Morandi, West Village, New York

Morandi - it attracts a stylish crowd

My sister said to me, ‘I think there’s a really good Italian within walking distance from you; you should give it a try’.  So on the Saturday night after we toured Central Park, we walked up to the restaurant in the West Village. Morandi is situated on Waverly Place where it has enough set-back from […]

A Day in Central Park

There are a lot of statues in the Park

Central Park is enormous and so much bigger than I could have imagined.  My sister had advised us to allow two full days to ensure we saw most of what the Park has to offer. The only trouble is that with so many other things to see, we only had time for one day in […]

Noho Star, East Village, New York

A great interior

After our very full day of visiting both the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Centre, we were ready to sit down, relax and eat well.  The Noho Star on the corner of Bleecker and Lafayette Streets in the East Village had been recommended to me by my sister who lived in the area […]

9/11 Memorial Museum

One World Trade Centre

Prior to 9/11 and despite having never been to New York, I was very familiar with the New York skyline.  Not only had I seen it on news broadcasts and travel brochures, but New York’s famous skyline was featured in a great many movies.  Which is why it still shocks me that the Twin Tower […]

In My Kitchen, August 2014

Queen's new range of food colour gels

In My Kitchen I have nothing from New York.  After shopping for clothes and shoes I had a baggage crisis and couldn’t fit in anything for my kitchen.  So many must-haves had to be returned to the shelves.  But I’m planning another trip so I can bring back all the homewares I fell in love […]

Amelie Wine Bar, Greenwich Village, New York

The bar at Amelie

Amelie Wine Bar became my most favourite place for a drink in the whole of New York City. When we arrived in New York we went straight to our apartment, freshened up and then headed out the door looking for somewhere to have a light meal.  With no idea where to go we walked up […]

Visiting the Statue of Liberty

Such an iconic image

I’m sure most tourists to New York City would have visiting the Statue of Liberty on their list of ‘must-see’ destinations. From Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty appears so much smaller than the image that has made appearances in so many films and been featured in so many tourism brochures.  It was only when I […]

The Spotted Pig, Greenwich Village, New York

The Spotted Pig

On recommendation from my sister, Em, we absolutely had to try The Spotted Pig in Greenwich Village, New York.  After our first day of sightseeing in New York, we walked to The Spotted Pig and as you can’t make a reservation, hoped and prayed for a table. Timing is everything and unfortunately the building is […]

So…You’re a Tourist in New York City

I forgot to tip him!

You will need a cast-iron bladder.  Manhattan is devoid of public bathrooms.  You can walk around all day and never find a restroom.  There are none at the subway stations and none in the parks and if you do find a bathroom it will be out of order or locked.  Someone told me there are […]

Travelling Home Solo

Eton Mess - too much for three

After Arabella finished hugging the pilot, she stepped onto the plane and the door was closed behind her.  Organising her own itinerary, she had about a 35-hour journey back to Sydney via China (China being in no way, on the way). Meanwhile, I had the trolley with all our luggage and I again took it […]