The Ruptured Tendon

Hospital - a good place to do uni work

It does seem a very long time ago that Arabella fell on broken glass and ended up in hospital.  In fact, it was 10 long weeks ago. Since having a lot of repair work done including the stitching back together of her patella tendon, Arabella has been living with her leg in a full-length brace. […]

ANZAC Day March, 2015

Marching along George Street

The spirit of the ANZACs began in the trenches of WWI.  The day to acknowledge, recognise and show our thanks to the ANZACs for their sacrifice and contribution is April 25.  It was on that date one hundred years ago Australian and New Zealand troops, led by the British, made the fateful landing at Gallipoli. […]

Red Wine Lamb Shanks with Parsley Mash

Slow cooked until meltingly soft

As many of you are aware, here in Sydney we have just been visited by a Category 2 cyclone.  What was predicted was ‘a few days of wind and rain’ but what arrived was far more severe and certainly unexpected. On Saturday night we went out for dinner and it was so mild and balmy […]

Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Cake

Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Cake

This is the cake I made for our Easter Sunday lunch.  But remember someone ‘tinkered’ with my camera altering the white balance and so the photos I took were all having a hot flush. So I made the cake again for a Saturday night dinner party and baked the cake the night before, mentally planning […]

Ruby Has Rallied

Ruby comes to live with us

After a bleak week where we practically had the priest around administering the last rights, Ruby has rallied.  What a fighter. The story is that after her recent oral surgery the vet told me she was worried about the thickened tissue inside Ruby’s mouth and that it looked cancerous.  She took a biopsy of the […]


Such a loving friend

I will be taking a short break from blogging while we farewell a much loved, extremely significant, incredibly gorgeous, loyal, adorable and important member of our family. Like today’s time on the beach, we are coming together as a family to enjoy our last few days together. Thank you to everyone who via facebook and […]

A Day at the Royal Easter Show


My older children will be quick to tell you they had a deprived childhood because unlike other families, every Easter they weren’t taken to the Royal Easter Show. We did go once or twice but as it is often crowded and as some children like to run away, be difficult, fight with their sister, have […]

Easter Sunday Lunch

Dangling from the trees

When I took Arabella to hospital to have her wisdom teeth extracted, her scheduled surgery was delayed leaving me with a couple of hours of boredom.  The hospital was down in a ditch so there was no mobile/internet reception and the waiting room was devoid of all reading material except for one magazine.  I quickly […]

A Good Friday Brunch

Easter chicks

Years and years and years ago, before Drew and I bred three children, we had good friends who were married with three young daughters.  As we lived nearby, we spent lots of time with them, mostly in their home because they were such great hosts.  In the kitchen they were the ‘Dream Team’. Then Archie […]

Good Friday Hot Cross Buns

Serve warm with lots of butter and jam

My relationship with my Brazilian personal trainer didn’t get off to a great start.  I first laid eyes on him at a small group training session where he introduced himself as the newest member of staff at the gym. Then he said his name but there was a lot of competing noise and I thought he […]