Rudolph’s Christmas 2014

I’m still without my lap top.  In between studies, Miss Arabella kindly lends me her computer and that’s been a huge help.

Santa checking his list

Santa checking his list

As today is Day 4 and as there had been no word, I gave the repair company a call and asked what time today my computer would be ready for collection.  The reason I was so optimistic is because the contract I’d signed stated the turnaround time was 1-3 days.

An elf riding a reindeer

An elf riding a reindeer

The conversation didn’t go well.  All I found out was that nothing had happened with my computer and that the fine print of the contract was that the only thing promised in 1-3 days is a diagnosis.

How to light up your outdoors

How to light up your outdoors

I asked if I could have the diagnosis.  Well, this week they’ve had in-staff training, have had low staff numbers and a lot of jobs in the queue ahead of mine (some customers happy to pay the ‘urgent’ fee I declined).  So they were only just running diagnostics today and still didn’t have any idea why the hard-drive was so damaged.

About the only snow we'll see in Oz

About the only snow we’ll see in Oz

Later today I received a phone call advising the hard drive cannot be repaired and so did I have a back-up.  Fortunately, I have a fairly recent back-up which they will install onto the damaged hard drive.  I asked them how the hard drive became so damaged and he asked me what I did to the computer the day it died.

Snowmen lit up like Christmas trees

Snowmen lit up like Christmas trees

I said, ‘Well, I tried all day to work on it but all I got was spinning wheeles.  I couldn’t even open an email without 15-minutes of spinning wheels upsetting me.  So at 2pm I shut it down’.

Preparing the toys for Christmas

Preparing the toys for Christmas

‘How did you do that?’

Santa's checked his list, twice

Santa’s checked his list, twice

‘I pushed the button that shuts it down’.  And that’s when he said the damaged hard drive is all my fault.  Because when the spinning wheels appeared, that was a sign the computer was trying to do something very important and pushing the shut-down button without switching the computer off correctly, is what caused the damage.

Santa all excited about Christmas Eve

Santa all excited about Christmas Eve

I cannot be trusted with expensive equipment.

Polar bears

Polar bears

So one more ‘diagnostic test’ is being run and later today I’ll get another phone call giving me the verdict of that test and then hopefully will be told when I can collect my damaged goods.

Santa's helper

Santa’s helper

In the meantime, to cheer us all up, I thought I’d spread the joy of Christmas and show you what’s on offer at Rudolphs Christmas.  You might wonder what the chaps who own the store get up to when it’s not the Christmas season.  Well…they’re not idle because they now have three stores; Mosman, Penrith and Parramatta.

I think I've found my Christmas party dress

I think I’ve found my Christmas party dress

A week ago I visited the Mosman store and shortly after walking into the premises, a woman with big sunglasses pointed at me and said, ‘Ms Hotly Spiced’, and gave me a kiss and a hug.  That’s a first.  I’ve never before been recognised and greeted by a reader of my blog!

Red, white and green adorned tree

Red, white and green adorned tree

So we chatted and toured the store together.  The staff are all dressed in their ‘Merry Christmas’ red T-shirts, the Christmas music is playing, the owner’s dog, Shayna is tinkling around wearing Christmas bells and there’s much razzle dazzle from the gazillion lights.

A green and white themed tree

A green and white themed tree

This store is a spectacular of all things Christmas and well worth a visit and there’s just so much on offer and so many must-haves that it’s impossible to leave without bringing home one more thing for your Christmas collection.



Mary with her newborn, baby Jesus

Mary with her newborn, Jesus

The shop is beautifully decorated and all ornaments and collectables are magnificently displayed.  My new friend and I found so much of all that is wonderful.

Carolsers - Is there anything better than carollers in your street!

Carolsers – Is there anything better than carollers in your street!

I’ll be going back just before December 1 to make a few purchases before I set up our home for the spirit of the season.  There’s always room on the tree for a couple more ornaments.

Reindeer fit and ready for service

Reindeer fit and ready for service

A tour to a store like this can really take your mind off your laptop worries.

A wreath with lights

A wreath with lights

Rudolph’s Christmas is open every day between now and Christmas Eve.  It’s your one-stop shop for everything you need for the celebration and the range includes lighting, collectables, decorative themes, trees, nativity scenes and decorations for your tree and home.

A musical carousal

A musical carousal

And the good news is, when you’re visiting there’s plenty of parking under the building.

Santa with his eye on the world (and he plays music)

Santa with his eye on the world

Rudolph’s Christmas:  9 Spit Road, Mosman NSW 2088

Ph:  02 9969 5903

A musical ornament

A musical ornament

For more information and the history of Rudolph’s Christmas you can check out the following links…

Rudolph’s Christmas 2013.

Rudolph’s Christmas 2012.

Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ

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    I cannot begin to pick my favorite.
    I want it all.
    Love flowing your way, Charlie. xxx

  2. You poor thing! I don’t think I’d take my laptop back there. You were supposed to leave the computer forever doing nothing? sheesh. I’ll keep that in the back of my mind though!

    I love Christmas shops and I think this one you showed us is the nicest one I’ve ever heard about. Gorgeous shop!

  3. oh my, I’m so not ready for Christmas yet, it’s really snuck up on me this year. I read about your computer problems yesterday, how annoying. Did you take it to a Apple store? I had to take my old iPhone to get the screen replaced a few months ago and because Apple won’t do it anymore I had to find someone else, fortunately I had a fabulous experience and would recommend them for sure.
    It’s lovely that you were recognized!

  4. I’m so sorry about your frustrating experience. How maddening.

    But great way to cheer yourself up with the Christmas store tour. It looks a lot like Christmas in my Minnesota community with several inches of snow and temps in the 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

  5. Beautiful decorations and splendid party dress. I seriously think you need that, Charlie! Sorry for the computer problems, which are on-going for many of us. I lost the letter “b” this week on my wireless keyboard (could have been a wee drop of coffee????) and now need a new one. Arghhhhh.

  6. Mmmmmmmmmm – computer shops! Lovely Christmas shots Charlie and makes me feel quite festive.

  7. I do wonder what these Christmas shops get up to for the 10 or so months of the year that Christmas isn’t on the horizon! I’m glad they’re doing well enough to have 3 stores though, as they do have a lovely range of products and the displays are great. How exciting that you were recognised too!

  8. Such a bummer about your computer. But what a cool Christmas shop! Love all of the decorations even though only half of my household celebrates. I wouldn’t miss putting up a Christmas tree and decorating. The smell, the fun and the beauty of the lights. XO.

  9. how frustrating. I now buy a computer every 3 years. it’s a horrible experience to lose everything, because I’ve never gotten much of anything from the backups. i’ll now think twice before touching the shut off button…

  10. Oh, gosh, I didn’t know about the spinny wheel, either. Yikes. My hard drive crashed this year, too…what a pain. Hope you get it back soon!!! xo

  11. 🙂 well at least your getting into the spirit! I haven’t even had time to plan my Christmas cooking yet! It does look like a lovely store to lift your spirits! Like I said in the last post 🙂 time for a new lap top me thinks 🙂 Liz x

  12. I’m finding it hard to believe that shutting down the computer when the wheel was spinning broke the hard drive – sounds like he was looking for an excuse to blame it all on you. I hope you get it back before Christmas!

  13. great store and so sorry about your laptop hope its all sorted out soon

  14. Hi Charlie, anytime anything happens to my computer I always fear the worst. Hope you have a happy ending here. Looks like you are keeping your spirits up, love the Christmas decorations!

  15. G’day! It must be the beginning of Christmas as Father Christmas arrived last Saturday in Adelaide!
    I love seeing all thing re Christmas decorations as they always brighten my day! Thank you Charlie!

  16. Well, that’s a pretty festive post considering the frustrations you are having with the computer. I never knew there was a difference between pressing the shut down button and ‘turning it off properly’. You have my sympathies. My lap top hard drive died just after Xmas 2 years ago when all the shops were shut down and I was in the middle of publishing my last book. I didn’t have adequate backup and it was sheer luck that the data was retrieved. Very stressful!

  17. Oh Charlie, what a load of nonsense it being your fault. I do hope you will get it all sorted soon.
    Love all the beautiful Christmas decorations.
    Have a wonderful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  18. Charlie, that is a bloggers worst nightmare. I hope they can get your sorted soon.
    Lots of beautiful photos and getting in the holiday spirit, despite the trials and tribulations. Thats the spirit!

  19. Gulp! I think I have done exactly what you have done – maybe I need to write the shut down keys somewhere so maybe I can shut down that way. But quite frankly how long can a computer be keeping you in the dark and doing something important – it is not like it is buying you christmas presents or anything – did you see my clever segue into the christmas theme! am sure I would have fun at Rudolph’s – but our tree has got so full of ornaments and so does our house that I really have to show restraint at christmas now

  20. UGH those people always try to blame things on everyone else so they don’t actually have to run any diagnostics. THey just place the blame elsewhere. Hope it gets returned to you (in working condition) soon!

  21. What a bummer Charlie! I’ve shut down my computers for doing that with no problems before- I’ll have to be more careful I guess.
    I’m actually sitting here listening to Christmas carols, right in front of one of my Christmas trees-it’s my favourite, but don’t tell the others or they might get their feelings hurt 🙂 Every year BigJ tells me I can’t fit any more ornaments on the trees, but I do! If the guys want to open another shop, Canberra would be a great place for them. I’m sure I’d spend enough money there to pay their rent for the rest of the year 🙂 xox

  22. I sympathise with your innocent assumption that turning off a computer that won’t work (using the power button) is the proper thing to do. After all, if the computer WAS working you’d exit in the ‘regular’ way.

    What a lovely trip through the Christmas store. I don’t know that anyone to be ‘Scroogish’ after visiting.

  23. donna willcocks says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Your stories are so warm & funny. I am sure many of your readers feel like they are waiting on the next instalment of your life! I had this idea that you should look into putting them in an audio form. Not sure how the tech side of that works – that’s when our kids come in handy.
    Think there would be a market for your stories.
    Anyway, food for thought!

    Donna xo

    • Thanks so much Donna. It’s so lovely to have your feedback. Yes, I’ve been thinking of how best to tell my stories and you’ve definitely given me food for thought xx

  24. How fun to have been recognized by someone who reads your blog. That must have been a really nice surprise. I have had the “spinning wheel of death” before and it always preceded a hard-drive failure. I don’t buy their suggestion that you did it, but I have never prevailed successfully over any discussion at the genius bar. Hope you’re up and running by now. 🙂 Love the Christmas store, although I have to say I am still in complete denial that Christmas is just around the corner. I’m not ready to face it!

  25. Can’t believe they told you that shutting off the computer when the spinning wheel of death was in action would actually harm your hard drive. What are you supposed to do if it just keeps spinning and never stops? So sorry for all of these computer issues you’ve had…what a bummer.

  26. Sorry to hear about your computer. How frustrating those things are.

    I’ve driven past that shop so many times and never gone in. Thanks for taking us on a tour.

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