Candied Popcorn

This post is sponsored by Queen. I’m quite sure that the very first time I ate popcorn, it was the multi-coloured candied variety.  I just assumed that was what popcorn was and had no idea most commonly it was eaten in its natural colour, seasoned with butter and salt. Country fairgrounds with their ferris wheels, […]

In My Kitchen, August 2014

In My Kitchen I have nothing from New York.  After shopping for clothes and shoes I had a baggage crisis and couldn’t fit in anything for my kitchen.  So many must-haves had to be returned to the shelves.  But I’m planning another trip so I can bring back all the homewares I fell in love […]

Coconut Gelato

When I was growing up my father bought a gadget that came all the way from the USA – and that was a very big deal back in those days.  It was an ice cream machine that wasn’t electric or mortorised but instead was a barrel with a cylinder inside it with a dasher to […]