It’s Passionfruit Season

Considering it's winter, the flowers are stunning

Earlier this week I was invited to a lunch to celebrate passionfruit season and the sensational varieties of passionfruit we have growing in this country.  I do love passionfruit and even though I can’t say I have much of a garden or even a green thumb, I do have a golden panama passionfruit vine that […]

A Hearty Ragu

Serve with pasta

It was all as you said it would be.  ‘They’ll be fine’, you said, ‘they will rise to the occasion’.  And I can tell you that is exactly what happened even though when it came to looking after the little guy and caring for the home, one rose a lot higher than the other. Of […]

Bambu, Seminyak, Bali

The dining area is surrounded by water features

Before we left for Bali, we had quite a few friends telling us where we ‘absolutely must’ dine.  One name that kept popping up was Bambu and so it was definitely on our list of experiences we must have before we fly back to Sydney. Without even trying, we actually stumbled upon Bambu.  On the […]

In My Kitchen, July 2015


In my kitchen I have a lot of goodies brought back from Bali but first, I have a few things that haven’t done as many miles. In my kitchen I have a beautiful purple ‘purse’ that was given to me by my friend, Lindy.  Yes, the box has been a little chewed by Rosie but […]

Rock Bar, Ayana Resort, Bali

The crowds at the Rock Bar

If you’ve traveled to Bali you have more than likely heard of the Rock Bar; it’s more known than the resort, Ayana, where it is situated. The very famous Rock Bar is situated within the Ayana Resort complex and while all 80 hectares of Ayana sprawls out above the coastline, the Rock Bar is down […]

Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali

Ocean pool

Without contest, Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali, is the very best resort I have ever been to. Located in Jimbaran and just a 30-minute drive from Denpasar airport, Ayana is set on around 80 hectares of pristine land, high above a cliff over the Indian Ocean. Formally known as the Ritz Carlton, Ayana is […]

Bali, An Island of Contrasts

The beach at Seminyak

How to describe Bali… The word, ‘shambles’ springs to mind. Bali is one of 17,500 islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia.  Only 6,000 of the islands are inhabited and the population of Indonesia is more than 250 million.  Indonesia is the world’s largest Islamic country although the Island of Bali stands alone with […]

Batch Burgers & Espresso, Kirribilli

Cheese Burger

From where we live we can walk to the harbour foreshore where there’s a very picturesque walk that ends under the Harbour Bridge.  From our home it’s a 7km walk so it’s not something we do everyday, however, when the weather is good and we feel like being outdoors, it’s a good option.  A few […]

Mini-Mos 2015

Come on little guy

If there’s one event our little guy looks forward to, it’s the Mini-Mos; a community event organised by the local primary school that’s now in its 33rd year.  Everyone is invited to take part in either a 2km, 5km or 10km fun run with funds raised from donations and entry fees going to selected charities.  […]

Garuda Airlines, The Business Class Experience

Plenty of space

The good thing about a business trip is that it’s totally appropriate to travel business class.  Having never been to an international conference, this was my first business class experience. The advantages of traveling business class don’t start when you’re ushered to your seat at the front of the plane, they start long before that.  […]