Cat Fight on the Cat Walk

The formal drama is not over. Yes, I was blessed with a few days reprieve, four to be exact, but yesterday it started again. Just to refresh your memory, Arabella’s formal was last Thursday but that boy, Flynn, who has invited her to his formal, is cranking up the drama. Flynn is ‘just a friend’ […]

Chicken Tagine and…We Have the Dress

In three months Arabella will be off to her Year 12 Formal.  It is being held at the Taronga Function Centre that is on the grounds of the Zoo and overlooks Sydney Harbour.  She has her partner organised and that would be Fred from Gunnadah who is Archie’s mate and has been visiting our house […]

Braised Beef with Cassia and Star Anise and…Formally Drained

Next week Arabella will start her final year of school.  And while she’s whingeing and moaning about what a tough year it will be, I’m buoyed by the fact that with Arabella being in her final year that must mean we only need to survive one more formal. Formals give me a feeling of dread. […]