The Mosman Markets

The first Saturday of every month is Mosman Market Day.  Alfie and I have recently started going to these markets that are essentially arts and crafts.  It works for both of us; he climbs the giant fig tree in the centre of the markets while I browse the stalls.

It wasn't crowded because of school holidays, the long weekend and Prince Harry!  Alfie is up in the fig tree shown in the top of the picture.

It wasn’t crowded because of school holidays, the long weekend and Prince Harry! Alfie is up in the fig tree shown in the top of the picture.

There is always so much to look at and there are some great buys.  Last month I bought Arabella a black leather handbag for her birthday which she loves and it’s been permanently over her shoulder since she unwrapped it.  But while there are lots and lots of clothing and accessory stalls together with lots of bric-a-brac stalls, this definitely isn’t a Farmers Market and I’d love to see a corner of the market space dedicated to organic produce.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t find things to buy!

Alfie came down from the tree to have lunch from the pie stall where you can buy six sausage rolls for $5.00.  The pie man sells pies in a range of flavours including rabbit and duck.

The Gourmet Pie Stall

The Gourmet Pie Stall

I bought lunch from the Sri Lankan stall and this stall is very popular as they have great variety and there are lots of vegetarian options.

My lunch option

My lunch option

We sat near the jazz band that was belting out (not really) mellow tones and enjoyed our lunch while listening to the wonderful music.

The mellow tones of the jazz band

The mellow tones of the jazz band

I bought some handmade candles.  I love to have scented candles burning in my home but am quite over paying $40.00 for a candle.  These soy candles are the same size and have the same presentation as the ones I’ve been buying at the shops however these cost just $15.00.  I bought five of them in different scents as I think they’ll make excellent gifts and hostess gifts as the Christmas season approaches.

The candle stall.  I bought Sweet Pea, Lemongrass, Australian Bush, Vanilla and Gardenia

The candle stall. I bought Sweet Pea, Lemongrass, Australian Bush, Vanilla and Gardenia

I also bought some smoked garlic.  I’ve seen smoked garlic in a few places recently and so asked the vendor what exactly smoked garlic is and how to use it.  Asking vendors questions about their products is where unlike in the supermarket, you see their faces light up.  They are only too keen to tell you all about their wares and do so very enthusiastically.  It’s impossible to move around the market hurriedly.  The garlic is smoked over New Zealand Manuka wood which is a member of the myrtle tree and even though it is smoked, it remains raw.  You use it in exactly the same way you would use ordinary garlic however the vendor says it takes mashed potato and stir-fries and salads to a new dimension.

I bought some olive oil and salad dressing.  The dressing is flavoured with lemon and verjuice.  Last night I poured it over a salad and it was fabulous.

A selection of salad dressings

A selection of salad dressings

One can’t leave a market without buying a treat or two so I bought some rocky road where the woman who sells it even makes her own marshmallows.  I was lucky to be able to make that purchase as the woman had almost sold out by the time I arrived (lunchtime).  I paid $9.00 for a large piece.

Homemade sweets

Homemade sweets

The markets are set in the Village Square and also fill the grassed area behind the Council Chambers.

One of the fountains in the Village Square

One of the fountains in the Village Square

It’s quite a beautiful setting with the Allan Border Oval just across the road where I noticed the cricket season is in full swing.

The oval with a game of cricket in progress

The oval with a game of cricket in progress

If you’re in the area the Mosman Markets are well worth a look despite there not being a ‘Farmers Market’ section.

A few of my wonderful purchases

A few of my wonderful purchases

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  1. 6 rolls for $5? That sounds like American prices.

  2. This sounds like a great place to shop. Vendors who take pride in their products. Lovely atmosphere. Outdoors. And, bonus, a fig tree for Alfie to climb.

  3. I had to take a second look at the photo of the sausage rolls as well – and realised that they were party sized, which is how you get six for $5! Nonetheless, it’s a great buy! All your other buys look really good too – were the marshmallows from the Sweetness stall? They have a stand at Eveleigh as well. Now as you say, all they need is a farmers’ market tacked onto the side and it would be perfect!

  4. I love those kinds of markets. Our city market is quite similar though inside a building and with an actual parking lot rather than having to scramble for on street parking like the old one.

  5. I love a good market and this certainly looks like a good market! It’s always nice to support local businesses / people too.

  6. Markets are so much fun and the people are always so friendly and just itching to tell you about their wares. Looks like you got some great deals. I’m curious to see what you do with the smoked garlic and how you like it.


  7. Love markets like that, and yip smoked garlic in mashed potatoes is so yumm…. nice to hear of a kid climbing trees’ don’t know about Aussie, but here in NZ everything has gone PC, kids are no longer allowed to play bullrush, yet alone climb trees in a park anymore. It is so sad really, that kids can no longer be kids here anymore.

  8. What a fab way to spend your Saturday lunchtime. Mosman is such a lovely part of the world to live in (sigh) 😉

  9. Will you let us know what you do with the smoked garlic? I do love candles but I’m so particular about the scent and brand. They are so expensive on the whole though aren’t they?

  10. Love bric-a-brac markets! What a great day out x

  11. What a wonderful way to spend the day, I love these types of markets Charlie. The candles are indeed a wonderful hostess gift; that tradition had fallen by the wayside here, most of our friends just bring a bottle of wine, and some don’t even do that! We have a local bee’s wax candle guy from whom I buy all my candles. I only get the cheap ikea candles for outside. I hear the soy candles are just as good as the bee’s wax variety. In Canada, manufacturers of candles are not regulated so even if there is 1% bee’s wax or soy in a paraffin candle they can call it bee’s or soy wax. That’s why I like my guy because his candles are 100% bee’s wax.

  12. Smoked garlic is good stuff. Sounds like a fun market, and so nice of them to provide a tree for Alfie! Fun post – thanks.

  13. Looks like some fun treats for browsing!

  14. It may not be a farmers market but there are still plenty of interesting things to see. I love smoked garlic, ours is a more golden colour than yours but I expect that has a lot to do with different wood and time smoking. Can’t wait to hear what you do with it. GG

  15. Looks like great fun!

  16. Mosman is such a wonderful place, I want to visit these markets asap 😀


  17. I would love to join you on a visit to your market! What fun finds…from a purse to sausage rolls to candles to salad dressing. Something for everyone!

  18. Duck and rabbit sausage rolls sound great, much nicer than the usual mystery meat Charlie! It sounds like a lovely way to spend a day xox

  19. That is a lovely way to spend the day and make some great bargains. Looks like it is also a beautiful place.

  20. Both the smoked garlic and the candles so appeal . . . but have to laugh at my own stupidity! Bought a cask of verjuice on special from Maggie Beer’s Kitchen Shop [yep, it comes in the 2 litre variety now!] ~ have had it for a fortnight: have I had the common sense to put it in my vinaigrette: not until I read your post 🙂 !

    • Not too worry Eha; I always have verjuice on hand (always Maggie Beer) and have actually never used it in a salad dressing – always used it to make a gravy for a roast chicken!

      • Well, I came on ‘the scene’ rather late 🙂 ! Poaching fish, marinades, ‘white’ soups, additions to braised items : yes . . . but I actually love some of my salad dressings ‘softer’, so that will very much suit . . . and did most of us know what ‘verjuice’ meant till we viewed those wonderful TV shows . . . 🙂 . ?

  21. G’day I love browsing markets of any kind, true!
    Just finished brekkie Charlie, but could go for one of those duck pies now too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  22. I love markets like this, they always have such lovely, and unique treats! It looks like you found some fabulous treats! Enjoy, Hugs, Terra

  23. these look awesome!

  24. I would enjoy this market immensely! I love walking in and out of the interesting stalls. I am quite sure this would be dangerous for me…I have been known to spend too much money at anything resembling a farmer’s market, with or without the produce!

  25. The Sri Lankan stand would have been my pick for lunch as well.. How cute that Alfie enjoys climbing the tree 🙂

  26. What a fun market. I too like to use soy candles, and it sounds like yours were a good buy.

  27. I love all your goodies – I love to browse markets and this one looks particularly good.

  28. What a fabulous day out. I would love to have browsed around with you for the day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  29. The smoked garlic sounds so interesting. Sounds like you had a terrific day at the market.

  30. I love a good amble around a market, and we have a few good ones here now, especially the handmade market which is only on a few times a year (and hence there is no chance of getting sick of the same vendors showing up week upon week!). Smoked garlic sounds wonderful!

  31. What a wonderful collection of different from the ordinary vendors! Back from vacation and wanted to say Hi Charlie!

  32. I love markets like this!!

  33. $40 for a candle? That sounds like a super nice gift…especially I wouldn’t be able to buy $40 candle for myself. 🙂 I love walking around tasting some different foods and enjoy music under sun… It’s great that Alfie is willing to spend some time there (even on a tree!). When I know there are different food stalls, I get excited to check out the place! 🙂

  34. What a great market! I love those arts and crafts booths. Looks like you had some fun 🙂

  35. I’ve never seen soy candles before–how fabulous! In fact, this entire market looks like fun.

  36. I wish we had a market like that!

  37. wish i lived closer to all these markets. There’s not much on offer locally for me 🙁

  38. As much as I enjoy my weekly trip to the farmers market, I wouldn’t mind at all going to one like your Mosman every now and again. Smoked garlic? How is it I don’t know about this? I would love to try them with mashed potatoes. Like I need another reason to eat potatoes! 🙂

  39. You did very well! I love those candles – i buy the same sorts for the same price and they do make amazing gifts 🙂

  40. I do so love markets like this! You got some amazing finds. I love the sounds of the smoked garlic. 🙂 And eating lunch whilst being serenaded by live music sounds absolutely fantastic. 🙂

  41. Happy Tuesday!

  42. I wanna move to your town, Charlie! As Dallas is not much fun except for yearly state fair and wildflower festival.
    Many thanks for sharing your fun-filled moments in that artsy market.
    Your beautiful pictures triggered my craving to leave Dallas forever!

  43. Thank you for taking us with you at Mosman Markets. I love strolling markets like these and reading your post makes me feel like I was actually there.
    Lovely post.

  44. I LOVE those markets although I haven’t been for a very long time. I think I need to put it on the calender for next month though and try out that Sri Lanka stall xx

  45. Looks like a good market and I love the sound of smoked garlic. I will be interested to see how you use it.

  46. What a nice market! And I’ve never heard of smoked garlic, I bet it does in fact take mashed potatoes to a new level. The first day my mom was here we drove down to Massachusetts to visit the Yankee Candle flagship store. Seriously, like Disneyland for candles. They have every single scent you can think of, including gross ones like bacon. Upon checking out…I too felt like I was probably over spending a fortune on candles!

    What is Verjuice? 🙂

    ~ April

  47. Looks like bunches of fun! Those pies look yummy 🙂

  48. Oooh, smoked garlic sounds wonderful! I’ve never seen it here. I love candles, too and that reminds me I need to replenish. This looks like a marvelous market!

  49. I’m guessing the “Mince” pies are with minced beef presumably? Not the fruity English variety we have at Christmas? 😀

    I love markets like this… I could just browse for hours (and end up spending far too much!). That salad dressing stall looks awesome… so many different varieties!

  50. Looks like you hit the jackpot, Charlie! Fun fun! xo

  51. Yum, smoked garlic! Can’t wait to see what you do with it Charlie!

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