Ohhh, I’m ‘Borrowing’ a Recipe

One of the great things about reading other blogs, (apart from getting to know the blogger) is the recipes they share.  Just after Christmas The Intolerant Chef shared a recipe called Betutu Bebek or Balinese Spiced Duck.

I love The Intolerant Chef’s blog and am a total fan.  She is (as the name suggests) a professional chef and she shares her amazing, inspiring and intriguing recipes with fabulous lighthearted humour as well as giving wonderful detail as to how to prepare each recipe.

Duck covered in banana leaves

I immediately wanted to try this recipe but because of the pre-Christmas massacre of ducks, every butcher’s shop I went into was out of stock and I was informed that there was now a shortage and it would be at least four weeks before anyone would be able to sell a whole duck.

The unveiling of the duck

I patiently bided my time and today I was able to purchase my duck and get on with the recipe.  One thing you do need to be aware of with this recipe is that the duck needs to cook for four hours so if you don’t want to be eating at midnight you need to get on with this earlier in the day.

Here in Sydney it has been announced that we have had the coldest summer in history (‘appalling’ doesn’t describe the season adequately), however, today it has been warm, even hot (and we’re not used to it),  so I didn’t choose the best day to have the oven cranked up for many hours.

Slow-Cooked Duck

Never mind!  The duck was absolutely delicious.  Because of the long cooking process and because the duck is steam cooked, the meat is extremely tender and just falls from the bone.  The flavours are incredible, it is a very rich dish and adequately feeds a family of four.   It was so well received by everyone in my family that it was just a shame I didn’t cook two!

I served the duck with organic brown rice cooked in chicken stock with some finely chopped sauteed onion and steamed green beans on the side along with the reduced pan juices.

Balinese Duck

This is not a family meal you can whip up at a moment’s notice.  But, once it is in the oven it really does just take care of itself.  You will find the recipe on The Intolerant Chef’s website.

Thank you Intolerant Chef for a wonderful meal and for showing me a new way to cook a duck.

So the duck recipe was Balinese but do you like melting moments?  Passionfruit melting moments?

Passionfruit Melting Moments

Here’s the recipe for the prize winning entry in the JustB competition.  I made these melting moments and they were sensational.  Add this recipe to your repertoire – You won’t regret it!

Do you “borrow” recipes from other bloggers?

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  1. Despite being Indonesian, I’ve never been to Bali nor have I tried Balinese food. The shame. The duck looks fantastic, though!

  2. I love duck to start with and the Balinese duck looks brilliant. Now I scroll down and am asked if I like passionfruit melting moments and all I can do is drool…I love melting moments…they can be a weakness!

  3. I have never cooked duck. Someday I’ll have to get brave enough to try it.

  4. I’ve actually never ever SEEN duck in the stores here so I’m amazed you were able to find it at all! Sounds like an awesome recipe for it!

  5. I borrow recipes all the time! I’ll like you on FB, but my page is a product page, so I can’t be “friends” with anyone. =D I’ll try and add your page to my page of favorites though!

  6. As a teacher, I borrow or maybe “steal” ideas all the time. I maintain, that is what makes me a better teacher, being able to identify a good teaching lesson.

    That applies to food, also. If you see a good recipe, make it your own. That is simply smart.

    I haven’t had duck in years and don’t see it, in the stores. I will take a second look.

  7. Mmm…that whole meal sounds like a melting moment!! Isn’t that why we all read each others’ posts…..to be inspired and find great recipes!! Also, I’m looking forward to checking out this new blog!

  8. That looks amazing Charlie – the duck looks just perfect! I’ve been wanting to mess about with banana leaves for ages but never seem to be able to find any 🙁 I think I’ll try the asian stores in Paris – hopefully there I’ll find some! The melting moments look fantastic too – a wonderful meal all round!

  9. Great way to cook duck ~ I find it amazing how The Intolerant Chef is able to come up with so many amazing recipes that are lactose and gluten free 🙂

    I definitely borrow recipes from bloggers a lot ~ I always fall into the trap of buying cook books, but really end up putting them into a bookshelf and then going on my favourite bloggers for recipes and ideas hahaha ~

    And i really like the passionfruit melting moments, I have promised Mr Bao that i’ll make him a batch ‘one day’ 😛

  10. Don’t think I have ever cooked a whole duck before – you have definitely sold me on the idea! I also borrow recipes from fellow bloggers – it’s great sharing awesome recipes.
    🙂 Mandy

  11. I absolutely love, love, love duck in any form. And duck covered with banana leaves? Wow! Great recipe to borrow. I love how recipes are shared and how they travel the globe.

  12. I feel bad, I don’t just borrow now and then, I do it most of the time!!! I guess that being 21 is an equivalent of 0 experience and thus, I tend to re-do what others make, I may add or take a little bit but I just haven’t created much on my own…

    I’m just glad there’s people out there like you with so much creativity that don’t mind sharing such great recipes 🙂

  13. If you’re going to borrow recipes, these are certainly 2 of the best! Both look and sound delicious and I will soon be checking out their blogs.Your Summer’s been unseasonably cool; our Winter’s been unusually mild. This will be a year to remember.

  14. Balinese food is truly delicious isn’t it… and The Intolerant Chef’s! 🙂

  15. I love beat that melts off the bone! YUM!!!! I have to be honest: I have never cooked duck. We don’t have it that much in the U.S., I don’t think. also, I love living ducks and so it’s a little tough for me to imagine eating one!!! Do you think it would work with chicken? Or not?

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Hi Gretchen, I definitely think you could try this with chicken. I’m sure it would work just as well. If you do end up cooking it, I’d love to hear how you got on. If all else fails, the melting moments are very easy and only require a few ingredients that aren’t as difficult to source!

  16. Why have I never cooked a duck at home? I need to try this! This sounds like a great meal. Your passionfruit cookies look delicious for dessert too.

  17. Hi Charlie, I’m so glad you liked the recipe and that your family liked the duck! Isn’t it yummy!
    Awww shucks, thanks for all the pretty things you said about me, I love you too! You always have such random quirky stories to tell, and they always make me laugh.
    My hubby works with a guy from Indonesia, and he says his wife routinely makes this with chicken too, but I think the richness of the duck makes all the effort extra special, yummmm…..
    We’ve had the coldest summer on record too, and its another gray day, definitely time to crank up the oven and bake those blues away 🙂

  18. What an intriguing cooking method and blend of spices? I’d love to try a plate as I doubt I’d have the ambition to cook something like this on my own. 🙂

  19. Slowly cooked duck is something I adore. I make slowly cooked duck legs in duck fat and they are one of the favourite dishes in my life. The Balinese spices can only make the duck better! Thanks for introducing the Intolerant Chef.
    I will definitely try your passion fruit melting moments one day. They are so beautiful and almost look like macarons.

  20. What an exotic looking dish! I’ve never cooked duck, but love all things cooked in banana leaves and this sounds terrific.

  21. I’ve never cooked duck either. I’ve been a little afraid of it to tell you the truth. I love the plate you have it on. We’re choosing wedding china at the moment so I have my eyes peeled on all things plates.

    I’m obsessed with passionfruit at the moment. Seems like a good time to make melting moments!

  22. Hi Charlie, I borrow recipes all the time, that is mainly why I read the blogs…to get inspiration for creative ‘chefs’ like yourself. And one of the benefits is also to get to know the favourites! Too bad you are having such a lacking summer; I am so happy that our winter has been extremely mild and we’ve really only had to shovel once or twice (and that was pointless because the next day the temperatures went sky rocketing to 9-10°C and it would have melted anyway!!!) I hope our summer is a warm one, I do love those hot summer days (with a cool cocktail in hand, of course!)
    I have to admit, as interesting as the duck recipe is, I would probably not make it; steaming the duck gives it a pasty look that I am not fond of…although I do love duck and I believe you have made duck before that was TDF (to die for).
    I really love the Passionfruit Melting Moments and will click on the link to check them out. Congratulations on your win.

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Hi Eva, yes, the pasty look isn’t good. It was quite difficult photographing the end result because I couldn’t get the dish to look terribly appetising but the flavour and the tenderness and how it all just fell off the bone was awesome. The other duck recipe I did was Thai duck legs cooked in a master stock and served with a lychee and ginger salad – that really is a TDF recipe. Oh, and alas, I didn’t win anything. On JustB we ran a competition where you had to send in a baking recipe and you could win a Kitchen Aid. The girl who won the competition submitted the passionfruit melting moment recipe and it was a unanimous decision that she was the winner. It is a great recipe if you get the chance to make them. xx

  23. Intriguing recipe Charlie. It is years since I’ve cooked duck. Duck a l’orange back in the eighties is the only duck I’ve cooked.

  24. I’ll tackle the recipe thanks but from where do I borrow those fabulous plates that add to the fab food presentation??????????

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Thanks for noticing! They’re not the sort of plates we eat off every day of the week but I do like to use them for special occasions.

  25. Every duck I’ve eaten has been cooked really badly, which tends to make it taste chewy. But this looks delicious! And who would have thought that duck was in short supply? I didn’t know it was that hard to obtain.

  26. It’s good to be back from my travels, visit my favorite bloggers and see unique recipes like this Charlie. I’ve never thought to prepare duck like this, but it’s something that I’ll have to try some time. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

  27. Just look at that duck.. looking all scrumptious and absolutely wonderful lol. I love it. You really did a wonderful job with it. And I also love the organic brown rice.. yummy

  28. I remember Rebecca’s recipe and drooling over it. She has such a great blog and she’s lovely to boot! 😀

  29. I saw that recipe too Charlie, and now i would also like to make it. Now given the opportunity I want to say that I am using a recipe that you posted last week to do at my cooking classes next week. It is the chicken in masterstock with black caramel vinegar. i was planning on doing something similar and your recipe was so straight forward and simple that I thought the students would be inspired. I hope that this is OK…… I will post with pics.. dedicated to you, hows that?

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Tania – I would be so flattered! It really is a great recipe and so very delicious. The recipe states that the wings should be cooked in the stock and then rested for 24 hours but I’ve always only been able (due to a lack of patience) leave them for a few hours and then get on with the final part of the cooking process. Do let me know how you get on. I would love to hear about it. The caramel vinegar is just delicious and keeps well in the fridge for the next batch!

  30. Magnolia Verandah says:

    Nothing wrong with borrowing recipes – isn’t that what blogging is about? Still having troubles with the Open ID on my blog any tips to get it sorted?

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Okay, your website hasn’t come up in the ID section. I’ll find you on google and see if I have a problem commenting. xx

  31. Ooooh, Betutu Bebek !!! It looks totally yum ! Being of Indonesian descent, I know the challenges of having to get in early to start up a dish like this one…But oh, so, so worth it ! You’ve inspired me to try it myself !

  32. The more apt question would be, what recipes do I make that I DON’T borrow from other bloggers. LOL! I trust the bloggers much more than my cookbooks b/c I can read their review before I make it so I already have a good idea how it will turn out. This sounds incredible-I’m going to check it out.

  33. Duck is my all time favourite meat dish, but I haven’t eaten it for years and never will as some years ago, photographing water birds, I fell in love with some little cygnets and ducks and that was the end of eating duck. And now I’m a veggie, I can’t eat anything like it, but this does look good. I can however eat passionfruit melting moments 🙂 I cook from blogs all the time, which is, as someone else said, why I read them in the first place. So now I shall have to ‘borrow’ the melting moments recipe and give them a whirl.

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