Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

Last week when I made the After School Cookies, I had an annoying couple of rows of dark chocolate leftover.  Annoying because it seemed there wasn’t quite enough leftover chocolate to do anything with so I feared the few squares of chocolate would just sit around in the pantry, taking up space until I forgot […]

Individual Chocolate Pavlovas and…The Chocolate Game

When I posted a fig and prosciutto salad a few days ago, there was a reference to all the cousins at the party sitting down to play ‘the chocolate game’. I had many comments from people asking, ‘What is the chocolate game?’  It seems only Claire and I grew up playing this fantastic game and […]

Foodie Secret Santa

An initiative of Claire has been to gather willing food-blogger participants together and organise a ‘Secret Santa’ where we send a gift to three food bloggers.  Claire’s husband organises the draw and then sends you an email letting you know who your gift recipients are. But first I had to make something. I wanted to […]

My Three-Day Juice Fast

Some time ago I received an email from Schkinny Maninny, an Australian company specialising in nutritional juice cleansers.  The email asked if I would like to participate in a 3-day juice detox program.  I’m not used to dieting or going without food or skipping meals or depriving myself so I wasn’t sure if I was […]

A Christmas Eve Dinner

I hosted a dinner party on Christmas Eve with those members of my family who were able to be there.  There were 14 of us in all, 15 if you count five-week old Freddie who had flown in from the US. The days leading up to Christmas were sweltering to the point where I was […]

Spiced Cranberry Sauce

I would love to be bringing you my mother’s cranberry sauce recipe but unfortunately and despite my very best efforts, I’m unable to.  You see, it has to be made with either fresh or frozen cranberries and while that might seem simple enough, it actually isn’t – not in this part of the world, anyway. […]

Chargrilled Eye Fillet with Massaman Curry Sauce

In a previous post I mentioned to you that while we were on a family holiday in Noosa, Maureen and Claire, two amazing bloggers who have become my friends, came over to our apartment for dinner, (except that Claire could only stay for a drink as she was double-booked). You would think that seeing there […]

Picture Point Terraces

We’ve been on a long-overdue family holiday on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, staying in Noosa.  When I say, ‘long-overdue’ that’s because it’s been almost three years since we went away, all five of us.  I’m not sure how that happened as you wouldn’t think a week’s holiday would be that difficult to co-ordinate but somehow three […]