La Lucciola, Seminyak, Bali

The absolute joy of a dining experience that exceeds expectations.

La Lucciola is a very well known and very established restaurant in Seminyak.  It’s right on the beach and as the name suggests, serves Italian cuisine.  The people who own La Lucciola recently opened Bambu, our favourite restaurant while in Bali.  La Lucciola is a popular restaurant and you definitely need to make a reservation.

The restaurant by night

La Lucciola

La Lucciola is easy to find.  It’s right next door to the beach car park and then you cross over a little bridge (watch out, it’s a wee bit slippery), that takes you over a stagnant stream (watch out, it smells), and then once over the bridge you can’t miss the restaurant.

It's a big building

It’s a very big, open building

The restaurant is very Balinese in style and there’s that half-inside/half-outside tropical appeal with the facade of the building completely open.

A peaceful setting

A peaceful setting

We weren’t sure whether we were going to be dining upstairs or on the ground level and were really pleased when we were escorted towards the staircase and started ascending to where the view really improves.  Our plan had been to arrive in time for the sunset however once again it went ahead without us.


View from our table

We were shown to a table in the centre of the restaurant that was situated with an unobstructed view of the beach where we could see all the pretty colours of a twilight sky.  The tables at La Lucciola are very well spaced and also generously proportioned so if you’re like me and don’t like to feel cramped and squashed, you’ll be very comfortable at La Looch (as it’s known by the regulars).

The tables are well spaced

The tables are well spaced

As we found with everywhere we went in Bali, there is no shortage of wait staff and without hovering, whenever you need them they always seem to appear.  We found the staff at La Looch to be very welcoming, professional, friendly and whisper quiet.

Private dining room

Private dining room

The wine list is extensive but pricey, especially when you also have to add in the 16% tax.  There are lots of wines from Australia and New Zealand and we started with a bottle of The Springs Pinot Noir because Drew loves pinot so everywhere we go he orders pinot and usually from New Zealand.  This pinot had a very pretty colour.

The Springs Pinot Noir from Waipara, New Zealand. About: $61.00

The Springs Pinot Noir from Waipara, New Zealand. About: $61.00

A complimentary bread basket was brought to the table of ciabatta rolls and grissini.  The bread is all made on the premises and I did love the grissini.  This was probably the best bread we had while in Bali.

House made ciabatta and grissini - complimentary

House made ciabatta and grissini – complimentary

The menu isn’t extensive but it’s more than adequate with many tempting options.  Once again however, as was our experience in almost everywhere we dined in Bali, the restaurants are very dark which is romantic and a lot more flattering, however, it’s tricky with photography.

The view

The view

For an entree Drew chose the fritto misto; semolina deep fried squid, zucchini blossoms and bogna cauda.  The batter on the squid was incredibly light and not oily, the zucchini blossoms were very lightly covered in batter and had a crispy exterior with the softness from the blossom and stem underneath.  The bogna cauda which is an Italian dipping sauce flavoured with anchovies and garlic was served warm and being so robust, was a lovely contrast to the delicate flavours of the squid and zucchini blossoms.  Drew declared this dish a winner.

Fritto Misto: About $9.70

Fritto Misto: About $9.70

The entree I ordered was the black angus beef carpaccio with quail eggs, roast garlic aioli, rocket and artichoke.  This was one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten.  The carpaccio was beautifully sliced and so tender and the quail eggs were perfectly cooked with still-runny yolks.  I loved the artichokes and the aioli was very light and enhanced the delicate flavours of the dish.

Black Angus Beef Carpaccio with quail eggs, roast garlic aioli, rocket, artichoke: About $11.40

Black Angus Beef Carpaccio: About $11.40

For a main, Drew chose the pan-seared salmon with eggplant and salsa crudo.  It was a very generous portion of salmon that broke apart with just a nudge.  The simple mixture of tomatoes, onions, chillies and coriander that makes up the salsa crudo had beautiful fresh flavours that were a lovely compliment to the fish.

Pan seared Tasmanian Salmon: eggplant, salsa crudo: About $17.80

Pan seared Tasmanian Salmon: About $17.80

For a main I chose the charcoal baby chicken with mascarpone, lemon, chilli, dill and asparagus.  The flavours were very fresh and vibrant and the chicken was incredibly succulent with plenty of flavour on the skin.

Charcoal Baby Chicken: with masacrpone, lemon, chilli, dill, asparagus. About: $19.80

Charcoal Baby Chicken:  About: $19.80

When dining in restaurants where you can order sides to go with your main course, I believe you always need to trust the advice of your waiter as to how many of these you will actually need to compliment your dish.  Our waiter was very helpful and said we’d probably only need one side to share so we went with the rosemary and sea salt potatoes.  I loved how they arrived with a fresh sprig of rosemary on the side.  The potatoes were crispy and well seasoned and the rosemary very fragrant.

Rosemary and Sea Salt Potatoes. About: $4.70

Rosemary and Sea Salt Potatoes. About: $4.70

We didn’t need a dessert but felt we should at least share one so we ordered the La Lucciola Sorbetto where you can choose three scoops of gelato.  We ordered the coconut, the tiramisu and the strawberry mascarpone.  When in a romantic tropical setting I can recommend finishing your meal with a trio of gelato.

La Lucciola Sorbetto (three scoops). Coconut, Fior di Latte, Strawberry Mascarpone. About $8.00

La Lucciola Sorbetto (three scoops):  About $8.00

For Bali standards, La Lucciola isn’t inexpensive.  It is probably the most expensive restaurant we went to in Bali.  However, the setting couldn’t be more stunning, the staff look after you amazingly well, the menu has so many tempting options, and the food is honest, non-fussy and well presented.  We really enjoyed our dinner at La Lucciola and a good sign is that we talked about it all the way home.

Pretty lanterns on the tables

Pretty lanterns on the tables

La Lucciola:   On the beach next to the carpark at Seminyak.

The view at twilight

The view at twilight

Verdict:  Put this one on your list.

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  1. Of all the restaurants you’ve described, this one is my favorite, Charlie. 🙂 The feel of the place is so open, peaceful, and romantic. 🙂

  2. I wondered what La luch was like . Thanks for doing that review Charlie. ….

  3. This does look so wonderful, I’m glad you had a wonderful dinning experience in Bali…. better than the Blue Mountains at least 🙂
    Liz xx

  4. What an absolutely stunning setting. Outdoor dining is quite limited in my community, especially with seven months of winter. However, a few days ago we dined with friends on a patio next to a train track. While we were eating, a train roared by within feet of us. It was quite the interesting and somewhat unsettling experience.

  5. How very beautiful!

  6. This looks like a lovely experience all the way round–good food, enough options, well-prepared, and all in a gorgeous setting. You make me miss the beach in general, Charlie!

  7. How divine! We loved Bambu so this would no doubt be a place that we would want to visit.

  8. Fantastic view.. Oh I LOVE Bali. The food looked wonderful too! Thank you for this visit with beautiful pictures. c

  9. I haven’t been to this spot for a while and am thrilled it is still wonderful. A lovely romantic dinner in a balmy place would be very nice…I think I would follow your chubbiness ordering style – the salmon looked superb. thank you for the review. xx

  10. What a fabulous panorama! A gorgeous view, a delicious meal, and in Bali??? Sounds like heaven!

  11. Seriously need to talk to Pete about visiting Bali.
    Have a beautiful weekend Charlie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  12. You might have missed the sunset but the views look beautiful anyway. The trio of gelato sounds like just the way to finish a meal – any meal in fact, even if not in such a pretty setting!

  13. Should I ever travel to Bali- this is the place to be.
    Looks great and cozy, the food sounds delicious and the view is to die for!

  14. The salmon looks great but I feel a bit sorry for the baby chicken:(

  15. Wow what a stunning view for dinner!

  16. I’m definitely putting it on my list if I ever get to Bali! What a gorgeous view and the food sounds just wonderful.

  17. Next time I am in Bali!!

  18. Wow! That view of twilight is just out of this world. I absolutely love the ambiance of this beautiful establishment and I can only imagine it would be a favorite. Everything about this is very appealing to me. Exquisite!

  19. That looks so beautiful, I do like visiting Bali, what gorgeous colour in the sky too!
    It must be time for another trip 😉 The flavours of the gelato you chose were fabulous… I think I would have had the same 🙂

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