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The Cross Country Race

In the first week back of Term II the Cross Country race was scheduled however it had to be postponed due to the very wet and soggy and slippery conditions caused by the cyclone.

Pre-race marshalling

Pre-race marshalling

The alternate date of last Monday turned out to be the only day it hasn’t rained in about two weeks.  It was so nice to be outdoors without the need of an umbrella overhead and gumboots on the feet.

Going over the rules

Going over the rules

Alfie loves his swimming but he much prefers running and the longer the distance the better.  The cross country race is 2kms which is a lot shorter than the distance he would prefer to run but certainly better than a sprint.

Lining up for the start

Lining up for the start

During the two-week school holidays Alfie did some training for the event.  He downloaded an app onto his i-Pod Touch that gave him a training program and he stuck to it.  It seemed he had to do a run every day or every second day and the distance varied.  It also gave him the speed he was averaging per kilometre and so he was able to work out if he was improving.  By punching in his age and weight it gave him his BMI which is incredibly low at 14.2.

End of the first lap

End of the first lap

The first training run was 10kms and because it was on the roads I went with him riding his bicycle while he ran.  That proved challenging for me and I think he thought I was a handicap so after that he did laps of the oval by himself.

End of the second lap

End of the second lap

He went into the race feeling pretty confident and with a goal to reach the next stage of the competition where he would compete against other schools in his district.

One lap to go

One lap to go

Alfie is not known for getting off to a great start but this time around he managed to at least be in the middle of the pack.  By the time he had done half a lap around the oval he had overtaken everyone else and was in first position.

Blurry but running to the finish line

Blurry but running to the finish line

I did hope he hadn’t peaked too soon but a friend said she had seen him doing his training during the holidays and that he was able to maintain a consistent speed lap after lap.  Another friend said he had a tremendous advantage over the other boys because his legs are twice as long.

Just finished

Just finished

He did another lap around the oval and then he exited through a gate to run two laps around the outside of the oval.  Without any coaching, the little guy has a beautiful running style.  He’s lovely to watch as he makes running look easy and effortless.

The little guy with his fan club

The little guy with his fan club

Alfie comfortably won his race and received a medal for his efforts.  If it stops raining, the next stage of the competition will be this week.  The level of competition will increase dramatically so we’ll have to wait and see how well he does.  In the meantime, I’m just glad he’s found something he really enjoys.

His medal

His medal


  1. That is great… I find it hard to run to the gate! LOL, but I’m training to go in the gold Coast marathon (Just a little goal) Thanks Alfie for the inspiration…. I’m not on the road yet, still on the treadmill, but I will get there 🙂
    What a fantastic effort even from just last year! I’m sure with all the training he is going it is going to pay off!
    Go Alfie 🙂
    Liz xx

  2. Danielle says:

    Congrats and well done Alfie! Best of luck in the next stage, though I don’t think you need it!

  3. Phew! I’m glad to hear that Alfie hadn’t hurt himself or wasn’t in any trouble. Well done!!

  4. What a wonderful effort Alfie!!! He obviously loves it. We just had the cross country here too but my Miss 8 really isn’t a sporty type and I think she was close to last BUT it is about participation too isn’t it!!!

  5. Congratulations, it looks like he really loves running! He certainly has the right body type for running.

  6. How lovely that he takes to running so naturally. My family is not sporty and I have nieces who surprise us with their sporting prowess – one of them tells me she trains each morning before school. I fear Sylvia takes after me and is not sporty. It sounds like your family is quite sporty and I am sure Alfie has learnt a lot from you. But I am glad you could enjoy seeing him run without having to ride alongside him on too many training runs!

  7. I have been encouraging my middle son to try cross country. So happy yours enjoys it.

  8. Where has the year gone? Congrats to Alfie on his success. That he enjoys running is the main thing and apparently he does. What a beautiful medal.

  9. Congratulations Alfie! It sounds like he did amazingly well, and I’m impressed at his training efforts for someone so young, and without external pressure / coaching. I look forward to hearing how the next stage of the events goes (if it doesn’t rain!) and hope he continues to enjoy himself – which after all, matters more than place.

  10. Well done Alfie! Congratulations! Kudos to you on your efforts of sticking to a training routine. You are a super star! All your effort has paid off.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  11. I need to get fitter. Maybe Alfie would coach me? What a wonderful outcome. I remember reading about his early races and wow, what a difference. All of your children are driven to be the best. Well done, Alfie!

  12. Charlie: put down with the best intentions – the normal BMI lies within the 21-25 range . . . kudos to Alfie for his endeavours but would does his GP say? The ‘low’ in BMI is just as bad as the ‘high’ . . . OK, the younger folk do have bigger differences, but . . . wishing you the best . . .

  13. Congrats to Alfie and good luck for the next stage:-)

  14. Congratulations to Alfie!! What a champ! And he must be pure muscle!!!

  15. He’s a treasure, Charlie! All power to him – we’ll be cheering him on at major events in the future, I’m sure! 🙂

  16. Congrats Alfie! I know that cross country really is hard endurance sport, so long…

  17. I read your posts on how wonderfully talented your kiddies are, especially Alfie and wish that I inherited the exercise gene, reckon my brother got my share. Sigh! Congrats to Alfie, I bet he kills it at the next stage. 🙂

  18. Wow go Alfie! I wish I could make running look effortless.

  19. I’m so glad your skies are clear again! We received our sunshine today, and it was luscious. 🙂 So thrilled Alfie has something that he loves to do.

  20. Congrats to Alfie!! He is doing great!

  21. Congratulations Alfie!

  22. Congrats to your lil champ Charlie!! It’s so gratifying to figure out what kids really enjoy. I am glad Alfie has found his groove so early, because it took forever for my older one to find his, and we kind of fear it might be too late. But well, never late than never.

  23. Yayyyyy Congrats to Alfie! What dedication he had to download that app and follow the training – that little boy of yours sure is an inspiration, Charlie.

  24. Congratulations Alfie! My youngest loves Cross Country, I feel pooped just watching him effortlessly run the course…gorgeous family photo…x

  25. Good for you Alfie! Lucky you with your long legs but I’m super impressed with your training regime 🙂 Good luck with the zone xo

  26. Great story and great photos. Congratulations to the medal!

  27. That’s fabulous. Well done Alfie.

  28. Way to go Alfie! 🙂

  29. Oh well done Alfie. I am sure he is a joy to watch.

  30. Yay, Alfie! Bravo! Beautiful medal. I admire his dedication to trainingg. And smarts, too! Who knew there was an app to help athletes train?

  31. What a disciplined young man he his, I am sure he will be very successful.

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