Sea-Scouts End of Term Break-Up

Every Friday night Alfie goes to Sea Scouts.  And he’s very enthusiastic about it especially when he found out that his birthday is on the same day as Lord Baden-Powell’s and because Bear Grylls is his absolute hero and worldwide, he is the head of Scouts.

The boys enjoying twilight

The boys enjoying twilight

My dogs are also Scout enthusiasts because Sea Scouts is situated in an unleashed dog park so they’re able to come along and romp about (as best as old girls can) and sniff trails and dig sand and roll about having their tummies scratched by a bunch of young Cubs, all while enjoying a great time of freedom.

On the last Friday of Term III there was a mini-celebration scheduled to farewell the Cubs off to their two-weeks of school holidays.  Parents were invited and I thought Carl might like to go along and that suited me because I was thinking a couple of hours of peace and quiet would be rather wonderful.

But Carl thought it would be so much better if I didn’t have that couple of hours to myself and instead came and enjoyed a night of Cubs.

When I arrived I did a quick reccie and noticed I was the only mother in attendance.  The husbands of the mothers had clearly allowed them the night off.

It wasn’t a particularly warm night but the boys didn’t seem to notice.  They put on their special shoes to avoid their feet being shredded by oysters and went out into the water in canoes and kayaks.

Preparing the coals for the bar-be-cue

Preparing the coals for the bar-be-cue

Meanwhile one of the dads was busy getting a fire going to bar-be-cue some sausages (snags).  I had a quick look at what he was up to and noticed he had bought kangaroo sausages.  Not my first choice and something I felt I wouldn’t mention to the boys.

Kangaroo snags on the Bar-bee

Kangaroo snags on the Bar-bee

Another dad was building a big bonfire on the sand.  He dug a pit while the boys gathered firewood and then it was lit and we all stood around warming ourselves (although I was the only one who was cold.  Why don’t men feel the cold?)

Ms Hotly Spiced couldn't be closer to that fire unless she stepped in it.

Ms Hotly Spiced couldn’t be closer to that fire unless she stepped in it.

While I was warming myself I was sipping on a white wine while a few beers were passed around and the sun was beginning to set and I was looking out to the water and seeing the boys having the time of their lives, totally loving the adventure of being out on the water with all parents back on the shore, and then I looked further across the stretch of water where I could see the city skyline.  As I sipped my wine it occurred to me how privileged I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world where we can enjoy a bonfire on the beach and a bar-be-cue in the sand for a sausage sizzle and have my girls with me sniffing for possums and bandicoots while looking across the water to one of the world’s best known city skylines.

At that moment I was pleased I had made the effort to join the cubs instead of savouring peace and quiet from my position on the couch.

A beautiful sunset with the scout hall on the left and the city skyline in the distance

A beautiful sunset with the scout hall on the left and the city skyline in the distance

Just before darkness descended, the boys came out of the water and I helped serve them a sausage in a slice of bread with some sauce (lots of sauce) and a wee bit of coleslaw.   They had their dinner while standing around the bonfire chatting ceaselessly about what they would be doing in the holidays, helping throw more wood on the fire then sigh with regret that it was now time to head for home.

In Sydney we’re now on Daylight Saving time so our evenings are longer and I’m looking forward to this next Term at Sea Scouts and seeing how I might be able to become involved – I think I’d like to take over the cooking!

The awards ceremony.  It's lovely to see a few girls enjoying Cubs.

The awards ceremony. It’s lovely to see that there are girls as well as boys enjoying Cubs.

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  1. Beautiful, so beautiful… seems that it was a great moments… Thanks and Love, nia

  2. What a lovely evening. The sea-scouts would surely enjoy your cooking. You do live in a most beautiful part of the world.

  3. Pausing for a wee second to check my mail, I received the gift of another beautiful update on your blog . As I read , I relished your sweet , moment in time . You build pictures with your words. Precious !

  4. Cheers to Alfie’s involvement and your support!

  5. Truly, you do live in a lovely part of the world. It’s my dream to live near the ocean some day. And what a fun thing the sea scouts looks to be. I could do without the kangaroo snags though!

  6. You are right Charlie…we often forget to count our blessings. I am so glad you stepped out and had a blast with the kids.

  7. How much fun! I love that photo of the bonfire at night and the kids look like they’re having a blast!

  8. What fun night…i like the idea of the bonfire…sea scouts, I never knew that even existed…so cool!
    Thanks for the fun post Charlie and hope you are having a fantastic week 😀

  9. Even though the weather was cold, I’m sure the experience of being surrounded by your 2 boys and their friends, large and small, your 2 furry girls and the wonderful scenery to enjoy was warming. Only toasting some large marshmallows on sticks over the fire and then squishing them between a couple of graham crackers with a chunk of chocolate could have made things better. Do your Sea Scouts know about s’mores? 🙂

  10. We really do live in the most wonderful city in the world, don’t we Charlie? Although you’re right, any closer to that fire, and you’d have been sitting in it. 🙂

  11. More great memory making for Alfie. Kudos. And I always love his enthusiasm–it’s inspiring.

  12. It can be easy to take our wonderful lifestyle for granted. I’ll never forget a conversation I had with an English couple who I met in Rome. They had popped over for the weekend & I was expressing envy for their ability to do that due to the lack of travelling distance, pointing out that it had taken me a hell of a long time to get to Rome. They looked at me and said “but you get to live in Australia all of the time!”
    Lucky us.

  13. Sarah Mansfield says:

    I must agree we are so blessed to live in this amazing part of the world! I also forget to cherish the small privileges we have sometimes, thanks for the reminder!

  14. I am with you I’m always tempted to opt out of these things but when I go it always turns out to be an unexpected treat… and kids grow up so quick, it is nice to be involved… especially when there is wine and a fire on he beach involved 😉

  15. I would, if given the choice, also have gone for the couch – but like you, I’m glad you ended up going because it means we also get to see these pictures and imagine the joy of a crowd of young scouts at the start of the holidays with bonfires and barbecued sausages on a beach. I would have been sitting just about in the fire too, but it sounds like a great night!

  16. G’day and thank you Charlie, true!
    Alfie has many wonderful memories to treasure about his fun times, supported by family…treasured…and priceless to me today to view! 🙂
    Cheers! Joanne

  17. Oh yes you must do something about those horrible kangaroo sausages! That looks like a lovely way to spend a Friday night though and what a great thing for the kids.

  18. So glad the effort was worth it Charlie, it certainly is a gorgeous place indeed! I bet those cute little boys and girls will remember these adventures forever 🙂 I think it would definitely be a good idea if you took over the catering, kangaroo sausages taste much nicer to fussy eaters if their origin is kept secret! Xox

  19. Bear Gryllis is Ben’s hero too. I was in girl scouts as a kid, but I didn’t have as much fun as Archie!

  20. Its so nice when things you had not planned to do turn out so much better than you had first thought. Precious times indeed.

  21. Good on you for making the most of the outing. A fire on the beach, how magical. I can just imagine you producing the best campfire feast ever!

  22. Lovely to appreciate where you live Charlie.
    Have a super weekend.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  23. Got to love moments like that, really makes you think, how lucky we really are :).

  24. Oh I was almost expecting something to happen but it was a happy story. Glad to hear it Charlie 🙂

  25. What a lovely night. I’d give anything if we could have daylight savings up here. It’s still a no-goer for way too many people. Hate it.

    Your cubs had a fantastic meeting and you ARE very lucky to live where you do.

  26. What a nice evening! I’m glad you were happy you went in the end. Although…I do think you should take over the cooking…or risk eating kangaroo again!

  27. Ah, those moments we pause to drink in the blessing of our surroundings and good fortune. Living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains we become so used to looking out upon the snow-tipped peaks, occasionally there will be those times our glance turns into lingering awe.
    What a special night to share with Alfie, may he feel as blessed. 🙂

  28. Love that you can have a fire on a beach in the middle of Sydney. There’s something so magical about a fire/beach combo 🙂 And daylight savings is just the best, isn’t it!

  29. what a wonderful day to spend your time… lovely..

  30. It sounds like a great evening, bonfire on the beach watching the sun go down. I’m not sure about the kangaroo sausages. You can get kangaroo here but it’s always so tough – not great. GG

  31. You always inspire to be a better mom no matter how busy you can be. I want to put my son in boys scouts but haven’t found one yet (my daughter just joined one, which is held in the school after school. but no boys.). You never know what to expect unless you join with positive attitude. I can’t wait to see you control the cooking department! 😉

  32. That such a great spot, Charlie, with the city skyline off in the distance. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting for a city than the harbor and coastline that Sydney enjoys. It sounds like you really enjoyed that evening. I surely would have. We’ll be going off Daylight Savings Time in a couple of weeks. That first Sunday evening is such a shock! I don’t look forward to it at all.

  33. We have Sea Scouts, too, but they are the older Scouts and it’s optional….most Scouts here are landlocked.
    I went from bottom to top with my sons, all the way to Eagle Scout and now, our grandson is about to leave Cub Scouts for Boy Scouts at the end of next term and the granddaughters have just moved up with in the lower-levels of Girl Scouts. I loved the time spent with the Scouts, although my husband took over the biog-time camping ,hiking, kayaking, repelling. I hope Alfie has a wonderful Scouting experience!

    • I didn’t know you’re so involved with Scouts. Eagle Scout! What an incredible achievement. Alfie is actually in Cubs but they call it Scouts. I hope his enthusiasm for it stays with him because Scouts teaches such valuable life skills, values and morals. I’m super-impressed with it.

      • Both of my sons made Eagle,Charlie. They were in a number of extra Scout activities, such as Order of the Arrow and JLT, (Junior Leader Training), as well.It was very good for them in life training and confidence,working with others of all ages, youth and adults.And they met people who are life-long friends…of all ages. I truly support Scouting.

  34. Excuse Me, Dear, but what is a “Kangaroo Snag?”


  35. Wonderful! : )

  36. You really do live in a great place. Sounds like a fun time. I don’t believe they have sea scouts in the US (at least it wasn’t an option when I was a scout) – we’re definitely missing out.

  37. I love your blog, Charlie. Thank you for sharing your family with us all.
    I am a Sea Scout Leader (Cubs) in Canberra – yes we have sea scouts on the lakes here and we thrash the coastal sailors at Sirius Cup each year! If you are considering getting involved, all I can say is YES, DO IT. We are always looking for parents to help out and one with a great sense of humour like yours is just a bonus.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Lindell. The competition is on! Watch out for the Sirius Cove Cubs next year! I’m very much looking forward to getting involved and will certainly keep you informed with how I get on.

  38. Well you’ve inspired me to ring sea scouts and see if Hugh can get in. And good on you for recognising your good luck being there in that great spot to enjoy the simple pleasure.

  39. Charlie, the photo of you by the fire and the lovely musings you wrote had a warming effect on me, too (it was 39 degrees here this morning.) I bet the boys & girls would love it if you took over the camp cooking! Those kangaroo sausages sounded intriguing though… then again, I’ve never tasted kangaroo. Your sense of appreciation (and beautiful photos) touched this reader’s heart.

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