Otto Pizzeria, New York

Love the entry doors

When my trip to New York was definite, Em said, ‘On the night you arrive, just go across the road from the apartment and you’ll find a great Italian where you can get a quick pizza or pasta’. Well Arabella and I went across the street from the apartment and didn’t find it and assumed […]

Candied Popcorn

So 'fairground'

This post is sponsored by Queen. I’m quite sure that the very first time I ate popcorn, it was the multi-coloured candied variety.  I just assumed that was what popcorn was and had no idea most commonly it was eaten in its natural colour, seasoned with butter and salt. Country fairgrounds with their ferris wheels, […]

Slow-Cooked Beef Cheeks with Asian Spices and…Nurses in Flight

After six hours, dinner is ready

Recently I was telling you about my experiences as a nurse and how I had to work on the cardio thoracic ward run by a woman with little tolerance for student nurses.  While there were people at the hospital who opportunistically tried to make life miserable for student nurses, we didn’t let them stop us […]

The Frick Collection, New York

The courtyard that was once the driveway

New York has so many museums and galleries worth seeing but on my schedule, I could only choose one.  I made a decision to view the Frick Collection as it is housed in the neoclassical mansion the collector built as his home on 5th Avenue. Henry Clay Frick was born in 1849 in Pennsylvania and […]

Joe Allen, New York

With this type of signage it was easy to find!

After seeing Matilda on Broadway we took a short walk through Times Square to 46th Street where we found Joe Allen, a restaurant that had been recommended to us because it’s in the theatre district and serves American classics well. Joe Allen opened his restaurant in May of 1965 and during that year, the cast […]

Matilda on Broadway

The Theatre

As soon as my ticket was booked for New York I knew that while there I absolutely wanted to see a musical on Broadway.  I looked up Broadway Shows on the internet and gave Arabella the list of possibilities of what we could see.  As soon as I mentioned Roald Dahl’s Matilda she said, ‘Mum, […]

Morandi, West Village, New York

Morandi - it attracts a stylish crowd

My sister said to me, ‘I think there’s a really good Italian within walking distance from you; you should give it a try’.  So on the Saturday night after we toured Central Park, we walked up to the restaurant in the West Village. Morandi is situated on Waverly Place where it has enough set-back from […]

A Day in Central Park

There are a lot of statues in the Park

Central Park is enormous and so much bigger than I could have imagined.  My sister had advised us to allow two full days to ensure we saw most of what the Park has to offer. The only trouble is that with so many other things to see, we only had time for one day in […]

Noho Star, East Village, New York

A great interior

After our very full day of visiting both the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Centre, we were ready to sit down, relax and eat well.  The Noho Star on the corner of Bleecker and Lafayette Streets in the East Village had been recommended to me by my sister who lived in the area […]

9/11 Memorial Museum

One World Trade Centre

Prior to 9/11 and despite having never been to New York, I was very familiar with the New York skyline.  Not only had I seen it on news broadcasts and travel brochures, but New York’s famous skyline was featured in a great many movies.  Which is why it still shocks me that the Twin Tower […]