Mum’s Christmas Sugar Cookies and…Archie Goes to School

When Archie was in high school he went to one of those schools where at the end of the year, they broke up two weeks before the public schools and as such, he had a lot of time to fill.

The mixed platter is guarded by Santas

The mixed platter is guarded by Santas

One year when Archie was at home having finished school for that calendar year, he was bored.  All of his mates were still at school and he had no one to muck around with.  As a solution, he came up with an idea.  Well, I don’t know if it was his idea but I certainly wasn’t forewarned of Archie’s plans for the day.  He left the house early and caught the bus to where his mate, Jay met him.

A mixed platter of hearts, angels, Christmas trees, Christmas Bells and stars

A mixed platter of hearts, angels, Christmas trees, Christmas Bells and stars

Jay was dressed in school uniform and he handed Archie one of his spare uniforms and Archie changed into it.  The school bus arrived and both boys climbed on and Jay introduced Archie to all on board as a boy who was starting at the school the following year and as he had missed the orientation, Jay would be showing him around the school for the day.  That was the scam they had come up with.  No one scratched their heads and no one asked Archie to get off the bus.

A mixed platter

A mixed platter

They arrived at school and walked through the gates and the first class of the day was Computer Science.  The teacher walked in and asked Archie who he was.  Jay told the teacher, ‘This is Archie; he’s starting at the school next year but he missed the orientation so I’m showing him around for the day’.  The teacher looked a bit puzzled but said, ‘Carry on’.

A plate of Christmas Trees

A plate of Christmas Trees

Archie went on-line and googled the website for his school and gathered the pupils around and showed them the school he had been going to (was going to), and they all liked the look of the images and asked him lots of questions including if he was looking forward to going to the local high school the next year’.  Archie said he was very much looking forward to attending the school.

Christmas Stars

Christmas Stars

The bell rang and it was off to PE.  The PE teacher barely noticed he was there and didn’t ask too many questions but just made sure Archie participated in the games he’d organised.

Golden stars sparkling in sugar-glitter

Golden stars sparkling in sugar-glitter

After PE it was recess and Jay introduced Archie to all the students and they were all very welcoming and happy to meet him.

Santas's guarding the edible stars

Santas’s guarding the edible stars

After lunch Jay took Archie to Science and then English.  Not a problem.  Then it was lunch and Archie ordered a few snacks from the Canteen (Archie’s school didn’t have a Canteen) and was really enjoying his day.

Christmas Stars iced in yellow icing then dipped in yellow sparkle sugar

Christmas Stars iced in yellow icing then dipped in yellow sparkle sugar

But after lunch there was Maths and the Maths teacher started asking a lot of questions.  The boys stuck with their story.  But word had made its way to the headmistress that there was a strange boy wandering around in uniform and did anyone know who he was.  The headmistress checked her records and couldn’t find an enrolment for any boy called ‘Archie’.  So she picked herself up and walked to the Maths class.

A plate of Christmas Bells

A plate of Christmas Bells

When the headmistress arrived she called Jay out of class.  He was interrogated but stuck with the story.  The headmistress said, ‘If he’s not who he says he is we’re calling the police’.  She sent him back into class and called out the Maths teacher.  When he left the room, Jay said to Archie, ‘Mate, you’d better leg it; they’re calling the cops’.

Christmas Bells.  Covered in white icing then sprinkled with edible red glitter

Christmas Bells. Covered in white icing then sprinkled with edible red glitter

So Archie opened a window, jumped out and ran.

Singing angels

Singing angels

Only another 45 minutes and he would have made it through the day.

Angels in the realm of glory

Angels in the realm of glory

Archie said it was the best day of school, ever.

Angels on high

Angels on high

These Christmas Sugar Cookies are from a recipe my mother used to make way back in the 1970’s.  Speaking of schools, I made these for Alfie to take to school to share with his class.  There are Christmas Trees, Angels, Hearts, Bells and Stars.

Christmas hearts

Christmas hearts

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Makes:  4 1/2 dozen

Degree of Difficulty:  2/5 for cookies, 3/5 for decorating

Cost:  The cookies are very inexpensive to make but buying what you need to decorate the cookies can be expensive.

  • 2 1/2 cups plain flour
  • 1 1/2 cups icing sugar
  • 1/2 tspn salt
  • 1 cup butter (225gms)
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 tbspns milk
  • 2 tspns vanilla

Combine flour, icing sugar and salt in a large bowl.  Cut in butter until mixture resembles fine crumbs (or use food processor).  Add egg, milk and vanilla; mix until dough holds together.  Press into ball.  Wrap and chill well.  Roll 1/2 of the dough at a time on lightly floured board and proceed.

Preheat oven to 180C or 375F.

Roll dough to 1/8 inch thickness.  Cut with cookie cutters.   Arrange 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.  Bake for 8-10 minutes.  Transfer cookies to wire racks and cool.  Frost as desired with frosting.  Decorate as desired.

Heart-shaped biscuits covered in white icing then red sprinkles

Heart-shaped biscuits covered in white icing then red sprinkles

Icing (Frosting):

  • 2 egg whites
  • 2 cups icing sugar, sifted
  • 1 tbspn lemon juice
  • food colouring

In a bowl with an electric mixer, beat egg whites until frothy.  Gradually add icing sugar and beat until smooth consistency.  Add lemon juice and continue to beat until smooth.  Divide into bowls and tint different colours.

A forest of trees

A forest of trees

To Decorate:

For the Christmas Trees:  I decorated them with green icing then sprinkled them with green sparkles and added some cachous and little stars.

For the Stars:  I painted them with yellow icing then dipped them in white sparkle sugar.

For the Bells:  I painted them with white icing then sprinkled them with an edible red glitter.

For the Angels:  I painted them with a light pink icing then dipped them in white sparkle sugar.

For the Hearts:  I painted them with white icing then dipped them in red glitter sprinkles.

These are great cookies to make for Christmas gifts and there is scope to decorate them in any way you like.  I have decorated these to suit Alfie’s class at school which is 8-9 year olds.  I love how edible sparkly products are now available.

Christmas Trees decorated with stars and silver cachous

Christmas Trees decorated with stars and silver cachous

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  1. I am laughing so hard!! That is hilarious. 🙂 And your cookies are gorgeous. Still laughing. 🙂

  2. So funny your telling of Archie’s extra special day at school! These biscuits are lovely and just the ticket for gifts when travelling away from home for Christmas. Thanks again for another fab recipe and story.

  3. Archie MUST have been bored to sneak into school for the day rather than out. Today, I’m sneaking OUT myself having decided to take the day off. 🙂

    Lovely sugar cookies with all that Christmas glitter and seasonal colours. Your little Santa’s are darling.

  4. What a story. Leave it to Archie and friend.

    The cookies are gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much sugar atop a cookie. I bet Alfie’s class loved these.

    P.S. If you try to post on my blog again and get a weird message blocking your comment, please email with specifics and I will contact support.

  5. Your Archie is a riot. I love that he got away with it and had a day with the plebes.

    Thank you for 1/8 inch. I still don’t have my millimeters in my head after all these years. Weird, I know. I’m looking for a new sugar cookie recipe. I’ll try this tomorrow.

  6. What a great story! This post came just in time as I’m making sugar cookies this evening. Unfortunately, I already made the dough but I’m very happy to have a good icing recipe. Yours are beautiful – I love the silver balls.

  7. Ha! I love that he made use of his time off school by…going to school. Awesome.

  8. So hilarious! As a teacher, it’s absolutely the last thing anyone would expect! The cookies look wonderfully Christmassy.

  9. I love your Archie stories! Ha!

    Lovely cookies!

  10. Teenage boys are so imaginative in their pranks. Great story.

  11. It’s a darn good thing that Archie went in for more of the creative field because it’s so in his nature — that was a very clever scheme and I’m glad the cops didn’t catch him! I bet his mates loved the cookies, they are so lovely and festive.

  12. Sweet Posy Dreams says:

    What a lovely tray of cookies!

  13. Such an interesting, old fashioned recipe! And what a story! : )

  14. Fabulous story – that boy will go far! Fabulous cookies too – they look divine!

  15. I remember this day so clearly, must say it was one of the most hilarious days ever! He ran to my house after he legged it from school – never a dull moment with him haha

  16. Charlie, your kids can fill up a few books with their antics! That is so hilarious and I was laughing so hard reading it. And your cookies look excellent, very festive indeed.

  17. ” hello, we have your schoolboy son, he’s been arrested for impersonating a schoolboy” I don’t think the police would want to make that phone call 🙂
    Your biscuits look so pretty Charlie, and I bet they went down a treat with the other schoolboys too xox

  18. Bahahaa!! Really? He jumped out the window and ran home? What happened after that? What a funny boy 🙂

  19. Oh, Archie! What adventures he got up to – I’m surprised you survived them all.

    These biscuits look very, very similar to the ones I make with my Mum each year – that last photo of the green trees is very familiar! Our recipe has slight differences but I do love a good traditional around Christmas baking.

  20. Pure deliciousness! So inspired by this recipe! I would like to keep some for Christmas.

  21. You always have the best stories! a good laugh as well. Beautiful cookies and love your decorating skills. I agree the cookie ingredients are inexpensive it is the topping that are expensive or in my case non-existant in Hong Kong as people swoop them up before you have a chance to buy any. Happy baking! BAM

  22. I can always count on an Archie story to make me laugh! Your children provide me a great deal of humor, Charlie! And these cookies are beautiful. I’ve pinned the recipe. It is a nice, basic, reliable one, I think. Your choice in decoration is so colorful and nice!

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    Your kids really put you through the ringer!!!
    WOW!! I can’t believe how resourceful Jay and Archie were!!
    …anyway, beautiful cookies, I love the cute little angels…

  25. HAHAHA I’m sorry Archie never fails to surprise me with his endless stories!! And i can’t believe everyone just went with the story 🙂

    These cookies are so pretty now I just need to get my act together and start making some for my colleagues and friends for XMAS!

  26. oh Archie, Archie, Archie!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cant believe he jumped out the window, what a cracker!!
    Absolutely love the look of these cookies Charlie, they’re so well decorated! Just gorgeous xx

  27. gorgeous cookies – can imagine how much the kids loved them – if only archie had taken a plate of these on his school crashing maybe he could have swayed the head mistress 🙂 Now can the three santas visit my place to guard my baking from a small child who thinks the kitchen is hers for the taking?

  28. Archie is most definitely an entrepreneur! Loved your story and your cookies are gorgeous. They wouldn’t last long in my home.

  29. What a funny story, your Archie has nerves of steel, I tell ya. Amazing they got that far into the day before being found out.
    Your cookie recipe is like mine, using powdered sugar in sugar cookies makes for a great texture and I adore the way you’ve decorated them all. Alfie’s class must have been thrilled.

  30. Oh goodness, great Archie story! Cutout cookies are my favorite, but I get impatient decorating and they don’t look as pretty as yours 🙂

  31. My family would love your mum’s sugar cookies! And I loved Archie’s little adventure…he’ll have fun telling how he almost made it through the school day as an imposter for years 🙂

  32. An actor in the making! Your cookies look terrific… I have a German biscuits recipe I use but have never been so decorative… must try copying these with the twinnies…. nothing like a visual guide – thanks Charlie!

  33. That is hilarious – who goes back to school voluntarily just because they can?? Great story though calling the cops on a kid pretending to be a student is a little OTT I think! Gorgeous cookies – very festive. I’m going to pass onto my girlfriend she was looking for decorating ideas.

  34. What a great story! Have to say, though, when I was Archie’s age I would never have gone to school unless I had to! Great cookies, too. Sugar cookies are some of my faves – thanks.

  35. What a funny story…most boys would want to sneak out of school, not into one. 🙂 Love your sugar cookies. I’ve been baking sugar cookies as well, they are one of my husband’s favorite.

  36. Wow, only 45 more minutes….man so close to finishing the day, LOL! That is really funny that no one seemed to alarmed. Your sugar cookies not only look beautiful, they sound fantastic! Hugs, Terra

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  38. These cookies look and sound great, Charlie,and I’m sure they were a hit with Alfie’s classmates. Archie’s day at school, though, stole this post’s spotlight. Too funny! Amazing that he almost made it through the entire day. I wonder what went on in his wake? Did Jay get into trouble and what about the teachers who didn’t catch him?

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