Thai Fusion, Kirribilli

It’s been a very wet and soggy weekend in Sydney.  Not only wet and soggy but cold.  Temperatures dropped from the high twenties (84F)to around 17C (62F) and had me scrambling to relocate my winter clothes.  We went away for the weekend and hoped to enter into a better climate but it seems everywhere we went that rain cloud was directly overhead.

The entrance

The entrance

On our way back to Sydney we were looking for somewhere to have lunch but didn’t end up stopping anywhere until we were back in Sydney.  We drove into one of my most favourite suburbs, Kirribilli.  It was 2pm and we hadn’t eaten all day and we were cold and damp.  Some hot and spicy Thai was just what we felt like and right then we turned the corner and found Thai Fusion.

I love the bare brick walls

I love the bare brick walls

Thai Fusion is a smallish restaurant with contemporary decor.  There’s rough-cut brick walls, polished timber floors, wooden tables, modern music and an open kitchen.  Bi-fold doors open the restaurant onto the street and on this day they are wide open which I do like however it does make the restaurant the same temperature as the outdoors and so I wasn’t feeling warm.  We sat as close to the back of the restaurant as possible and that happened to be near the open kitchen.  I do love open kitchens especially in Asian restaurants as it’s always entertaining to watch how quickly they can create a dish using a wok over a high flame.

Kitchen theatre

No secrets in the kitchen – all is on display

Thai Fusion has a philosophy of blending Thai cooking with traditional and western ingredients.  It was refreshing to find some unique dishes on the menu.  Also listed on the menu are a lot of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

The menu is like a book

The menu is like a book

We started lunch with a lamb pancake.  This was a much larger pancake than I was expecting, especially as it was listed in the entree section.  The lamb was tender and in strips and combined with onion which gave the pancake some crunch.  I found the lamb to have quite a strong flavour but overall it was a terrific start to our lunch.

Meang Lamb $18.90

Meang Lamb $18.90

We ordered a second entree and this was vegetarian and gluten-free Dim Sims.  I loved the presentation of these and the colour.  I was expecting round dim sims but these were square.  They were filled with tofu and chopped vegetables and blended with spices then wrapped in rice paper and steamed and topped with deep-fried shallots.  These are best summed up by Carl’s adjective, ‘awesome’.

Dim Sim $4.50

Dim Sim $4.50

For our main course we had barbecue duck stir-fry with fresh vegetables and chilli.  We were asked if we would like it mild or spicy and we went for spicy and it was spicy but not so spicy you’d end up with a seizure.  I loved the presentation with the banana leaf and the serving was generous with plenty of duck.  The vegetables were well coated in spices, brilliantly green and with plenty of crunch.  This was an excellent stir-fry.

Pad Bai Gra Prow with Duck $22.90

Pad Bai Gra Prow with Duck $22.90

We were actually quite full at this point but we’d also ordered a noodle dish.  Our Pad Kee Mao arrived and it was flat noodles, chicken, Chinese broccoli and basil leaves.  This was another generously proportioned dish and somehow we managed to get through it.  It was full of freshness and flavour and again, spicy without searing your tastebuds.

Pad Kee Mao with Chicken $18.50

Pad Kee Mao with Chicken $18.50

We really enjoyed our lunch at Thai Fusion and would love to visit again.  It’s licensed so you can enjoy a drink, the service is very good and as I’m writing this I’ve just realised I forgot to leave a tip!  That’s not good.  I’ll definitely have to go back to make amends.  The prices are more towards the higher end for Thai food however the menu is interesting with dishes not typically seen on menus at your local Thai and very definitely, it appears the kitchen is using quality ingredients.

The bar

The bar

This was a welcome find after our long drive home. Verdict:  Fresh and Fabulous. Thai Fusion:  11 Broughton Street, Kirribilli NSW 2061 Ph:  9954 4402

Must go back to try the duck special

Must go back to try the duck special

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  1. Thai cuisine, oh yes that is my favourite . i love spicy.

  2. I adore spicy Thai food. That stir fry looks amazing.

  3. Here’s one of the things I enjoy most about reading your posts. You often feature foods I’ve never eaten and such beautiful presentations thereof. I always learn something new. Today about banana leaves.

    The venue for this restaurant is beautiful with the brick walls.

    Now a word about the weather. The temp here today in southern Minnesota is around 40 degrees F, warm for November. I’ll wear my wool winter coat when the temp dips to the high 30s F. Stay warm.

  4. OMG, the dishes look beyond delicious and are very well presented as well.
    Hope this culinary highlight made up somehow for the bad weather:)

  5. Lamb pancake? I’ve never had that, and don’t believe I’ve ever seen it on a menu. Love the idea! Sounds like a fun restaurant – glad you had a good meal.

  6. All of this food looks good, but the lamb pancake really spoke to me. I am certain I would have loved it. Looks like a nice meal in general!

  7. All the dishes were new to me, especially the purple rice paper which was very eye catching, and very appetizing looking. Lamb … duck. I don’t know which one I would have tried first.

  8. Sounds yummy. And it’s made me hungry for Thai food.

  9. Looks great with some really original dishes. I’ve never seen lamb pancake either. GG

  10. What a beautiful restaurant! I love the brick walls too, and the food sounds delicious. 🙂

  11. Wait, did you just call 17C cold? Oh, honey.

  12. I’m licking my lips with hunger after reading this, Hotly Spiced! I roasted my first whole duck last winter and fell in love with it. Meaning eating duck, the duck itself 🙂 I absolutely love, love Thai food! This was so yummy and I could pad thai alllll day long 🙂

  13. You can’t beat good Thai food – but my goodness did you waddle out of that restaurant? What a lot of dishes! Emm……to leave a tip or not leave a tip that is the question? this is a whole new topic I feel.

  14. I feel like the weather is riding a crimson wave, it is freezing! 😛
    So much for summer!
    Mmm, at least you had a good Thai meal heating you up!


  15. MMM we just love Thai cuisine!

  16. so glad to have missed the miserable weekend sydney had on show, but i’ve returned sick as a dog 🙁 but what a way to have some comfort food – i love thai and this looks pretty good!

  17. Charlie you seem to be on a roll with good restaurants at the moment! Let’s hope you get a hat-trick!

  18. Very interesting place Charlie, I think I would like it too!

  19. I LOVE Thai food and this all looks so good. It seems we have exchanged positions when it comes to visiting restaurants. I’m very glad to see you getting wonderful food when you eat out.

  20. G’day and love Thai food too Charlie!
    Love unique foods and dishes have never tried before…always enticing to me!
    Cheers! Joanne

  21. This looks like a perfect late lunch spot on a rainy day. I do wish Australia would sort its weather out – Sydney seems to be having a horrible wet and windy time, while over here in Perth, we’re heading for our hottest November on record! Neither extreme is what we want.

  22. Fresh and Fabulous sums it it perfectly!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  23. Oooh, do you think they’d send me some of those dumplings to-go? I haven’t heard of lamb pancakes before either, I’ll have to find out more about them . This restaurant really does sound great Charlie, and you should definitely go back for more ‘research’ xox

  24. Enjoyed my weekend up your way, weather being the exception. Nice to be home and find it a toasty 28 today!

  25. I’m so glad that you had a good experience Charlie! It seemed for a while to be mediocre ones. How fab that the gluten free dim sims were good too 😀

  26. Oh Yes, how weird and unseasonal has the weather been? I’m sitting in my robe and uggies as I type this and craving a good Thai curry now!

  27. I love Thai dishes and that vegetarian dim sum does look awesome. Are the rice wrappers tinted purple due to the vegetables? Looks like a fun dish. Take Care, BAM

  28. I’ve heard that too that weather in Sydney has been horrible wet and soggy, while in contrast it’s actually been quite nice here in Melbourne but I bet you it’s going to rain tomorrow. I think Thai food is good any day whether its good or bad weather 🙂

  29. You do the best restaurant reviews, Charlie. I wish I lived just a little bit closer. LOL! I love Thai, and of all the dishes, perhaps the one most familiar to me is the Pad Thai and it looked wonderful. I was surprised to read about your weather, but I think you made the most of it with some nice spicy food. I don’t know if you’ve heard from your sister but we have some nice, long-overdue rain today! 🙂 ox

  30. Since I love Thai food, I always enjoy your posts when you cook or review Thai food! It’s always fun to see something new that we don’t normally order. I guess we have to dine at Thai restaurant. Once I get craving, it doesn’t go away! Enjoyed reading your review!

  31. Must go there. I adore Kirribili and lived there for a few months once too long ago. Sounds terrific!

  32. Wow I know you are a hard marker and like me expect quality when you pay for it. Thanks so much for the positive recommendation. This is one I would love to try when next down your way. We must do lunch soon, as it has been way too long.


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