Mangoes Resort and Restaurant, Port Vila

When we woke up at The Terrace Apartments, we were looking for breakfast. Right next door and apparently managed by the same couple, is Mangoes Resort and Restaurant.

The entrance to the boutique resort

The entrance to the boutique resort

We wandered down the hill and walked into the restaurant that is surrounded by tropical gardens.  As the outdoor tables had been set for couples, we sat at one of the indoor tables.  Mangoes is a child-free resort but as the restaurant is not exclusive to those staying at the resort, so children are welcome at all times.  As we had one very hungry nine-year old with us, what a relief!

Entrance to the restaurant

Entrance to the restaurant

The restaurant has a tropical feel and is surrounded by well-established gardens.  Timber shutters replace glass windows however, as it was blowing a gale, some of the shutters were later closed so we wouldn’t be swept from our seats.

Light and airy

Light and airy

After I ordered, I took a stroll around the resort.  Most of the accommodation at Mangoes is in individual fares that are scattered around the resort.  I prefer this style of accommodation over the alternative apartment accommodation as it seems more in keeping with the traditional way of life in Vanuatu.  The fares seem very well spaced so you have tranquility and privacy.

Perusing the menu

Perusing the menu

Ten of the rooms have private swimming pools or alternatively, there are three swimming pools at this boutique resort.  There is also a gym and a tennis court.

Outdoor dining area

Outdoor dining area

But back to the restaurant.  Miss Arabella started the day with a Virgin Mary and as she had a sore throat, really enjoyed the heat from the tabasco sauce.

Virgin Mary:  550 vt or about AUS$7.00

Virgin Mary: 550 vt or about AUS$7.00

Alfie ordered a fruit smoothie and didn’t like it but that’s not to say there was anything wrong with it; he’s just a boy who’s fussy.  I thought it looked very pretty.

Fruit Smoothie:  450 vt or about AUS$6.00

Fruit Smoothie: 450 vt or about AUS$6.00

He also ordered the French toast with maple syrup and banana and this looked outstanding.  He ate every bit of this and we all eyed it off enviously.

French Toast with Maple Syrup and Banana

French Toast with Maple Syrup and Banana

I was so hungry from the meagre dinner on the plane the night before that I thought something substantial was required so ordered the Eggs Benedict.  On the menu it said it came with ham but I asked if instead I could have bacon.  Three of us ordered the Eggs Benedict, some with ham and some with bacon but at the end of the day, they all looked the same.

Eggs Benedict:  1200 vt or about AUS$15.00

Eggs Benedict: 1200 vt or about AUS$15.00

The poached eggs were runny which is always a relief and apart from not being able to work out if I was eating ham or bacon, this was a good Eggs Benedict.

I also ordered a side of hash browns that I was disappointed to find were of the type you normally find in the freezer section at the local supermarket.  They were a little oily and soggy, however, at 200 vt (around AUS$2.50), very reasonably priced.

Wouldn't mind a swim

Wouldn’t mind a swim

Archie was ravenous and so ordered the Steak, Eggs ‘n’ Chips.  The menu said the steak was organic beef from Santo and that the cut was scotch fillet.  Archie ordered the steak medium-rare and asked for his eggs to be ‘sunny-side up’.  He was very disappointed to find the steak very thin and very grey and very over-cooked.  Not a good introduction to the famous organic beef industry of Vanuatu.

Steak, Eggs 'n' Chips:  1400 vt or about AUS$15.00

Steak, Eggs ‘n’ Chips: 1400 vt or about AUS$15.00

The service was relatively fast which was a bonus as you hear a lot in Vanuatu about how long you usually have to wait between ordering and seeing your food emerge from the kitchen.

View of one of the swimming pools

View of one of the swimming pools

Overall, I found dining at Mangoes to be a hit-and-miss affair however, you don’t visit Vanuatu because you want incredible dining experiences, you go to experience a tropical paradise, gorgeous scenery and the beautiful people.  Our dining experience at Mangoes is probably fairly typical of dining out in Vanuatu.

Verdict:  So-so.

The entrance to the boutique resort

The entrance to the boutique resort

Mangoes Resort and Restaurant:  Captain Cook Avenue, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Ph:  +678 24923


  1. Definitely a tropical paradise. I want to go there!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! No others words, really. Enjoy.

  3. The scenery is that, gorgeous! But I’d be lying if id say that I don’t travel for the food. Many tropical resorts in the Caribbean employ world class chefs so dining is a huge part of the experience. But then again, many do not. It’s too bad the food part of your experience didn’t add up.

  4. Am enjoying your vanuatu travels but am not sure if my comments are working (seem to be having problems with wordpress comments right now) – yes the food isn’t a reason to go there but those pools and views look magnificent and your plane rides sounded full of characters

  5. What a gorgeous place to vacation. Being serious “foodies”, we are always disappointed as well when our vacation food experience doesn’t match the accommodation experience. We had the same issue on Kauai, Hawaii. But, like you, the experience of the surroundings and people luckily outweigh the less than stellar eating experiences! Enjoy your day! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  6. Well even if it wasn’t awesome food, at least it’s something! And I love your perspective – you’re going to see the beautiful scenery and have an experience rather than eat!

  7. Looks like Alfie got the best breakfast! That looked delicious!

  8. I would love to bask in this tropical paradise right now.

  9. Even if the food was mediocre, the family is together on a tropical holiday, and what could be better than that? Happy Hols!

  10. It’s always nice to get away with the family.

  11. Surrounded by cold and blowing snow makes me wish I was there.

  12. Alfie certainly picked the winner here Charlie! The eggs benny don’t look too bad, but that steak is definitely a sad specimen. The scenery looks gorgeous though, a tropical paradise indeed 🙂 xox

  13. As I’m freezing here in NYC you sure are making me jealous! Thanks for sharing the experience with us, wishing it was a bit hotter now. 😉

  14. I’ve often found resort resorts to be hit and miss like this. So glad you were able to find a few edible items to keep you from starving. 🙂

  15. Yeah, tend to agree about resort style eating, their interpretation of Western food I guess. Love the restaurant setting tho, a tropical paradise. Hope you are having some amazing foodie experiences and enjoying the relax. xo

  16. This looks like a fabulous cosy restaurant to eat in! the foods look very inviting too!

    It is great to spend time with your family in this cool restaurant!

  17. I really need to get away with my own family, we are driving each other crazy at home (but in the best way) 😛
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Choc Chip Uru

  18. I definitely love the view of swimming pool! I’m just jealous that you’re in a warmer place. 🙂 The French toasts look pretty good!

  19. I’d love to sit at a dining table with your family and just listen to the conversation. It must be very lively as everyone talks about the “hits and misses” of the meal. It all looked quite good to me, but I’m afraid I don’t have the most discerning palate. 🙂

  20. Wondered what Mangoes was like, thanks for the insight.

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