Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse

A few nights ago I was in my usual position of twirling around the kitchen trying to create a nourishing family meal.  I tried to phone Carl to get an ETA but he wasn’t answering.  Hours passed.

Kingsley's Australian Steakhouse

Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse

By then I had put the chicken in the oven and Arabella popped her head in to remind me that she was having dinner with a friend.  Archie phoned to say he was helping his girlfriend with her essay (he must think I came down in the last shower if I’m to believe that scenario).  Alfie was starving and couldn’t wait for my 2kg chicken to be cooked through so was given some re-heated leftovers.

Just as the chicken reached the succulent stage, Carl phoned to say he was on his way into the city.  ‘What for?’  I asked.

‘I told you I was having dinner with the boys’.  (You would remember ‘The Boys’, they’re the ones who swim in frigid waters and get together for wine tasting nights).

‘No; you never said you were going out for dinner’.

‘I’m sure I told you’.  That’s the problem with Carl.  He imagines conversations that never took place.

So I was left alone to feast on a 2kg chicken.  Meanwhile, Carl was in a taxi and on his way to Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse.

Carl's Victory

Carl’s Victory

Kingsley’s Steakhouse is in a beautiful old sandstone building that was constructed in 1837 and originally housed a soap and candle factory, then was later used as a boot factory, then as stables.   Constructed of sandstone, the walls are two feet thick however sadly, it is just one of only a few buildings of its kind to still be standing.

This heritage-listed building has been lovingly restored and has retained its original sandstone construction however the floorboards have been recycled and have come from the old Darling Harbour Woolsheds.  They are extremely wide and give great character to the building.

Carl's 1kg Challenge

Carl’s 1kg Challenge.  $59.90

In 1994 the building became Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse where some of Sydney’s best steaks have been served.  There is a great variety of steaks on the menu however, there’s a trick to dining at Kingsley’s.  They have what’s called the 1kg (2.2 pounds) challenge.  They place a 1kg T-Bone steak in front of you and if you can eat it all, you win the challenge, have your photo taken and it’s uploaded to their facebook page, and are awarded a T-shirt.

About to start the challenge

About to start the challenge

You won’t be surprised to hear me tell you that ALL in Carl’s party ignored the menu offerings and instead went straight for the challenge.  You could order your T-bone in any degree of wellness however all ordered their steaks ‘rare’.  They arrived almost totally taking up the space on a very large plate with either chips or a potato squashed into one corner.  Apparently there was some greenery somewhere but there’s little photographic evidence to support this.

Mission completed.

Mission completed.

Carl’s not normally competitive except when it comes to his food.  Of course he won the challenge (no trouble at all) and is now sporting (proudly) his winner’s T-Shirt.

A table of champions and a good night out for the boys.

A table of champions and a good night out for the boys.

The challenge didn’t defeat any of other swimmers who all went home with a T-shirt saying they had triumphed in the Kilo Challenge.

Then they had dessert.  I can’t believe they found room for dessert.  It was neglected to be photographed but Carl said the ice creams and sorbets ‘were wonderful’.

Proud as punch

Proud as punch

I was sound asleep when Carl stumbled through the door.  I have no idea what time it was except that he confessed it was late.  A good time was clearly had by all.  Moments later they were all up and out of bed and down at the beach swimming off all that red meat.

And when the swim was over they were all sporting their new T-shirts over coffee.

Verdict:  Anyone with an iron deficiency needs to rush to Kingsley’s.

Kingsley's Australian Steakhouse

Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse

Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse:  29A King Street, Sydney

Ph:  61 2 9295 5080

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners of the challenge. Back in the day, I could have inhaled that steak without any problem AND had room for dessert. My capacity has declined quite a bit and now I’d have to take at least half of it home. 🙂

  2. Boys really do have bottomless pits instead of stomachs, don’t they?! Carl looks very happy with his shirt!

  3. Written so well, I do love your restraint… these boys may be men but they’re still boys, what a laugh. Good on them. Count me out, makes me feel like going vegan!!!

  4. I can’t imagine eating a huge steak like that and being able to get up the next morning and swim…but more power to them! Great story.

  5. The restaurant setting is beautiful. As for the steak, I could not eat meat that rare nor that much. But good for “the boys” who could. I’m sure this evening out will become legendary for this group.

  6. Hmmm.. you know, I think I could eat that steak, except maybe the plate is a lot larger than it appears, lol. But I’d have fun trying! Looks like a great night for all, I hope your chicken was wonderful and you enjoyed an evening to yourself.. I always do:)

  7. A kilo is a lot of meat! In my youth I could have eaten that. Now? No way. There used to be a steak house in West Texas (close to Amarillo, I think, but I could be wrong) that had a 72 ounce steak challenge. Very few people could win that one! A kilo is much more doable.

  8. What manly plates of food for those manly guys! I’m married to a vegetarian and frankly I miss the occasional plate of prime rib or the like which I grew up eating. Of course, I could cook it myself, but don’t, not just for one!

  9. We dined here a couple weekends ago, but we had a private function so had a set menu. I was kind of hoping to order what we liked, so my experience was average! I think I may have tried that 1kg steak challenge…. or at least consider it haha

  10. Go Carl! Kingsley’s closed down in Canberra… that’s where Jamie’s Kitchen is opening. I ate at 900g TBone at Port Fairy once… am sure I could eat a 1kg one too! Love my steak! I also have my name on the wall at the Oyster Bar in Glenelg… four dozen oysters : )

  11. That steak looks absolutely amazing, huge! Well done to everyone who succeeded in the challenge. GG x

  12. Love it: imagines conversations that never happened!

  13. Well at least you got to have first go at the best bits of the chicken!
    We used to go to Kingsley’s in Brisbane for the Atlantic crab. It was so good!

  14. I went on a first date at a Kingsley’s once. Surprisingly, despite the fact I order crab and made a mess of myself trying to eat it, he remained super keen.

  15. G’day Charlie and congrats to the boys for completing the challenge and getting their prized t-shirts, too!
    Love the imaginary conversation that never took place lol
    Cheers! Joanne

  16. what a wonderful night. I swear that Carl had Alfie all by himself. He’s a mirror image of his dad. 🙂

  17. LOL oh boys! They’re all the same no matter what age. I bet they had loads of fun and would do it all over again 😛

  18. I’d be game to give it a try Charlie- at least I’d go down fighting! I hope you enjoyed your chicken in solitary state, at least there would have been lots of leftovers 🙂 xox

  19. Haha! I have the same issue with imaginary conversations in my house. It sure looks like a good time (and good meal) was had by all!

  20. How funny!!!
    Love that he got some photos for you and the story!

  21. Men and their steak. I am sure my husband would have no problem polishing off a 2kg steak, even though at his age he probably shouldn’t! Carl looks so proud 🙂


  22. I’ve a doctor’s appt in the morning and if my cholesterol has jumped a few points, I’ll point my doctor to this post. It should come with a warning, Charlie! I don’t know if I could finish the steak but I sure would love to give it a try. 🙂

  23. I hope you have some good recipes for chicken leftovers!

  24. Your family tales never fail to make me smile 🙂 That 1kg steak challenge clearly needs revising to pose a challenge to Carl’s group and Archie must indeed think you are naive to believe he’d be helping his girlfriend with an essay without any other activities happening! I hope your solo chicken dinner was enjoyable at least!

  25. Sure was a fun boys night out. Who took the photos for you? Cool that they thought of taking photos for your post so we could join in the fun too.

  26. Those guys sure do know how to have fun! I think it’s time for you to have a girls night out! 🙂

  27. a great place to dine.

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