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One night, Carl was drunk.

We were at a fundraising event sitting at a table of 10 and while I was busy chatting to everyone at the table, Carl was wandering around the room knocking back a few reds.

Just before the entertainment walked onto the stage, it was announced that the Silent Auction was now closed and the auctioneer read out the names of the successful bidders.  As I hadn’t placed any bids I was pretty stunned when I heard my name called as having successfully bid on a trip to Tahiti.  That was when Carl returned to the table and let me know that in between drinks he had written my name down on just about every bidding sheet.  Fortunately there were many other drunks furiously scribbling down their wives names so we only ended up having to pay for the trip to Tahiti.

Reclining poolside just before sunset

Reclining poolside just before sunset

A few weeks later Carl and I were at the airport and on our way to Papeete.  We flew in at around midnight and as we walked across the tarmac we had the most amazing welcome with Tahitian singers serenading us with beautiful traditional songs.

We stayed on the main island so it was only a short drive from the airport to our hotel.  The hotel had been built in the 1960’s which is a decade not known for any outstanding architectural achievements so the room was boxy but comfortable.

We woke to a beautiful sunny day and went down to breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant.  We sat at a table overlooking the stunning beach and I felt like I’d never been in a setting so close to how I imagined paradise.

After breakfast we thought we’d recline around the pool but it was full of Tahitian children playing games and laughing and having so much fun we retreated to the beach.  I lay down in a hammock slung between two coconut palms and by now knew for sure I was experiencing a touch of paradise.

The next day the pool area was quiet with very few people and there wasn’t a child to be seen.  They were all at school.  The children who had been swimming the day before were the children of the staff working at the hotel.  And why not bring your children to work with you and allow them a day in the pool!

The weather is so warm that we would find ourselves still out by the pool or in the hammock at around 8pm at night.  I was so relaxed I couldn’t be bothered moving.  We’d stay down by the water to watch the most beautiful sunsets.  It was wonderful to be somewhere where you could experience amazing sunsets because living on the East coast of Australia we can see beautiful sunrises (if you can surface that early) but never sunsets.

The turquoise waters of the Island of Moorea

The turquoise waters of the Island of Moorea

One day we caught a ferry over to the island of Moorea which is a short commute from Papeete.  Many locals live on Moorea and commute to work each day on the main island.  We hired a car and drove around the Pineapple Road that takes you along the edge of the Island.  We stopped at some of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen, all deserted, with incredibly warm turquoise water and fine, white velvety sand.  It is hard to imagine a more beautiful place.

The downside of Tahiti is that everything is so expensive.  Apparently Tahiti is bankrupt and is propped up financially by France.  Just about everything has to be imported and the island doesn’t export much except for what’s made in the pineapple factory on Moorea and they grow and export the best vanilla beans you have ever seen or tasted.  They do make and export their own beer, Hinano, with the iconic Tahitian girl on the bottle.  Beer wasn’t too expensive.


Sunset in Tahiti

Sunset in Tahiti

Carl didn’t get drunk in Tahiti, he couldn’t afford to.  All wines are imported and while Australia and New Zealand are both geographically close and have great wines to export, almost all wines are imported from that nation on the other side of the world, France.  With all that travel involved it is probably no wonder a glass of wine costs around $25.00.  Carl certainly wasn’t knocking back the reds in French Polynesia.  I switched from wine to gin and tonic because they cost $15.00, a bargain by comparison.

But you don’t go to Tahiti to shop or get inebriated, you go to experience the French Polynesian people and their culture and to admire the beauty of their land.  

I would love to relive my memories of Tahiti.

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A tropical paradise

A tropical paradise

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  1. How lovely that you actually won one of those auctions, and such a beautiful trip too. $25 for wine is very expensive indeed.

    • Yes, Eva, very expensive for just one glass. I’m so pleased Carl did buy this for me as I’m quite sure I would never otherwise, have got myself to Tahiti.

  2. I wasn’t drunk.. I just thought that.. Tahiti sounds nice…

  3. You’re right. This does look like Paradise. Except for the prices.

  4. I think I’ve mentioned before that we honeymooned in Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea. Amazing. For our 10th anniversary I ordered Mike some Hinano. Thank you for the memories. Been thinking of you. I hope your pup is doing better.

  5. I would have charged my drinks!!! Carl is obviously more fiscally responsible than I am! Beautiful photos!

  6. Congratulations on the auction win even if you didn’t write on the bidding sheets yourself. I’ve been to a couple events with silent auctions but had never heard of someone writing in their spouse’s name on the sheets. I would have taken the ticket price out of “Carl’s” mad money budget. I’m glad I don’t drink much cause those wine and cocktail prices are outrageous.

    My compliments on the way you look in that swimsuit. I’m envious of your silhouette. 🙂 I hope all is well with your girl, Rosie.

  7. ***One night, Carl was drunk.***

    Great first sentence!

    Love the photos LOTS! xx

  8. Nice post, great opportunity to win…. and love your svelteness!

  9. I’ve always wanted to go to Tahiti! One day perhaps.What lovely memories 🙂

  10. Carl, you did an awesome job to take your beautiful wife to Tahiti! The photos are amazing 🙂

  11. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Carl comment….!! Too funny. At least Carl put your name down for Tahiti and not one of those huge hideous daggy signed football shirts…..

  12. First of all, hope Rosie is a wee bit happier . . . not that she would realize what made her feel so crook and frightened! Wonder whether you are talking about Hotel Tahiti about 7 kms out of Papeete ’cause that was built at the time and we stayed there for a week [QANTAS only cam thru’ weekly on its run to Mexico at the time!]. Hmm, one of the two times only I, together with the whole overflowing clientele, got the worst food poisoning ever from the luncheon buffet poisson cru! Oh, the Hotel doctor from Papeete was drunk as a Lord and could not attend! Still remember 😀 !!!! Guess who had to 😉 !

  13. That’s it.. I’m moving to Oz! 😉 It’s really not fair that you look that gorgeous in a bathing suit, just so you know… 😉 xo

  14. Shashi @ RunninSrilankan says:

    You do look gorgeous, Charlie! And looks like Carl’s drunken night resulted in a gorgeous vacation too – albeit the prices!

  15. The trip sounds amazing! Good luck to all the entrants 🙂

  16. Tahiti- it’s a magical place 🙂

  17. I recently had a huge panic because I thought I’d forgotten to renew my car insurance and had been uninsured except for third party insurance for at least a year. It turns out the reminder had gone to my Dad and he had just paid it (!) but I really relate to the need for insurance reminders!! What a lovely give away, and what a great trip you got from Carl’s drunk bidding 😉

  18. Your last photo is outstanding. Good luck to all those that enter.

  19. LOL…I’m so glad Carl defended himself. I may have to keep plying Bill with beer if our next silent auction offers a trip to Tahiti! It looks like paradise!!!

  20. That’s an excellent plan, Liz!

  21. What a happy memory, Charlie. I’m definitely going to enter!

  22. It may be expensive but it’s still very much on my “To Do” list. I have stopped in Papeete on the way to New York but alas it was a one hour stopover and we never left the airport … one day!

  23. Awesome pics!!! But yeah, a glass of wine has a not-too-awesome price, lol! You had a breathtaking view of that sunset. Thanks for sharing!

    Gourmet Getaways

  24. Best of luck to all your entrants. What a great prize!
    Tahiti is very similar to Mauritius with prices and everything being imported. It cost us far too much than we would like to remember on booze while living there.
    Have a wonderful day Charlie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  25. Good work Carl! I would highly encourage that behaviour in my house!

  26. How funny is that husband of your. At least you got to enjoy his drunken moment too.

  27. Thats the freakin BEST! The hubby is too funny. 🙂 That seems to be the case in a lot of Island destinations, better to stick with the ‘cliche’ cocktail drinking. Great prize, but I dont insure with NRMA. Good luck to your other readers tho! 🙂

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