Not Quite Nigella’s Halloween Party

Carl and I scooped the invitation of the year when we were invited to Lorraine’s Halloween Party.  If you are a regular reader of Not Quite Nigella you would know that her Halloween parties are famous and that her readers eagerly anticipate the Halloween post. The invitation strictly said that entry was only permissible if you arrived in costume. Of course I knew immediately what look we were after.  Carl would go as Robin Thicke and I would go as Miley Cyrus however, due to an overloaded work schedule, we just didn’t get time to rehearse that routine so instead Carl went as Elvis and I went as a tamed kitty cat.

Saying hello to the welcoming skeleton

Saying hello to the welcoming skeleton

We were a half hour late due to looking after a friend’s child all day – a child that wasn’t collected on schedule (kitty cat was becoming slightly tense) and during the day I made some red back spiders that were yummy but I felt their presentation wasn’t quite up to the NQN standard.  Never mind, I boldly walked in with them.

Red back spiders - perfect for Halloween

Red back spiders – perfect for Halloween

When we arrived Mr NQN answered the door and Tania was there but as for Lorraine, we were told she was in the bedroom.  Mr NQN offered to show us what was for dinner so he took us to the dining room table and started to lift cloches off dishes and I was super-impressed with the attention to detail and the extent of Lorraine’s imagination in creating a visual feast that was all about Halloween.  Even the music was like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Then Mr NQN asked us to zoom in on a particular cloche and so of course my head went right in to the spot of choice and when he lifted the lid up popped Ms NQN herself causing me to jump sky high and practically throw my drink over my shoulder (come to think of it; I hadn’t been offered a drink at that stage and just as well!).  As some of you would know, I’m particularly jumpy having been stalked by a peeping tom in childhood years.

Out of the cloche pops Lorraine

Out of the cloche pops Lorraine

Moving on… Then the Elliott’s knocked on the door.  Let me tell you now, they’re a competitive bunch.  They arrived all together, all in costume with a well-worked script and a fully rehearsed routine. Clearly they had been given inside information that prizes were at stake. Realising we had been trumped I announced that Carl had an item prepared.  I pushed him into the centre of the room, swapped the Alfred Hitchcock soundtrack for a bit of My Way and let Elvis belt out one of his best known tunes.

Elvis belting out 'My Way'

Elvis belting out ‘My Way’

The Elliott’s had no comeback – they hadn’t prepared any musical items.

Elvis is in the building!

Elvis is in the building!

Then it was on with a murderous game where the unknown murderer has to wink at everyone else at which point they do a fake death.  I launched into this with gusto and when the murderer finally winked at me I may have over-acted with a long drawn out death scene that saw me slide down the back of a couch and writhe on the floor with death-throws.  I thought it was an academy award performance but Carl said, ‘You’re such a ham actor’.  So unkind!

A rat that's met with an unfortunate demise

A rat that’s met with an unfortunate demise

Despite Carl’s opinion of my acting abilities, I’ll have you know that I won a prize for the best death scene.  Carl won nothing. On with the show.

Armadillo road kill

Armadillo road kill

So then it was charades and I had to act out, ‘The Blob’.  Within a matter of seconds Lorraine had solved the mystery and I jumped up and down claiming another victory.  But Lorraine said that as she was involved we would have to share the prize.  Point taken!

Beating heart cupcakes

Beating heart cupcakes

Just as my acting skills were starting to be noticed, Carl claimed it was time to leave.  He was under the weather having been to a wine tasting the night before (until 2am) then had worked all day.  Like I say, he arrived like the walking dead so just as well he went as Elvis.

Dumplings shaped like body parts

Dumplings shaped like body parts

I had such a fun time and felt so privileged to be at Ms NQN’s Halloween Party.  It was fabulous fun and I can tell you all, every inch of her home screams of the talent she is. It was inspiring. If you’d like to see more of the Halloween Party, hop over to Lorraine’s post where there are plenty more images and you can print all the recipes.

Out of the cloche pops Lorraine

Out of the cloche pops Lorraine

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  1. Those are some pretty gory party offerings. The bisected rat is a particular stand out.

    Love Elvis and kitty looks supremely pettable. 🙂

  2. Oh Charlie, I’m so glad that you had a good time! You and Elvis were such a hit! And your acting was fantastic, what does he mean a ham? I dare say all actors are hams really! 😛 Thank you so much for coming! 😀 xxx

  3. You do sexy kitty so well Charlie, I love that Carl got up and sang, though I think a re-enactment of the Miley & Robin twerk would’ve been hysterical x

  4. That looked like a fun party!

  5. Who’s competitive…. Charlie????. You looked every inch the stunning Kitty ham actor or not. Lets play games again you do make me laugh.

  6. The whole evening looks and sounds an absolute blast. You pulled off Sexy Kitten pretty well I’m not sure about the Tamed Kitty part though!

  7. How awesome! What a fun party.

  8. I’m so jealous! I loved meeting Lorraine when she came to Texas and know she would throw a killer party!

  9. Wow! That party took some preparation!!!!

  10. This looks and sounds like the best Halloween party ever, although I could go without the rat in the trap, having an aversion to such creatures.

  11. You are so lovely…. seems that it was great fun there… Thanks and Love, nia

  12. Sounds like you had a marvelous time! How fun. I love parties like that …but my husband…not so much. 🙂

  13. Mega mega jealous. Two of my fav party-talented blogger ladies! It’s been too long since I last caught up with Lorraine, and longer since you (because never). xo

  14. Is that a real rat??? Ewww……Lorraine’s party has to take the Halloween party of the planet cake. Loved reading about it all over again.

  15. It looked like such a fantastic night! She really does go all out doesn’t she!

  16. The food looked amazingly realistic. Good thing I wasn’t there. I would have been too grossed out. I would have only managed to drink and then I probably would have pretended that I was Elvis!

  17. Oh what fun! Well done winning the wink murder competition! I can imagine your death well.

  18. I’m glad you had such a great time Charlie, what a shame Carl was so jealous and tried to ruin your evening 🙂 Everybody knows that a convincing death scene is the mark of all great actors, and if you’ve got to go you might as well go with gusto!
    The spider’s would have been right at home with the dead rats and squished armadillo- very Halloween horrible indeed xox

  19. Carl looks pretty fabulous, but Lorraine’s photo of you in death throes on the floor topped all! What fun!

  20. You and Carl look AMAZING, Charlie! And wow, Lorraine’s spread is just WOW (not that I expected anything else!). I know I’ll definitely be printing out the dumpling/body parts recipe!

  21. I’m very jealous, in a nice way, what a fabulous evening. I love that Lorraine was under a cloche on the table. All very original, but it is Mrs NQN! GG

  22. LOVE your costumes!

  23. That sure was a fun event. Carl does look like Elvis, good for him to belt out ‘My Way’ it was a hit. How long did it take Lorraine to out this all together?

  24. G’day what a absolute cracker’ of a party this was Cherlie, true!
    Scary for the second time reading and LOVE your outfits…is always great fun, this party am sure will be most memorable for your lifetime too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  25. That looks brilliant. I would love to see Carl’s rendition of ‘My Way’. Looks like he is totally into it. I bet that party was the hottest ticket in town. I can only imagine how good the food was and your red backs look terrific.


  26. Sounds like you and Carl were a great hit, and your red backed spiders are most impressive. Did anyone actually feel like eating by the way?!

  27. Now this sounds like a fun time, Charlie. You two looked great! Any party that includes a game of “Murder” is OK in my book! Between your death scene and Carl’s performance, you should have walked away with all of the evening’s awards. Surely, Lorraine realized this and, to be fair to her other guests, made sure they received some recognition, too. 😉

  28. What an absolutely fabulous party… you two look awesome!
    Sounds like a ball.

  29. What a brilliant evening and you both looked fabulous! Kudos on a good death scene.
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  30. Oh, wow! What a night. I have to say, though, that I may not have survived having someone jump out of a table at me!

  31. Hehehe…just a little bit competitive there, Kitty? 🙂 Your costumes look wonderful! Sounds like a great night! 🙂

  32. Carl seriously look like Elvis. O_O You look so sexy as well in your kitty dress. 😉
    Looks l like you had a fantastic time!

  33. Haha you two are AWESOME and so is this party! What a way to get your Halloween spirit on!

  34. What an awesome sounding evening 🙂 I love all the attention that Lorraine always gives for her Halloween bashes.

  35. Wow – what a fabulous spread! That road kill armadillo and the bleeding heart cupcakes are FABULOUS!
    Yalls costumes Killer – thanks for sharing such a fun party!

  36. “Despite Carl’s opinion of my acting abilities, I’ll have you know that I won a prize for the best death scene. Carl won nothing.” 😉 Delicate and delicious phrasing.

    Sounds like a fun time. Carl makes a pretty convincing looking Elvis.

  37. Oh, this has to be one of the best Halloween parties of the century! I love the attention to detail, the gorgeous/spooky food, all your costumes, your award winning performance!!! I would have loved to have heard Carl sing!

  38. Happy Wednesday!

  39. How fortunate to get an invitation to NQN’s party!! Oh, my gosh, I don’t believe I’ve seen a table of treats that detailed for Hallowe’en ever! I loved your costume.. loved Elvis too, it’s actually quite remarkable how like Elvis he is!

  40. Love your outfit 😉 Looks like it was a great party!

  41. Out of the cloche pops Lorraine – that is cute.. i like to attend the party. Btw he looked like Elvis.

  42. I already had fun reading Lorraine’s post (what a great picture of your demise, by the way), but I loved hearing about the evening from another angle.

  43. OMG, I am one of fans who wait the entire year for her Halloween post (and haven’t had a chance to read her post yet!). I can tell you had so much fun!!!! Thank you so much for sharing in details. Now I’m going to pop over and see what she did for this year’s party! 😀

  44. Oh my goodness! This is one of the most superbly crafted Halloween parties I’ve ever seen. The detail in the food is amazing. Now the idea of Lorraine’s head popping up would have sent me screaming! But I really admire the huge effort this would have been. Fun! Now, not that I really had too many questions, but I see where Archie and Arabella get their dramatic flair…you and Carl are the ultimate party guests. You entertain on the spot! 🙂

  45. What fun!! Someone should have recordered your dearh scene! I can only imagine 🙂

  46. How fabulous! Looks like so much fun!!!

  47. Elvis was looking hot on this night! This looks like quite the party and you guys really got into the scary but delicious food. Loads of fun! I doubt if I will even have one trick or treater here in Hong Kong, not a big celebration here. Happy Halloween!

  48. Charlie, you’re the cat’s meow and your hubby… well let’s just say, “uh huh HUH!” What a fun party… Lorraine popping out from under the cloche was a hoot! I’ll never look at a roadkill armadillo the same either. 😉

  49. Oh my gosh, this party sounds amazing…and so much fun! Love that she was hiding on the buffet 🙂 And Carl makes a mean Elvis impersonator 😉 the food is so realistic I couldn’t look too long at it…and I fear there’s no way I’d be able to eat it!

  50. What a fun party, you guys looked adorable! What a convincing Elvis!

    I’m happy you didn’t go as Miley. 😉

  51. Lorraine seriously has the best parties and I love love love how she appears undernearth the cloche hehe and everything looks scary but I bet tasted amazing 🙂

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