The Burger Shed, Mosman

There’s a burger restaurant in Mosman that opened a few weeks ago that I’ve been keen to try.

The Burger Shed on the corner of Military Road and Raglan Streets

The Burger Shed on the corner of Military Road and Raglan Streets

It’s located on the corner of Military Road and Raglan Street and in recent years the site has had a chequered history where a revolving door of businesses have opened then closed, barely before the locals have had a chance to tread on the welcome mat.  When I saw the premises had been leased yet again and that the building was having yet another renovation I hoped it wasn’t going to be yet another cafe with a barister out the front and friands, macarons and cupcakes behind the counter.

With great relief I discovered the new business was a desperately needed burger joint owned by none other than Justin North.

There are ladders along the ceiling!

There are ladders along the ceiling!

As it’s now the school holidays and I’m trying to find activities to keep Alfie tame, I thought an excursion to The Burger Shed would be a good way to kill a few hours over lunch.  I was just about out the door when alas, Miss Arabella yelled from her death bed, ‘Where are you going?’

Because Arabella has taken to her bed insisting she’s having a relapse of the glange and has been moping around like a bag of misery proclaiming she’s too tired and too weak and too unwell to be in any way useful around the house.

‘I’m just taking Alfie to lunch at The Burger Shed‘.

‘But I need some lunch’, came a wailing reply.

‘I’ll bring you something back because we’re leaving now’.

‘Wait; I want to come’.   And she dragged herself from her bed and shuffled down the hall to where we were tiring of waiting.

‘Is there any dairy in the buns?’

‘Don’t know’.

‘Do they have gluten-free?’


‘Can you just give me some money to buy a bottle of coconut water?  It’s very good for you.  Have you got the number for the doctor?  I bet it’s glange.’

‘There, there, Arabella, no need to over-react; here’s the money for the coconut water; we’ll see you there’.

Brick walls, weatherboard walls and a concrete floor

Brick walls, weatherboard walls and a concrete floor

By now we were late and this 20-seater establishment was packed by the time we arrived.  (I told Arabella I didn’t have time to dither!)  The shed is long and thin but with the external walls being floor-to-ceiling glass allowing in a lot of light, it seems more spacious.

You order and pay at the counter then you are handed a bucket with your table number on it and inside there’s your napkins and cutlery.  We found a tiny table for the three of us and waited for the burgers to arrive.

An enameled tin jug holds our cutlery as well as being our table number.

An enameled tin jug holds our cutlery as well as being our table number.

There’s a brick wall at the end of the space with ‘Est 2013’ painted on the brickwork which reminds me of the olden days when businesses would open and always state the year they first opened.  A good tradition!

You can see into the kitchen which is again a small space but clearly manageable as I don’t hear any Gordon Ramsay-styled outbursts.

We only waited a few minutes before our burgers arrived.  Alfie ordered The Snack Burger that comes with grass fed Angus and Wagyu beef, cheddar, tomato relish and pickles.  He had no complaints and demolished it without a word.


The Snack Burger $8.00

Arabella ordered The Shed Burger on a gluten-free bun which is the same as The Snack Burger only larger and she had it without the cheddar.  She didn’t like the GF bun saying it was very dry, heavy and stale.  I tried it and would have to agree however I doubt it was actually stale, it just had that terribly dry texture that is unfortunately all too common with GF bread.

The Shed Burger on a GF bun.  $12.00

The Shed Burger on a GF bun. $12.00

I ordered the Chicken Tortilla Wrap that came with marinated free-range chicken, Spanish onion salad and tomato and herb aioli.  The chicken was tender and the salad crunchy and they were very generous with the aioli.  This would have to be the best tortilla wrap I’ve had in a very long time.

Chicken Tortilla Wrap

Chicken Tortilla Wrap $12.00

We also ordered the parmesan truffle fries.  These are an absolute, ‘must-have’.  I could smell the truffle before the fries landed on the table.  The fries are beautifully golden and crispy on the outside while fluffy on the inside. They are perfectly seasoned and don’t need any dunking in sauce.

Parmesan Truffle Fries $8.00

Parmesan Truffle Fries $6.00

The Burger Shed is licensed however we ordered soft drinks but there are also some sensational looking milkshakes on the menu including a salted caramel shake – something to try next time.

The Burger Shed is a casual eatery with very reasonable prices, friendly and efficient service with a great range of fantastic burgers and accompaniments on the menu.  It is a welcome addition to the Mosman dining scene and I can see this place remaining popular for a long time to come.

Brick walls, weatherboard walls and a concrete floor

The Burger Shed – a 20-seat establishment

Verdict:  Fleeing the perils of the fine dining scene, Justin North is right on course in bringing a quality casual eatery to Mosman.  Long may it last.

The Burger Shed:  Cnr Military Road and Raglan Street, Mosman 2088.  Ph:  02 8021 9262

And it wasn’t the glange; it was strep throat.

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  1. Poor Arabella – She doesn’t have much luck! Those burgers and fries look fabulous – reminds me that I need to make my way down to Brodburger for a fix – I haven’t had a burger in ages!

  2. I really like the atmosphere with the brick wall, etc. And great food to boot. Bonus.

  3. After delighting in a great many GF breads here in North America, I recently had some that was the most tasteless, gummy, powders, clumpy bland mess. So I feel for Arabella.

  4. This looks like a cool place to hang out! I like the atmosphere!

  5. Poor girl, strep is the worst!!! The restaurant looks really nice and those burgers?!?! GET OUT!! YUM!!!

  6. Burgers aren’t something we eat very often and this looks like just the place to enjoy one.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  7. I hope Arabella recovers from her miseries soon.

    Sounds like a yummy burger joint.

  8. I love a good burger! There’s more and more simple eateries like this popping up and I love it! The food looks great and the truffle chips sound delicious!

  9. to be honest I’ve never had GF bread, but thanks for the heads up. The prices are very reasonable. I’d love to try, if only I was around the area!

  10. Casual good food at a reasonable price in very pleasant surroundings – what could be better. Get well soon Arabella.

  11. G’day Charlie! Nothing like a good burger or wrap to brighten someone’s day!
    Too bad the GL bun was less than ordinary!
    Hope Arabella is just that little but better today!
    Glad you and Alfie enjoyed the experience and Justin’s food in a unique way!
    Cheers! Joanne

  12. Oh those chips!!! Could you express me a serve please?

  13. Poor Arabella. Hope she feels better soon. These burgers look soooo good to me–my family is vegetarian, all but me, so I usually get my meat fix by cooking it in a class or going out. I’d go for one of these burgers, that’s for certain!

  14. That looks like a great local place to eat good food with no fuss. You can’t beat a good burger & fries sometimes can you.

  15. I like the look of your wrap, and dry GF bread aside, I imagine this is a breath of fresh air among all those friand containing coffee shops!

  16. I would love either the burgers or the wrap, but more than either, I want those fries! Whoa! They are incredible looking and I can almost smell them and taste them from “here.” I’m so sorry Arabella has strep throat, but I am sure now that it’s diagnosed she’ll be well soon! This is my kind of place to eat!

  17. Good to see what it’s like! And I hope that it’s not the glange again! The truffle fries look just like the ones at Charlie & Co (his place but good to know that you can get it on the other side of the bridge).

  18. Looks simple and clean and the burgers look great. Now that I have managed to make a few decent GF breads and buns, I don’t understand why they can’t manage it in bulk. Maybe the good stuff is too expensive to make but I doubt it. I have managed to make some very bad GF breads but I would never sell them or even put them on my blog. It’s a shame they can’t get it right.

  19. OMG did I read that right? You found a local establishment that served good food? Your lucky day! It sounds like a nifty place. I’ve never tasted gluten free bread that I thought was worth a second bite. I’m willing to be convinced though. 🙂

  20. Of course you now have me wanting to try it. I only got around to your Balmoral Boatshed recommendation earlier in the week, so I too hope it lasts til I get back to Mosman.

  21. What a fun place. Glad you’ve found a good eatery after those other experiences!

  22. These are super cute and bite-sized. I love this type of place.

  23. Does Arabella have celiac, or is she just off gluten? I tried going gluten free for awhile and let me tell you, gluten is a lot better! 🙂 (As long as you can process it, of course!)

  24. Awww….I hope your little mopper feels better soon. The burgers look delicious. The prices look pretty reasonable.

  25. I don’t even know what glange is! Strep is bad enough and can be dangerous. My ex-daughter-in-law had it go to her brain and cause spasms; they will not go away and we are not sure if there is more damage. I also knew a middle-aged man who nearly lost his leg because it traveled there.
    Besides, even a slight case of strep will make you feel horrid.
    Antibiotics…water and rest,(and an occasional burger), should do the trick.

  26. It will do well. 20 years ago there was a burger joint in Dapto, when the old road passed through called Rosies, with a 50’s car inside, jute boxes on every wall booth table, just like the US. The Burgesr were the biggest, you had to share between two people.

    Wish I had the time to open a franchise of those!!

  27. What a great eatery, I’m jealous. And glad it wasn’t the glange.

  28. Bettina Kirk says:

    Thanks for the review. Have been meaning to try it out for ages !! Hope you’re over the ‘glange’ Arabella.

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