Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution

Two years ago my thyroid packed it in.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Syndrome and am now on daily medication to keep things ‘normal’.  That little gland is amazing.  I had no idea how important it is and how it is responsible for regulating just about every system in your body.  When it doesn’t work and you have hypo-thryoidism it seems everything is affected and consequently your hair falls out, your body can’t regulate temperature, your metabolism grinds to a halt, your skin becomes dry, your nails turn brittle, your speech can be slurred, you have trouble thinking clearly and become forgetful and then there’s the lack of energy and extreme fatigue!

Anyway, at the time I was diagnosed I of course consulted with my friend Dr Google to see if there are any natural cures or remedies for an under-active thyroid.  While I didn’t actually find anything specific to my condition, I did discover a naturopath living in Victoria who in 1995 was diagnosed by three separate medical practitioners with Parkinson’s Disease.  He had lost his power of speech, couldn’t walk 5mtrs without assistance and it would take him an hour and a half to get dressed.


Making my own non-chemical, non-toxic cleaning product.

Making my own non-chemical, non-toxic cleaning product.

John Coleman became extremely dissatisfied with western medical treatment and his prognosis so he started to pursue other less conventional methods of treatment.  By April 1998 he was completely symptom free.  He then started a treatment program based on his findings to help people recover from Parkinson’s Disease and other neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders.  While Western medical practise still doesn’t have a cure and can only treat progressively worsening symptoms for these disorders, this humble and softly-spoken man from the outskirts of Melbourne is well worth listening to.

In order to recover from what he believes was triggered by stress and trauma in his early life, John had to radically change his lifestyle that included quitting smoking and altering his diet to being totally gluten-free and dairy-free.  There are many other changes he had to make and all are listed in his book, Stop Parkin’ and Start Living.  Besides giving up the cigarettes and changing his diet he also reduced the amount of chemicals in and around his home.  This meant cleaning his home naturally.

I was so pleased a few weeks ago when Brydie from City Hippy Farm Girl posted a recipe for cleaning your home without the use of harsh chemicals.

I made up the solution and have been cleaning my home with it ever since.  It is cheap to make with all ingredients readily available from your local supermarket.  Pour a little into a bucket of water to wash your floors.  Use undiluted to clean stains on carpets.  Use on a wet sponge to wipe down surfaces like bench tops.  It will clean bathrooms but shake baking soda over stubborn stains, grease, grime and soap-scum then scrub with a cloth soaked in the cleaning solution.

This is all you need to clean your house (and that's not white vinegar in that bottle - it's the cleaning product in a recycled bottle!)

This is all you need to clean your house (and that’s not white vinegar in that bottle – it’s the cleaning product in a recycled bottle!)

This environmentally friendly cleaning solution leaves your home not only clean but with the eucalyptus fragrance, smelling beautiful and fresh as well.

Making Your Own Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution

Makes:  2ltrs approx

Degree of Difficulty:  1/5

Cost:  Just a few dollars – you’ll never want to waste money on commercial cleaners again!

  • 1.5ltrs white vinegar
  • 200mls detergent
  • 20mls eucalyptus oil
  • baking soda

In an old bottle (I used the white vinegar bottle), add vinegar, detergent and eucalyptus oil.  Replace lid on bottle and give a little shake.  You’re now ready to get cleaning!  Take the baking soda with you and use as a scouring agent.

If you’d like to hear a little more about the naturopath, John Coleman and how he recovered from Parkinson’s Disease, here is a short video.

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  1. I’ve used that mixture on my shower but I never thought about using it everywhere 🙂 duh…

    I would love to say I could give up all sorts of things but I’m not sure I have the willpower to give up ice cream for the rest of my life. I’ve often considered it and failed.

  2. It’s truly amazing how complex our bodies are. I’m glad you’re dealing so well with the loss of your thyroid … your energy level sounds amazing.

    I find the cleaning solution quite interesting though I am curious what TYPE of detergent you mean … dish washing, laundry? I will have to search out eucalyptus oil as well. I wonder if the pharmacy will have some.

  3. The video really made me think but like Maureen I’m not sure I could show such restraint unless I was in a really bad situation. However I’m definitely giving that cleaning solution a go. What is the detergent part of the solution? GG

  4. Thanks for the cleaning solution recipe. I’m all for using natural ingredients. I also changed my eating habits radically after health challenges many years ago and feel healthier than ever as a result: no gluten, sugar or alcohol or yeasted products. It’s been worth it all the way.

  5. This is so interesting dear Charlie, Thank you for sharing with us, I want to learn more and to use them too. Love, nia

  6. Ugh, I also have hypo-thyroidism since the birth of my children and have to take medication daily. Nothing much I can do about that either, but I am very intrigued by this recipe for a universal cleaning product. Will definitely be trying it. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I should probably stop eating MSG-laden potato chips! A friend has got me looking into non-toxic cleaning solutions as she’s got young kids and doesn’t want them being exposed to all these toxic fumes. I must admit that I do like the smell of eucalyptus more than bleach!

  8. So I spilt make up on my couch yesterday…. help?!

  9. I am relly thankful to you to post this cleaning solution’s recipe, as I have an unused bottle of eucalyptus oil gifted by one of my South-Indian friends. I love using natural products and wow, this homemade one sounds perfect!

  10. I didn’t know you’d gone through such a rough time with your thyroid…I hope all is well now (I know they can be hard to get under control, so to speak). I too liked Brydie’s cleaning tutorial and it’s good to hear you’ve had success with it too!

  11. G’day Charlie and hypo-thyroidism here too!
    I have used baking soda and vinegar in the oven and works like a charm…
    Your post today has inspired me to learn more towards non-toxic cleaning products but I love Orange Power products…
    Cheers! Joanne

  12. I love using this to clean. I have the most horrible reaction to some sprays-Spray and Wipe sends my system into serious panic and disorder it’s like it’s being sprayed up my nose.

  13. My mother is suffering rather badly at the moment and has had Parkinsons for some time now – poor thing, so maybe this advice may ease her symptoms. I have used eucalyptus in water to mop my floorboards for years now. I love the smell. I also use vinegar to clean windows and use vinegar in the last washing machine rinse as a softener. With all our little ones around non-toxic is preferable. I have a book on the uses of baking soda (you can use it to clean just about anything!) must dig it out – you have inspired me. Love this post it brings things we have forgotten to the fore – we all carry our own burdens don’t we, stay well Charlie.

  14. Thanks for sharing this Charlie, will look forward to trying out.
    Hope all is good, Donna xo

  15. Ooo love this! I’m always up for incorporating more all-natural products into my life. It might be a fight to get it past the.boy…but eventually I’ll convince him.

  16. Fascinating story about Mr. Coleman.

  17. I should mix up a batch of this as I find my chest tightening when I use certain chemicals to clean. Not good for me. Not at all. Thanks, Charlie.

  18. Thanks for this Charlie. I have bookmarked as I want to do this in the fall.

  19. Sounds great to me. I would love to use something less harsh to clean. I think that might be the reason I am sick a lot of the time…the harsh cleaners we use at camp and at home…Not a lot I can do about camp, but I can change what I use here at the house! Thanks! xo

  20. This is such a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  21. I have used this solution many times – it’s especially effective to clean the shower tubs and similar areas. My basins and stove tops gleam too with this combo. It’s messy though. I am so sorry for your condition, it can really take you down. Take care!

  22. We use a vinegar and water solution on almost everything, but it sadly makes the house smell like a cheap salad. I am intrigued about then eucalyptus oil, I shall have to see if we can get it here too. The vinegar and water cleans stainless steel wonderfully it’s cheap and safe!
    I’m so sorry to hear if your thyroid illness, my dr thought I might have it too but it worked itself out, that was about 25 years ago. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Once home on wifi, I’ll look at the movie, we’ve been st the cottage since Saturday. Quite worried about going home, we had the worst rainfall since Hurricane Hazel in the 1950’s (before my time, I’m afraid),

  23. Oh gosh, you too? So many people are being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s/thyroid issues of late. Very happy you got the information you needed to get things under control. xoxo

  24. Thanks Charlie for this interesting and inspiring post.
    I’m since many years, a fan of white vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. It gives amazing results, does no harm to our bodies and protects the environment.
    Great post, I’ll definitely share it!

  25. Thanks for sharing with your readers Charlie!

  26. My husband and son both have Hashimoto’s. So does my sister-in-law, her daughter, and my brother-in-law! All of them are gluten free now as gluten intolerance has been linked to Hashimotos. Tony, my husband is on natural thyroid support (Thyrodinum 4CH) and has been able to keep his thyroid under control and his blood tests no longer show the Hashimoto antibodies!

    After working for a Naturopathic doctor for several years, I learned SO much about the body, how it works, and the ill effects of stress, hormone imbalance, food, and toxins. It’s wonderful to see how people are beginning to educate themselves more and more and not just relying on traditional medicine to treat their symptoms. It’s imperative to find the root of the problem and to also try to work from there for a healthier life.

    My theory is, if I can do it naturally, I will usually always choose that route.

    I’m excited to try your cleaning solution! 🙂 ~ April

  27. Great article indeed Charlie! It’s hard trying to give a damaged system all the support it needs, but these are great, easy steps that anyone can follow. With my InTolerances I use as little chemicals as possible too, so this is great for me, and I’ll be passing it along to my friend who is a professional cleaner and just been diagnosed with thyroid issues. Thanks sweetie xox

  28. white vinegar is fantastic.. amazing stuff.. I think there are a lot of medical issues that can be controlled with a clean diet.. c

  29. We’ve started changing over all our cleaning products too. My problem is that I’m allergic to harsh chemicals, we we’re trying to keep it natural!

  30. In the last year, I’ve switched so many of the products we use to natural or home-made for cleaning, skin care, health.. you name it.
    It all started when I started reading about free-range and organic meat. Once you start reading about all the toxins out there it’s hard to stop!

  31. Thanks for sharing this! Ten years ago when I was diagnosed with another autoimmune disease (systemic scleroderma), I also started getting rid of all toxic chemicals for cleaning. My mixture is almost like yours but I don’t use the oil nor the baking soda. Definitely will be adding the baking soda! I bet I won’t have to scrub as hard in the shower. Glad you are doing better with the Hashimoto’s!

  32. Great recipe–thanks for sharing.

  33. I’m trying to use more natural ingredients recently so thanks for this recipe!

  34. Have used vinegar and baking soda for about a decade: there were two Oz ladies who put out a small book on how to clean naturally at that time [now where is it 🙂 ?]. One has to be a tad careful not to use eucalyptus oil near food prep areas: it can be toxic to you – on floors, in bathrooms etc: fine . . . or give the kitchen tops a clean water rinse.

    • Thanks Eha for letting me know about the eucalyptus. I do love the smell however! I remember hearing about that book but never got my hands on a copy and now I can’t remember the name of it.

  35. Sorry to read of your thyroid problems, Charlie, but glad to read you’ve gotten them under control. For years I’ve been conscious of the chemicals brought into my home because their fumes can harm the parrot. Even so, an effective homemade cleaner would be great. Thanks for the heads-up.

  36. Ok Im gonna ditch the heavy duty bleach then. I must have seen this on Brydies blog and just not listened to her, clearly you have convinced me Charlie!

  37. you had hypo-thyrodism & 10 years ago, I had hyper-thyrodism & had to remove my thyroid. I had a benign carcinoma.Now, I take pills for the rest of my life instead.
    This hom-made cleaning product seems to be a really good one! Thank you & I will make & try it out! Thanks, sweety! Xx ☺

  38. So sorry to hear about your hypothyroidism, Charlie, but thankful you shared this homemade cleaning solution. I’m allergic to some of the “smells” of store bought products and eucalyptus will be a pleasant fragrance to mask the vinegar.

  39. I’ve actually made this cleaning solution before! But it’s been ages – don’t know why I haven’t used it in awhile. OK, I know – sheer laziness! Sorry to hear about your condition, but glad it’s under control.

  40. I love homemade cleaning solutions! Thanks Charlie. This one will be great. I actually have all the ingredients. Know thyroid issues well. Our family is riddled with them.

  41. Vinegar and bicarb are often thrown down my kitchen drain to give it a good clean out. Love the idea of mixing them with other goodies for an all round cleaner.
    We have a good friend with Parkinson’s – it’s soul destroying to see how it affects his life. Will have to share your post with him.
    Have an awesome day Charlie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  42. That is such a fabulous story about Mr Coleman. We have that disease in the family so it is of great interest.
    I use stacks of baking soda around the house. To me it is a wonder product.

  43. Fascinating! I am sorry about your thyroid, but thank God, they figured out what it was.Some of us go for a long time with conditions they can’t or won’t diagnose.(For one, I did not fit into their sacred categories of WHO gets WHAT).
    If I can find eucalyptus oil,I’ll try this!

  44. What a great post. So sorry to hear about your thyroid situation, but so glad you have it under control. I’m going to try this cleaning solution, and also want to share this video with a friend of mine in Virginia who has a dear friend there suffering from Parkinson’s. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Thank-you for sharing, am going to start using this recipe for cleaning now!

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