Coco Chocolate Christmas Chocolates

I was in the kitchen last night marinating some chicken for the barbecue.  Listening to the radio as I pounded lemongrass with a mallet, I heard a song come on the radio.  It was, I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus.  As we were still officially in the first week of November, it stunned me that […]

Coco Chocolate Giveaway

If you have been reading along with me for a while now, you might remember that I participated in a course at Coco Chocolate that taught me how to temper chocolate. Coco Chocolate has three stores that are all in Sydney and as well as running their chocolate school, you can buy a wonderful range […]

Sydney Chocolate School – Coco Chocolate

When introducing myself at parties and events, it’s most likely I’ll then be asked, And what do you do?’  And I’ve always wanted to say, ‘I’m a Chocolatier’, because it just sounds so interesting and fabulous and I’m sure I would receive a very animated response compared with saying something like, ‘I’m an Auditor for […]

Coco Chocolate

Another day, another school function. It’s like a blur.  ‘Where am I off to this time’,  I wonder all confused.  Last Wednesday I survived the Year 2 lawn bowls evening and four sleeps later I was at a mother and daughter high tea for the mothers of girls in Year 12 at Arabella’s school. I […]