Playing with Fire

We’ve been back to the doctor and it wasn’t good news.  He’s concerned Arabella still has The Glange in her bloodstream and therefore needs to lie low and not go anywhere or do anything for at least the next few weeks.  He wrote her a medical certificate for another two weeks off school, minimum, and […]

Florentines and…’You Don’t Play with Knives’

During my childhood, a favourite outing for my sisters and me (but not for my mother) was shopping day.  My mother would pile all five of us into the car where we roamed about as we weren’t strapped into car seats and we didn’t wear seat belts.  In fact at some stage a law came […]

Archie’s Middle Finger Salute

Yesterday Archie had a job interview.  I felt it necessary for me to clear my entire schedule because he is going through a feral stage.  He went to one of those schools that requires a neat and tidy appearance so as soon as the boys leave school they’re on a mission to shake their constrained […]