo of me!)

As I have previously mentioned, all this effort and expense is so I can run with Alfie in a 10km race being held at his school this Sunday.  The two other race options are the 2km or the 5km races but Alfie is insisting on competing in the most punishing event of the day.  Last Sunday I decided to put that discussion to bed.  I told Alfie we would walk the course.  ‘We’re just going to walk it so you have an understanding of how far 10kms is’.

Carl said he would follow us in his Mustang then Archie heard the word ‘Mustang’ so he wanted to come too and told his father he would drive so his father could enjoy the passenger seat.  So kind!  And then I thought it had been a while since the dogs had enjoyed an outing so they were lifted onto the backseat and then we were ready to prove to Alfie that 10kms is a very long way.

When we arrived at the starting point, Alfie asked, ‘Can we just start with running?’ and I thought there could be no harm in that so I agreed.  He took off like he’d been shot out of a canon and I was quickening my pace to keep up especially as I was also behind the Mustang that was emitting a lot of fumes.

The perils of jogging

The perils of jogging

I ran on and on, doing my best to keep up with my eight-year old son who seems to be able go on and on and on with no difficulty whatsoever, while Archie sat behind the wheel of the Mustang yelling things out like, ‘Oh come on mum, try and keep up’, and, ‘Don’t let him get too far in front of you’, and, ‘You reckon you can finish?’

Well an hour and five minutes later, Alfie finished the course.  He had run all the way without any complaints and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Out of necessity I also ran the entire course.  It was the longest run of my life.

My theory that this would deter Alfie (who was now more excited by the race than before), totally backfired.

That night I agreed to register both of us for the 10km event.

Sorry about the stain on the couch - that was Alfie playing with a permanent marker!

Sorry about the stain on the couch – that was Alfie playing with a permanent marker!

The next morning I couldn’t walk.  At least, not on my right leg.  My ankle was so sore I couldn’t flex my foot.  Monday was a public holiday so I limped around thinking I just needed to get my foot strapped and then I’d be right.  On Tuesday I went to a physio who said it was Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (shin splints) that I have in both legs because of excessive pronation from dropped arches and that I should have worn better shoes and bought orthotics.  Here’s the lesson:  When taking up jogging, good shoes with arch support are more important than pretty outfits from Lulu Lemon.

So the physio treated my leg then strapped it and said I needed to come back today for new strapping so I’d be ready for the race.

I went back to the physio today and he asked me how I’ve been and I told him it’s been extremely painful and that I haven’t been able to walk without limping and could he fix it because the race is on in two sleeps.  He examined my right leg and diagnosed a stress fracture.  ‘You’re out of the race, Charlie.  You need at least six weeks of resting that leg’.

I cried all the way home.

There’s also a chance this afternoon I bumped into the school’s principal and when telling her the story I burst into tears.  She said, ‘I think you need a hug’, and threw her arms around me.  I think it’s the antibiotics.  Or alcohol withdrawal.  Adding to the flu, laryngitis, shin splints and the stress fracture is a gastro bug I’ve had for over a week (hence no food on the blog as I’m not eating anything).  I’m on strong antibiotics so I’m not allowed my very medicinal glass of wine.

At least the pedicure's up to date

At least the pedicure’s up to date

I know I didn’t stand a chance of winning with the elite runners expected to run the course in half the time it would take me, and I knew that finishing after an hour means I probably had a good chance of being the last place-getter but I still wanted to run.  It was something Alfie and I were going to do together and as he is the youngest entrant in the event and in all likelihood the least experienced, I thought he could do with some support.

And this is why jogging is expensive.  Adding to the Lulu Lemon purchases I now have physio fees, new shoes to purchase, orthotics to buy and a non-refundable entry fee into an event I’ll be watching from the sidelines.

Alfie has heard the news and he said, ‘Don’t worry mum, that’s okay; I’ll be all right’.

He’s such a trooper.

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  1. Girlonaswing says:

    You really are the funniest person I know. And I feel so bad that I’m laughing when you’re in so much pain.

  2. oh no what a poop!
    Glad to hear I’m not the only mum who can’t keep up with my 8 yr old running either!
    I hope you feel better soon & that your legs/feet/whatever bit to call it recovers quickly 🙂

  3. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon it sounds like you’re having a bit of a time of it at the moment! well done for running 10k off the bat! it took me months to be able to do that!

  4. Omg Charlie I m so worried are you ok? Do you feel better? Poor you! All you wanted to do was run with Alfie and you have been trying so hard! It’s ok! There is always next time! No more running!!! Just rest and cover please!!! Take good care of yourself!!

  5. Oh no! my goodness – I hate to say it …..shhhh….don’t tell the kids……..I think its old age! 🙂 I don’t know about Alfie but you are such a trooper!! So glad Carl’s credit card got a workout though:)

  6. oh Charlie!! I too, had a giggle at your expense. At least your toe nails look good! xx

  7. I love Alfie! What a level headed kid you’ve got.

    So sorry to hear about the fracture. I worried you were overdoing things a bit. Your poor feet look pretty sad. 🙁

  8. UGHHHH as someone who has had TWO stress fractures, I am so sorry. But just FYI, you can’t actually diagnose a stress fracture without an MRI…and if you DO have one, you really need to put no weight on it AT ALL for at least two weeks (crutches are key), no weight-bearing exercise for six weeks and no running for 12 weeks. otherwise…it could take MONTHS to heal. Lots of months. Like…almost a year. And yes I’m speaking from personal experience.

  9. Wow, that totally bites. All of it. The flu, the shin splints, stress fracture and no food. The best part is your kid. What an awesome young man.

  10. Oh Charlie! I hope you feel better soon! You poor thing, rest up!

  11. get well soon charlie! im sure there will be plenty of chances to redo a race with alfie! maybe city to surf next year? im all daggy when i go gym or running cos running shoes is so expensive, cant splash out on fancy gym gear!

  12. Hope you’re feeling well soon and find a new use for those jogging clothes. Tell Alfie I’m impressed with his photography, and running.

  13. What you need is a better pair of running shoes and a foam roller. Most people who get shin splints are in the wrong shoes. I run in Asics that help my over pronation. Try going to a running store that watches how you run to find the right shoe. Also google foam rolling for runners… it will change your running life. I promise

  14. Would you mind it terribly if I told you that I laughed all the way through this post?? I know, I am such a horrible person. And you are adorable. I am truly sorry all your efforts finally came to a not, and I wish it was different. But there is always a next time. Feel brand new soon.

  15. Hi Charlie, oh.. sorry to hear about your legs problem. Here wishing you speedy recovery.

    Yes, jogging can be quite expensive from top to bottom. But the shoes is very important, make sure get a suitable jogging shoes to avoid legs injury and also avoid future knees and Achilles tendon problem. And don’t forget sport bra is equally important for support.

    Anyway your toes nail still look very pretty. Get well soon. Hugs.

  16. Oh dear! My feet were aching for you when you first wrote about the training group run….now this! I’ll be sending all good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    Also, a helpful hint: your gastro bug is quite likely a side effect of the antibiotics. Try eating some yogurt or drinking Kombucha. That will help soothe your system and get things back to normal.

    Feel better soon!!

  17. Qsending a big hug and lots of sympathy and hoping that you feel better soon. Hope Archie does you proud in his racel too xx

  18. Charlie, Honey, you’ll heal; there are far worse things that could happen, and probably will, eventually….Your toes look great, at least. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has kids attack her furniture…you LIVE in your house, like I do.(I can’t imagine the life of kids whose mothers have white carpeting and sofas.)
    Still, I hope you feel better soon and have many years of runny around ahead of you.
    (I send another hug!)

  19. Make sure you have vitamin C daily, it has been proven to help not get CRPS, something I never knew about or had even heard the name till I got it. Exercise is expensive, I had a pushbike accident 2 years ago with surgery, broke my leg 5 years and developed CRPS in both places and now has spread to right arm as well. Please please have vitamin C for at least 6 weeks, ok lecture over, hope you are feeling better soon, and have an awesome weekend 🙂

    • Oh and good luck Alfie with the 10k’s which looks like you have it sussed anyway, and Charlie love that your toes look so great with the polish 🙂

  20. You can take comfort that you ruined your legs supporting your youngest, even if he wasn’t overly sympathetic about your crippling yourself. Guess you’ll have to wave him on from the viewing stands. 🙂

  21. At least you looked cute and stylish while getting your shin splints. Hope they heal quickly. xo

  22. Lulu Lemon makes me want to start yoga. Not jogging. I remain overwhelmed with awe as I read these posts of yours.

  23. I know I said to fake an injury to get out of jogging group, but I think you may have taken it a bit too literally Charlie!
    You poor thing you- I so hope you feel better soon and that the teenagers are helping out. It sounds like everything’s dropped on you at once 🙁 Rest up, snuggle into your new pretty track tops, and follow intrepid Alfie around the running route in the mustang.
    Feel better prayers for you sweetie, xox

  24. Oh Charlie that is so sad…..I can see why you burst into tears, but just quietly I think Alfie will do just fine with you cheering him from the side lines. That gastro is nasty, I had it too. It must be a new virus as I rarely catch anything from the kids. My boy was off school for a week and only had half a ham sandwich all week. Very worrying. Wishing you a speedy recovery on all levels.

  25. G’day! Will send you hugs from a stranger, TRUE!
    Who has experienced shin splints many times too!
    Your intentions were and are great and your are a winner to us all in sharing your experience today!
    Perhaps completing your race is meant for you for another day!
    Cheers! Joanne

  26. Oh no!!
    After all that training! I can’t believe what you have been through… you know you are totally mad to do anything that jeopardises your end of evening wine :0!

  27. Oh Charlie, it gets worse and worse 🙁 I’m so sorry about your ankles – I do feel your pain because the money I ‘invest’ in shoes and recently orthotics is horrifying, but my feet are hopeless without lots of support – but also about all the other ills and ails and gastro. I hope you feel better soon xox

  28. Shin splints would have been bad enough but a stress fracture? So sorry, Charlie. That Alfie, though. What a great son you’ve got there. I’ve no doubt he’ll run the race without you and do very well doing so. Once he sets his mind to doing something, I don’t see much getting in his way or stopping him. I can’t wait to see how he does.

  29. Oh my goodness, Charlie. This is really tough! Those are nasty looking bandages that tell how debilitating these injuries are, and then to have had flu and all the other bugs, too? Your whole body has been stressed. While maybe you can’t get to the wine, I’d think about some medicinal chocolate! Honestly, I really feel badly for you. I’d be in tears, too. I hope you can rest those poor feet, ankles and shins…rest all of you, and allow your family to pamper you a bit. I doubt you typically sit long enough for that to happen. oxo

  30. Oh you poor thing Charlie! That looks utterly painful. And I developed knee problems from jogging and I won’t do it at all now. My friend developed very painful shin splints too 🙁 It sounds terrible!

  31. Oh Charlie, I am so sorry it all ended so painful for you. How lovely though that Alfie has such a great attitude about it all – doesn’t make you feel any better though!
    Have a lovely weekend and here’s to the whole family waiting on you hand and foot until you are pain free.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  32. Oh poor you! But good on you for being up for an adventure and giving it go. There must be gentler ways to support Alfie. Maybe just the right food for when he finishes the race? That’s something you do really well.
    PS You are the one who’s a trooper! Get well soon.

  33. Poor you. I’m impressed you ran the course even if it was in Alfie’s wake. This is exactly what happened to my friend who started off her running by planning a half marathon. V e r y painful but she was able to run once she’d sorted out her equipment and had treatment and rest. Great to support Alfie but I’d have been in the passenger seat of the Mustang. GG

  34. Oh Charlie, I am so, so very sorry, I cannot imagine how painful that is both physically and emotionally, I really feel bad for you. You’ve certainly raised that lovely boy of yours right, he is indeed a trooper. Maybe Carl should take your place with Alfie in the race ;)!
    I was wondering why I haven’t seen delicious food on your blog of late, I’m very sorry that you’ve been under the weather with the flu too, I’m sending positive thoughts on a speedy recovery to you. I hope the kids and Carl have stepped up to help around the house, you’re such a super mom and that you’re not well probably makes a difference in the running of your usually ship-shaped house. I’d be over in a second to lend a hand, if only we lived closer…sigh.

  35. I can imagine how painful it must be my friend, I sincerely hope you get better soon! Your determination to finish the course was inspiring though!


  36. Oh, I’m sorry Charlie! But at least you tried. Enjoy the race from the side and cheer little Alfie from all of us!!
    Take care 🙂

  37. In spite of reading through all of your pain, you made me laugh. I love how you turn the ickiest of situations into a smile.

  38. I’m so sorry to hear…and see… that you are in such pain. That’s totally unfair to have stress fracture, flu and a stomach bug all at the same time, and no wine allowed to mellow the situation! I have never been able to run successfully. No amount of orthotics, stretching and “working my way into it” has ever turned me into a runner. I’ve finally decided that some of us are just walkers and that’s all there it to it. Do take care, Charlie.

  39. I’m so sorry Charlie!! I myself learned the hard way too that one must run at speed they are comfortable with. Hope you are feeling better!!

  40. Like some of the others, I feel bad that I am laughing and have just gone out to the living room to tell my husband about your experience. You are such a wonderful mother and will almost kill yourself for your kids as this event shows. It amazes me how kids can run forever while we struggle. I am so sorry this has been the result of ll your efforts. No more running for a while. I love Alfie’s spirit.

  41. Oh Charlie darling, I’m so sorry. Foot and shin injuries are killers, I’m glad you’re not running the race or you’d probably cripple yourself permanently. I hope you’re feeling better soon.. xxx

  42. Ouch, that doesn’t sound good! I hope you’re feeling better soon. I always knew that jogging was dodgy. Will Alfie still be able to run though, or was it a parent and child only thing? Maybe Carl could get in on it? 🙂

    I laughed at “enjoy the passenger seat”… which driver can truly do that? 😀

  43. That picture got me. I laughed out loud. Ryan asked me what was so funny…and then I proceeded to read him your post. You are such a great writer. And I must say that jogging has NEVER agreed with me, and I don’t think it ever will. Thank you for sharing!

  44. Oh dear! You’ve done very well to make this tale of rotten luck as funny as it is!!! I love my orthotics – they make my feet happy and I’ve not had shin splints since I started wearing them. I hope your family are doting on you suitably while you recover!

  45. Oh my goodness, poor Charlie 🙁 What a terrible string of bad health luck. I hope you get well soon!

  46. Poor you! It’s so easy to over train, and the consequences aren’t fun. I haven’t run in years (my knees can’t take anything over 20 miles a week, whereas I can walk twice that with no problems) so I walk at least an hour a day. I tend to pronate, too, and go through 3 pairs of shoes a year – even when they seem “fine” they’re breaking down, so I figure it’s cheaper in the long run just to replace shoes rather than body parts. 😉 Alfie is a sweetie – good luck to him.

  47. Oh, my! Now you must stop. That is not good at all. Feel better!

  48. When I was A LOT younger, I was a jogger. Out almost every morning and just loved it. But now – would probably be in the same boat as you but without the purple toenails. 🙂 Good for you for giving it a go, but so sorry that you ended up with fractures and best rest for 6 weeks! Take care of yourself Darlin! Sorry it didn’t work out.

  49. I guess you could say that there was good news and bad news. You completed the run with your son which was wonderful but I’m so sorry that you injured yourself. Please take proper care of yourself so that you will heal properly.

  50. My mouth just dropped, your poor ankles! Holy Cats my friend:-( I know running has caused me to have issues today, and I haven’t ran in like five years. I ran/walked a half-marathon, loved running with my friend every week. Unfortunately today I have knee pain, and both feet are just messed up…good times! Hubby always makes me laugh, and says our bodies were not made to run, they were made to recline! LOL:-) Hope you are feeling better, Hugs, Terra

  51. Oh Charlie, I’m so sorry to hear of your troubles – by far the worst of which is being unable to take a restorative glass or two of wine. I’ve always thought jogging was bad for one – you’ve just confirmed that for me.

  52. So sorry to hear about your injury! Please take good care of yourself

  53. You should be writing a comedy show – I hope you are because every time I visit here I laugh out loud. I’m so sorry I’m laughing at your injury but I’m so glad you’ve created a new tag for the prognosis because it means there’s more to come! Too funny.

  54. Oh Charlie! What a time you’ve had with this. I almost cried for you as well. I know how much you wanted to do this with and for Alfie. And what a trooper he is indeed! I just want to hug the two of you. Well, I do hope you’re healed up in a jiffy. That is just way too many sicknesses and injuries for one person in a week. Rest up!!!

  55. Poor, poor you! I must say I was quite impressed when you told us how much you were running after starting from zero… I hope you are feeling better, and able to enjoy a glass of wine now ;o)

  56. So sorry to hear you’ve hurt yourself. My daughter had terrible shin splints from track and we got her some compression socks and they are much better now…might wanna try those out! Glad your blog is back up and ‘running’ even if you can’t be…xo

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